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Enigma Conundrum. Riddler's Hostages Guide for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Enigma Conundrum. Riddler’s Hostages Guide


Side mission full guide + walkthrough.

General Information

This guide contains full walkthrough of Enigma Conundrum side mission, including hostage room’s riddle sollutions.
To finish this side mission and beat Edward Nigma one more time you will need to collect Riddler’s Trophies and complete Riddler’s Challenges. In order to do so you will need to obtain 400 of them.
Note: Catwoman‘s trophies are counting too towards this number and collecting them easier than some of Batman‘s, so you will need only trophies 400440 in sum.

First Riddle

After your first visit to Steel Mill, on your way to Mr. Freeze‘ Laboratory, you can notice that Church‘s appearance had slightly changed and now it’s covered with green questions signs.
Inside the buiding a message from Riddler awaits you. It seems that he captured Medical Volunteers you freed from Joker’s thugs and now he wants to play with Batman in his favorite riddles.
His first riddle is quite simple:
I’m an instrument whose music always comes from the heart. What am I?”.
The answer is right in front of you, it’s church organ, just hold X button near it and the riddle will be solved.
As a reward, Riddler will give you location of his first hostage, inside Courthouse.

You will also unlock an achievement:

IQ Test
Solve the first riddle.


Enter the Courtroom and soon you will find M.P.T. Eddie Burlow surrounded by Two-Face thugs.
Eliminate them and free a hostage. He will give you Riddler’s radio frequency as well as a strange Riddler’s device 275-325. This device, depending of overall number of Riddler’s trophies found, will give you a riddles. Every time a riddle is solved, Riddler will point to a next hostage location.

Despite the fact that Eddie is a first hostage freed, he is not counting towards any achievements as well as a hostage at all. A pity.

First Hostage

Prerequisite: None
Immediately after saving Eddie you can activate Riddler’s Machine and solve a riddle.
Time to visit next hostage, he is hidden in the building right behind the Church. Once you enter – shoot a green question mark(GQM) above the entrance with Batarang to unlock the door.
You will find Medic Adam Hamasaki in a room with electrified floor.
Shoot GQM at the other side of the room and the part of floor will be turned off and you can run towards another safe point.
You can shoot another GQM and run to next safe point or shoot them all and run directly to the lift. Then shoot a mark left from you and activate it. From this height you can easily glide down to the platform below and save a hostage.

He will thank you and give Batman another Riddler’s radio frequency 625-925.

Saving Adam will unlock an achievement:

Free the first hostage from Riddler.

Second Hostage

Prerequisite: 80 Trophies
Once you collect enough trophies, you can activate Riddler’s Machine and solve a riddle.
Travel to next hostage location, it’s not so far from the first actually.
Here Riddler is playing “a little game of chance”.
Stand at the floor button and the game begins. In fact it’s a little reimagination of one old street game. You should keep you eyes on the container, holding the hostage.
The problem is – this time Riddler is cheating. Immediately after containers start moving, he simply hides hostage below them, to randomly place him when they stop to raise your chances of failure.
So don’t be shy, activate Detective Mode (X) and you will immediately find a hostage.
Shoot the correct GQM and surprise the Riddler one more time. After that you are free to help your hostage.
Resque M.P.T. William North and he will give you another radio frequency 860-120.

And of course you will get an achievement:

Rescue the second hostage from Riddler

Third Hostage

Prerequisite: 160 Trophies
Once you collect enough trophies, you can activate Riddler’s Machine and solve a riddle.
The answer to this one your old buddy Two-Face is always keeping to himself.
Time to save another poor soul. This one is hidden in Industrial District. Riddler said something about “bringing a towel”…
To solve this room you will need your REC and Line Launcher. Forget about water in front of you and simply use Line Launcher to jump to the other side.
Now you need to disable the force field. Heads up – see the generators and the box? Use REC on generators to move the box, thus blocking the waterfall, then launch Remote Control Batarang to disable the GQM. Repeat with another one and the force field will be disabled.
Now target your Line Launcher to the other side of this blade tunnel and fire. Immediately after starting to move – hold RMB again to shoot inside another blade tunnel, and it will lead you to final room.
Once again pick up your REC and shoot at right generator, then immediately at left – this will free the box from the trap. Use alternative REC fire on left generator, and then on the middle one and the box will be finally placed on the button.
Save this cutie Doctor in glasses and she will give you another frequency, its 606-120

Completing the third Riddler’s room will unlock an achievement:

Resque the third hostage from Riddler.

