Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Enclave 101 For Dummies for Fallout: New Vegas

Enclave 101 For Dummies




1. kill benny

2. go to old mormon fort in freeside

3. get a Liked reputation with the followers of the apocalypse

4. have a speech level of HIGH SPEECH LEVEL (100) and convince arcade gannon to be your follower. (you can also have haram gay perk to convince him too)

5. go to the crashed vertibird south west of gas town (beware of robo – dummies ) arcade will say stuff about the vertibirdie.

6. go to the REPCONN Headquarters™ ( not the one with the strange ghoul people ) Arcade will talk to you about the museum
7. Arcade will tell you about the people at the Enclave and to get them back together.

8. have a speech level of 100 (if you’re doing the NCR playthrough) because this one old dude knows how to hold a grudge with the NCR.
9.you get a free suit of remnants power armor

10. be a good boy

( Just saying that Arcade hates the legion so haha)