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Fallout New 🅱egas: Companions for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New 🅱egas: Companions


You guys liked my last guide, i hope you like this one too. This time im going to talk about the companions in Fallout New Memegas

Arcade Gannon

Nihil novi sub sole

He think he is cool because he knows latin
Imagine if Sheldon Cooper becomes an NPC, it will be this boi.
He ♥♥♥♥♥♥ hates the legion >:(
He was part of the Enclave, sorry, i mean 🅱nclave.
Now, he is a medic at The Followers of the Apocalypse, he heals stuff, and he likes what he is doing.
You can find him at the Old Mormont Fort, in Freeside.
When he is on your gang he gives you the Better Healing perk, this perk makes all consumables you use to heal 20% more.

Craig 🅱oone(r)

Hey wassup guys its ya boi Boone from Novac.

This boi is angry af, the legion killed his wife, and he is salty about that.

Dont talk about the legion in front of him, he is still salty…
You can find him in Novac, on Dinky the T-Rex shop, at nigh time, or in his room on the motel, at day time.
He is a sniper, he shoots at things, also he h8s the legion.
When he is on your gang, he gives you the Spotter perk, this perk makes enemies on your sight to glow green, so it can be easily spotted.

Cool Dabbing Ghoul: At the end of boones quest he gets the assault armor or survivalist armor which do not count for his carryweight be harsh to him = assault
Be nice to him = survivalist

Lily Bowen

The super friendly and cute granny of the game :DD

She is a super mutant, a nightkin. Mutants are the result of an experiment to create the best race to survive the post-apocalypse, but something go wrong, they are not very smart.
Despite her look, she is super friendly, and she acts like a granny.
Like every nightkin, she have schizophrenia ( due to an excessive Stealth Boy usage ), and she struggles to stay cool, she refers to the voice she hears as ”Leo”.
When you first meet her she believes that you are Jimmy, his grandson, even after telling her that you are not, she keeps treating you as her grandson.
Even if she is super friendly, mess with Jimmy and guess what happens.

She can be found in Jacobstown. Taking care of the bighorners.
When she is on your gang, she will give you the Stealth Girl perk, this perk will make Stealth Boys last twice as long, and a 10% extra on sneak critical attacks.

Raul Tejada

He is a mechanic mexican ghoul, who is your god now?

He is old, and he is tired of your ♥♥♥♥ , however, he swing the guns faster than you.
He was captured and locked on Black Mountain by some mutants, they forced him to repair stuff, ( like some kinda of r.a.p.e but repairing stuff instead of savage sex ) until you save him.
Ocassionally, he makes sarcastic or humoristic comments. ( He makes some good quality memes )
It doesnt matter the situation, if you are about to get funked up by 50 Deathclaws, he will just say “♥♥♥♥ it, Im too old for this”.
In conclussion: He is not the companion we wanted, but the companion we deserved. ( He is the best tho )
He can be found locked on the top of Black Mountain, next to the radio building. If you free him, he will go to Raul’s Shack.
When he is on your gang, he will give you the Regular Maintenance perk, this perk will slow the decay rate of all the weapons or armors on your inventory to 50%.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy

She likes whiskey, whiskey and whiskey.

She is the dream meme girl, she fights, loves whiskey, and has some shooting skills.
The first time you meet her she is just an alcoholic deppresive woman, she doesnt know what the ♥♥♥♥ she should do with her life, she just drinks whiskey in the Mojave Outpost bar, untill you help her. You can help her by killing every ♥♥♥♥♥♥ person she hates, or convince her to forgive.
She can be found in the Mojave Outpost, on the bar, drinking some whiskey idk what the ♥♥♥♥ to do with my life.
When she is in your gang, she gives you the Whiskey Rose perk, this perk will negate all negative effects on alcohol, whiskey or wateland tequila, and it also increased the DT temporaly.

Veronica Santangelo

Oops, wrong image srry.


This is my love story with Veronica:
She looks like a beggar asking for some money or food, but when I looked at her hand I saw a super cool looking power ballistic fist like this one:

She is not a normal girl, so i decided to talk with her, she told me that she is part of THE GLORIOUS BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL.
After joining the gang, she tells me her life, all the magic dissapears, she mentions a girl in her love story, so, she is a lesbian D: ( or bi ;D? )
You can meet her at the 188 Trading Post.
If she joins your gang, she will give you the Scribe Assistant perk, this perk will make her to craft things for you that normally require a workbench, without one.


Beep Boop, Motherf*****

He have a lot of HP so he can be a tank, he also have high dps, so he also rekt some dudes, you can use him as a workbench, and he can repair some stuff 1 time per day.
What the ♥♥♥♥ were you thinking Bethesda? This robot is OVERPOWERED
You can find him at the Nash Residence, Primm.
When you first saw it, he is just a bunch of garbage, but if you use your magic powers and repair it, he becomes the best robot in the game. Sorry, Yes Man.
When he is on your gang, he gives you the Enhanced Sensors, this perk makes you to spot enemies that are far away from you, even if they are cloaked, and they get a red mark on your HUD.


Woof woof, bark bork, heck, rorrgh

At the beggining, he was the doggo of the King, ( King of The Kings ). If you ask him why his doggo is so sad, he’ll ask if you can heal him, because the poor doggo have neural degeneration.
You cant heal it, you are not a doctor, even with medicine at Lvl 100, so you go to Jacobstown, because there is an old man there that can help you if you find him a new brain for the doggo, when you find it, he replaces the old one with the new one, the doggo is saved and healed, ready to be the cutest and loyal companion of New 🅱egas.

You can find him at The King’s headquarter, in Freeside.
When he is on your gang, he gives you the Search and Mark perk, this perk marks usable items when you are zooming.
Happy: So one time when i healed rex once, i realized something. THIS DOGGO HAT -23129983 HEALTH AND HE WAS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ INVINCIBLE. So the next thing i did, was going to get the remnants power armor. I went to the place AND REX RUNS IN SUICIDAL WITH 30 DEATHCLAWS ATTACKING HIM. He gets ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ RAPED BY EVERYONE WHILE I SNEAK PAST AND GET THE POWER ARMOR WHILE MY 🅱OI 🅱OONE DECIDES TO JOIN IN AND ♥♥♥♥ SOME DEATHCLAWS 2 SECONDS LATER I SEE THAT BOONE DEAD AF AND IAM STANDING BESIDE A HOT 30 DEATHCLAWS ON REX ACTION. 6/9 would recruit again.


Thats all for now folks! Enjoy the game 😀

just wanted to thank the making of this guide in 2017 because I have met some of the greatest bastards to live – Jirnu The Sexy