Fallout: New Vegas Guide

EXP Galore for Fallout: New Vegas

EXP Galore


Do not read this guide if you are not comfortable with exploiting a glitch for EXP gain.Otherwise, use this to your hearts’ content. I have used it on every platform, PS3, Xbox 360, and yes, PC.You will need a speech or barter of at least 35 to accomplish this.1. Go to freeside.2. Enter the side with the Strip entrance, and enter the Atomic Wrangler.3. Talk to James Garret. (he should be behind the bar on your right as you enter)4. Ask if he has any work available. Take the quest.5. Get a shotgun and blow his face apart.6. Run out of freeside to a safe location, and wait a few days to return Freeside people to non-hostile.7. Go to any of the people he mentioned (I prefer Beatrix Russel in the Old Mormon Fort)8. Talk to her (with a speech or barter of at least 35)9. Spam the hell out of the chat option(s) to your heart and levels’ content.There you go, now go have fun hurting your fingers clicking faster than the speed of light.

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