Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Electron Storm - An Energy Weapon Build for Fallout: New Vegas

Electron Storm – An Energy Weapon Build


Electron flow through your bloodstream, and you have your breakfast with a side of Energy Cells. With this damage and critical build, you’ll be taking care of wasteland business, whatever you choose that to be.

Special Choices

S4 P9 E6 C1 I4 A7 L9

Strength=4 is needed for your weapons, Weapons handling will allow you to
carry the Sprtel-Wood 9700. Perception is high for energy weapons damage,
it also increases damage for explosives – that is why explosives are even
part of this build. Endurance is 6 for perks and survivability. Charisma
is your throw away, just level speech as desired. Intelligence, always useful,
but takes a back seat to perception (energy weapon damage), and luck
(criticals). Agility allows more AP, and it is also needed for some perks.
Luck increases your critical hits and allows more damage.

Implants to Perception and Luck as soon as practical

Tag Skills

Tag skills:
Energy Weapons 100 ASAP
Sneak 70 before level 30
Explosives 100

Other required skills:
Repair 45 before Lvl 40
Survival 30 before level 32
After completing the minimum skills needed, it is your choice.


You can use Light armor for this build to keep you mobile with your
relatively high agility. If you use other armors be sure to change
your perks.

Light, with most DT you can find
or with critical bonuses (Joshua Graham’s or Ulysses’)


Explosives of choice
Laser pistol and rifle for early game.
Tri-laser, AER14, LAER, or Elijah’s LAER, with all possible mods
Sprtel-Wood 9700 (gatling) The perk “Weapons Handling” is required.
Plasma weapon of your choice for more surgical enemy handling.

I purposely kept the strength requirements low for better SPECIAL
distribution. Use one of the Laser type rifles as your primary (or a
substutute of your choice).The Sprtel-Wood 9700 is your gatling laser
weapon. You can substitute this out as well. If you use subsitute weapons,
be sure your perks and SPECIAL are set to complement your choices.

With your perception so high you should be able see enemies out of
VATS range. Use your laser weapon of choice. When enemies are in
range you can lob or lay down some explosives if you wish. Use VATS
when in range. Use the Sprtel-Wood 9700 if you get mobbed.

You will be sending bodies flying through the air, mobs will
basically will be exploding and hurting each other. For this
reason I recommend a plasma weapon when your trying to avoid
damage to npc’s/companions that are in range of enemies
(they will be hit with the damage as well). For this reason
I’ve also included “Plasma Spaz” in optional choices.


Lvl/Perk/lvl needed/skill needed
2 Black Widow or Confirmed Bachelor/2
4 Educated/4
6 Toughness/6
8 Toughness/6
10 Finesse/10
12 Life Giver/12
14 Bloody Mess/6
16 Weapons handling/16
18 Better Criticals/16
20 Meltdown/16/Energy Weapons to 90
22 Laser Commander/22/Energy Weapons to 90
24 Grim Reaper’s Sprint/20
26 Light Step/14
28 Sniper/12
30 Vigilante Recycler/6/Science 70
32 Hunter/2/Survival 30
34 Nerves of Steel/26
36 Action Boy or girl/16
38 Action Boy or girl/16
40 Light touch/2/Repair 45
42 Optional
44 Optional
46 Optional
48 Optional
50 Karma Perk (regular perk) from Lonesome Road

Cherchez La Femme or Lady Killer/2
Intense Training/2
Entomologist/4/Survival 45
Demolition Expert/6
Sneering imperialist/8
Living Anatomy/8/Medicine 70
Fight the Power!/10
Miss Fortune/10
Mysterious Stranger/10
Plasma Spaz/10/Energy weapons 70
Hit the Deck/12/Explosives 70
Adamantium Skeleton/14