Fourth Hostage

Prerequisite: 240 Trophies
Once you collect enough trophies, you can activate Riddler’s Machine and solve a riddle.
The next Riddler‘s room is located in the middle of Industrial District.
Well, that room looks much more impressive, all these electrified floor plates and giant bladed rolling pin.
First of all – turn around and find WayneTech Security Console.
Hack it with Cryptographic Sequencer and be ready to run over disabled floor plates towards next safe point. Remember to crouch under the roller or this little adventure will end sooner that you expected.
Shoot the GQM in front of you and run across the room once again, them climb to the platform.
Don’t stop, run across the bridge to the next safe point. If something goes wrong – shoot the same GQM again for some additional time. And don’t forget to crouch.
Use the Line Launcher to reach the other platform, safe from bladed roller. Listen another Riddler‘s smart joke and blow up the wall using Explosive Gel. Shoot the generator with REC to clear the way, then throw Remote Controled Batarang at GQM to disable the force field.
It is almost done. Stand on the button to disable the force field, then shoot Line Launcher to the other side. Hold RMB and shoot it again in the middle of your way targetting Doctor.
Batman will catch him and bring hostage to safety.
This Doctor is not so cute as the previous one, but he will give you radio frequency anyway, it’s 115-580. As an additional reward you can withess Riddler‘s hysteria.

And of course for beating this room you deserve something tasty – another achievement.

Rescue the fourth hostage from Riddler

Fifth Hostage

Prerequisite: 320 Trophies
Once you collect enough trophies, you can activate Riddler’s Machine and solve a riddle.
The next Riddler‘s hostage is hidden near old GCPD Building.
Well, this time it’s something more brutal, and it’s time to stop it. Despite the fact that hostage obviously doesn’t like to be fried alive, you have plenty of time to save her. But hurry up anyway.
Slide under the Riddler’s screen, then power-up the generator with your REC. You need to slide again under the next wall and run faster than light, or these grinders will end your journey right there.
The next part of a puzzle – a room with multiple GQM and an electrified floor. Stand on disabled plates and the force field appears behind your back. You will need to shoot all highlightened GQM as soon as possible and the floor will be disabled completely.
Now the next part. Shoot the generator with REC alternative fire and it will push the boxes towards the wall, breaking it. Then immediately use Remote Controlled Batarang to disable both GQM before the floor fries you along with the hostage.
Climb the ladder and meet the classic bladed tunnel puzzle. Use the Line Launcher to get inside it.
There you will find a WayeTech Security Console, hack it (the password is BAMBOOZLING) to disable the force field, then use the Line Launcher to cross the bladed tunnel and pass this part of a puzzle.
And again, electrified floor plates. Use the Grappling Hook to reach the far side of the room. From there – shoot the floor generators with REC to drop the boxes on the floor. Shoot them again with alternative REC fire and they will break the wall.
The next room – use the Line Launcher to cross the room, hold RMB to shoot it again, avoiding pressing the red buttons. If you do so – the force field appears and block your way. Shoot it again towards the hostage and the room will be completed.
Save M.P.T. Anne Bishop and you will get…nothing. She don’t know any radio frequencies, because you wasn’t supposed to beat this room. It’s time to use some detective skills.
At least you will got an achievement.

Save the fifth hostage from Riddler

Riddler’s Hideout

Prerequisite: 400 Trophies
When you collect enough trophies, Oracle will contact Batman and point to Riddler’s Hideout just outside The Museum. It is time for a little unfriendly visit. To pass the electrified wall use the Dive (Hold Left Ctrl) while Gliding from nearest steel column.
The front door is…closed, so Grapple to a platform above you and use the vent to pass it.
It seems that Riddler attached explosives to the hostages, if they stop moving – they die, so you can’t get on their way.
Follow one of the hostages towards next safe point.
Follow another one again. Then follow the hostage one more time to “To The Trains” tunnel.
When the tip “Takedown” pop ups – press it and Batman will remind Riddler that he has not only the sharpest mind, but a heavy fists too.
That’s all. Riddler got what he deserved, the hostages are saved, case is closed and you…
…you got the final achievement. You did it. Congratulations.

Rescue all the hostages from Riddler

Oh, almost forgot this… you can troll Riddler a little by blocking his path. He deserve it :3