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Dishonored mod improves gameplay experience for Dishonored

Dishonored mod improves gameplay experience


Dishonored is my favorite game of all time so i won’t give up on it. This is a mod i’ve made to improve Dishonored gameplay experience.List changes:1. Enemies will have real time reaction with every hit not just standing there like default.2. Sword combat dismemberment’s chance increased.3. Pistol, bolt and bomb are no longer cause dismemeberment.4. Better performance.5. Reshade preset.



1.Download and extract: {LINK REMOVED}
2.Copy and paste DefaultWeapon.ini to
overwrite and set read only
3. Copy and paste DishonoredEngine.ini and DishonoredWeapon.ini to
…DocumentsMy GamesDishonoredDishonoredGameConfig
overwrite and set read only

Download reshade: {LINK REMOVED}
just extract to:

Since steam has removed mediafire link. Head to the video description for download link.


This mod DOES make combat EASIER so please consider this before installing the mod.