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Enclave Power-Armors (Quest walkthrough & ID's) for Fallout: New Vegas

Enclave Power-Armors (Quest walkthrough & ID’s)


Here’s the code:————————————————–Add item: Player.additem XXX 1 (XXX means the ID)Powerarmor training ID: setpccanusepowerarmor 1————————————————–Power Armor————————————————Enclave Power Armor (X02): 0004443eEnclave Power Helmet (X02): 0004443f————————————————Gannon Family Tesla Armor (Tesla X01): 000133168Gannon Family Tesla Helmet (Tesla X01): 000133169————————————————Remnants Power Armor (X01): 00133166Remnants Power Helmet (X01): 00133167————————————————Remnants Tesla Armor (Tesla Gannon X01): 00133f31Remnants Tesla Helmet (Tesla Ganoon X01): 00134094————————————————Shock Trooper Armor (Stronger X02): 000cb5f3Shock Trooper Helmet (Stronger X02): 00cb5f4————————————————Tesla Armor (Tesla X02): 0006b465Tesla Helmet (Tesla X02): 0006b464————————————————Some Armor:————————————————DamWar Enclave Officer Uniform: 00013f3a3DamWar Enclave Scientist Uniform: 00013f3a6————————————————Enclave Officer Uniform: 000340deEnclave Officer Hat: 00078647Enclave Scientist Uniform: 0001b5bd—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Quest (If you don’t want to cheat):Enclave’s power armor is near the lower right of the map, across the river from those deathclaw. Then the helmet of the Enclave power armor will be inside the Silver Peak Mine, bring some big guns with you. There will a few Cazador.Another option is to finish the For Auld Lang Syne Mission in order to get Gannon’s family Power Armor.1. You must bring Dr.Arcade with you.(Enclave doctor)2. Complete the New Vegas Strip quest, and received a mission to find the brotherhood or completed three Wild Crads series, in order to activate the dialogue with Dr.Acrade, he then will give you a quest, let you to contact other 9 Enclave remnants people. In Mutant town, Henry will give you another quest, after you finished it…3.He then will go to a bunker, use the terminal, open up the door, get inside of the operations to veterans of the first to speak, he will then ask you to help them. Then you will get the Gannon’s family power armor. (Tesla Enclave power-armor)4. Little reminder, if your helping Yes Man/Mr.House for the main quest, this Enclave quest is not useful. Since at the end, the remnants are helping NCR/Casear’s legion. If you are helping NCR/Casear’s legion. The Enclave will show up in the battle of Hoover Dam. Throwing airdrops down by Vertibirds.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-


Picture 1: Quest Cave (Where you get the helmet

Picture 2: Crashed Enclave Vertibird