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ED-E On your first visit to primm for Fallout: New Vegas

ED-E On your first visit to primm


This guide will show you how to get ED-E one of the best companions in the game on your first visit to the town of primm.ED-E’s damage output is incredibly useful in the early game for taking down some of the tougher enemy’s you might face.


To repair ED-E on your first visit to primm you will have to make a little detour to a trailer up in the mountains along the road, this place is called Lone wolf radio.
Just keep your eyes in that direction and you will see it and ohh…. watchout for the geckos up in the mountains. Look for this.

When you then enter Lone wolf radio you will find 2 of the 3 components needed to repair ED-E.
On the shelves you will find 2 sensor modules and somewhere in the trailer you can find the 1 scrap electronic needed

And lastly you will find ED-E in the mojave express building and scattered around him on the desk you will find the final component needed 3 pieces of scrap metal. Then the real final step is to just find the option of repairing him and done.