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Energy build for old world blue and beyond for Fallout: New Vegas

Energy build for old world blue and beyond


Hello everybody, just wanted to share my build with you all. i find it to be highly versatile and effective character.This build was solely made for energy weapons and has completed the old world blues DLC starting at level 19 on very hard difficulty and hardcore mode.I have all official DLC installed.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and Traits

I have allocated my points with perks and gear in mind

Strength – 4 (7 with implant and reinforced spine perk)
Ycs/186 requries 5 strength / 75energy
With packrat and reinforced spine, you will have no trouble with weight

Perception – 5 (7 with implant and 1st recon beret)
6 needed for better critical perk
otherwise useless stat with Ed-e in your party

Endurance – 6
implants for per, Str, int, agi, luck, sub

Charisma – 1 (2 with Duster)
Charisma boost your followers, they are good enough with 1 charisma
and slightly better with 2..!

Intelligence – 8 (9with implants)
with implant, 9int will net you 14.5sp per level which is plenty

Agility – 8 (9 with Implants)
Action points and reload speed

Luck – 8 (10 with implant and shades)
Crit Crit Crit
Put on some naughty nightware and your almost guaranteed caps at blackjack tables


I start the game with Skilled and good natured
during old world blues i change my traits to Built to Destroy and hotblooded


Level 2 – Light touch [link]
Bonus perk bug, look it up

Level 2 – Hunter [link]
Req. Survival 30

Level 4 – Travel light [link]
Req. Survival 45

Level 6 – Bloody Mess [link]
Req. level 6

Level 8 – Packrat [link]
Req. Barter 70

Level 10 – Finesse [link]
Req. level 10

Level 12 – Math wrath [link]
Req. Science 70

Level 14 – Plasma Spaz [link]
Req. Energy Weapon 70

Level 16 – Better Critical [link]
Req. Luck/Perception 6

Level 18 – Melt down [link]
Req. Energy weapon 90

Level 20 – Optional [link]
Req. based on your choice

Level 22 – Laser Commander [link]
Req. Energy weapon 90

Challenge Perks:
Set laser to fun
2/4% Crit
Req. Deal a lot of dmg with MF breeder and Q35/ycs186
Lord death
1/2/4% dmg to all
Req. kill 200/700/1000 enemies
Machine head
3/6% dmg to robots
Req. kill 50/100 robot

Skills and tips

I start the game with tags in survival, barter and energy weapons

survival due to perks at level 2 and 4 req. 30/45 skillpoints
and barter needs to be 70 by level 8

Once you leave goodsprings and rebuild your character, you should head directly to freesides atomic wrangler and play blackjack till they kick you out, will give enough caps for the INT Implant.
if you run to sloan and hug the mountainside near hiddenvalley you can run past all the death claw, as long as you dont have ed-e in your party.

Otherwise some usefull skill but not essential

Medicine – 50 – Followers lab coat + Magazine and drugs should net ~ 75
Speech – 60 – Naughty nigthware + magazine and boose should net ~ 90
Repair – 50 – Vault 3 Jumpsuit + magazine gives 65 cant remember skillcheck higher
sidenote i dont use jury rigin i just repair my gear at mohave outpost, he can fully repair and is sweet enough to put all his money back in his pockets… shhhh
Sneak – 50 – MF Hyperbreeder is a Holdout weapon (Crazy)


Q35 Matter
Repconn Headquarters – use with V.A.T.S
* Uses 2 Less Action Points in V.A.T.S.
* Uses one microfusion cell per shot instead of two.
* Causes 7 less damage per shot but 15 more critical damage.

West of northern passage – use as sniper
* YCS/186 unobtainable with wild wasteland trait
* Insane but slow Dmg output, 4 MF Cells per shot
* The magnification is 3.5x for the scope of this weapon

MF Hyperbreeder
Sold in novac – cliff brisco – use when running and gunning
* works with laser commander perk
* No ammo needed
* very high Dmg per second with this critical hit build

Sonic emitter
During Old world blues – use on Robots
* Use the tarantula emitter for extra dmg against robots and power armor


1st recon beret
* Complete Boone’s quest
* 5% Crit/perception +1

Lucky Shades
Legion safehouse
* Caesar’s Legion safehouse, Requires Liked legion rep.
* Luck +1

Ulysses’ duster
Lonesome Road Dlc
* Found in a footlocker near the entrance to the Divide after Lonesome Road is completed.
* 5% Crit/Charisma +1, DT13 Light armor

Bounty hunter duster
Atomic Wrangler
* complete the quest Debt Collector
* +5guns/charisma +1, DT6 Light armor


For this build here is some of the easier books to find to avoid overspending your skillpoints on barter and science

Energy weapons:
Hidden valley bunker:
In the white plastic bin by the desk in Schuler’s office (bunker L1, west of the central hub corridor junction), a copy of Nikola Tesla and you can be found.

Repconn Headquarters:
2 copies of Nikola Tesla and You, One is on top of the safe in the same room as the Q-35 matter modulator. The other is on the second floor, next to a very easy locked terminal on a desk.

Cap counterfeiting shack:
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor– Found in the separate room of the basement at the foot of the bed on a pile of suitcases.

Bison Steve Hotel, ground floor shop, is a hard-lock safe behind the counter; Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor lying on top the safe.

Vault 22:
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor – located on the 5th level, in the Pest Control section

Repconn Headquarters:
Through the gift shop to the hard locked door. Behind this door are a Big Book of Science

Camp forlorn hope:
big Book of Science on a table in the Southeast corner of the Command Center (must be stolen)

Nipton townhall:
On the Mayor’s desk: Big Book of Science top floor

Helios one:
Big Book of Science can be acquired from Ignacio Rivas during the That Lucky Old Sun quest