Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Effects of clossing the radio for Fallout: New Vegas

Effects of clossing the radio


Only the strongest minds can do this.

Ultimate solution and effects.

Turn of your radio and live in the world of pain and creepy music and big deathclaws.

No jingle jangle jingle or big iron. Just thought of it make me bad.

Effects on the player:

(No Johnny guitar: Mental condition improved, pretty good for your health.)

(No Big Iron: Hip accuracy of the guns dropped %50.)

(No Heartaches by the number: Effects of chill gameplay worn off.)

(No Happy times: Drops your critical change by %20.)

(No I’m so blue: Your Intense sadness has worn off.)

(No It’s a sin: Will to explore map dropped by %30 percent.)

(No In the shadow of the valley: Game experince dropped by %35 percent.)

(No stars of the midnight rangers: Bonuses ıf the night worn off.)

(No Let’s ride in the sunset: Your change of finding a country gf dropped by %100.)

You can’t play this game without radio. Dont try it. You’re gonna regret it later.