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Dishonored Targets Guide for Dishonored

Dishonored Targets Guide


This is a guide on how to be a (semi) good guy when facing “yer tergets”…

First target: High Overseer Campbell

To neutralize HO Campbell you need to brand him, here are the instructions:

-When you get to Holger Square, free Overseer Martin, and jump over the fences, you will hear two Overseers talking about the “Heretic’s Brand”, after the dialogue is complete and you move on with with your current objective, a side-objective will appear: finding the branding instructions. Information on the branding can be found in the office archives and in the interrogation room. The Heretic’s Brand itself can be found in the interrogation room as well.
-When you have the right chance to sleep dart or choke Campbell, do it and bring him into the interrogation room and put him into the chair, then proceed to take the branding tool and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ flame his face!

Second Target(s): Morgan and Custis Pendelton

To neutralize the “Pendy brothers” you need to do two favors for Slackjaw, here’s the instructions:
-Talk to Slackjaw at the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery, he’ll give you your first job: find out what happened to his agent, Crowley. When you return from that job he’ll give you your last and second job for him: find out art dealer Bunting’s safe code at the Golden Cat. Once you return with the code, bum! Done!

Third target: Lady Boyle

To neutralize Lady Boyle here’s how it’s done: find a man and woman talking, the man has some sort of a whale mask and the woman a weird butterfly kind of creature. After the man walks away, she will ask you to get her a drink. Go near the official entrance (there is a fountain) and fill the glass with some drink. After that the drink will dissapear and you need to walk to her again. Then she will tell you about Lydia (the target) being in some color. After that talk to a man called Lord Brisby, (if you walk a bit around he’ll find you) and he will tell you how he wants to save her from you. He also tells you she is named Lydia. After that, a fully colored white arrow will start pointing at her. Walk to her and start a conversation. Follow these discussion paths (answers):
-I think I know your name
-Lydia, right?
-I’m here to save your life
-Actually I have a message
There. After that she will walk (very slowly mind you) to the cellar. When you arrive at the gate there, choke her out and open the gate. Beware! There is a little wall you can walk over, if you do that a cutscene will begin and drop her, killing her mostly. So just walk down a little path to the boat and then she will be dropped carefully. After that Lord Brisby will take her to the sewers and done.

Fourth target: the Lord Regent

To neutralize the Lord Regent you need to uncover his secrets, that will lead him to a “political suicide”. Here’s how:
-Get into Dunwall Tower and talk to the propaganda officer, he’ll tell you about an audiograph card with his confession inside a safe in his bedroom. The combination for the safe is 935. Return to the propaganda officer and play the recording, done…

Fith and last target: Daud

To do this you basically spare Daud, here’s how:
-Get into his lair and fight him, (don’t worry, he won’t die) when his waiting your judgement bleeding next to a crumbled wall talk to him and he will tell you to make your decision: just walk away from him a couple of steps and done. The sign of approval is when he speaks again and you get the “Target Spared” logo on the upper right corner…