Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Fallout New Vegas All companions guide. for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas All companions guide.


In this guide I will tell you how to get all the fallout new vegas companions (There will be no companion quests or dlc companions leave it in the comments if you want that)


Cass: Proably the first companion you can find in the game, at the Mojave outpost. Just follow the road from goodsprings to the bottom left corner of the map. She is in one of the buildings. When meeting Cass she will ask you to go to the Crimson caravan for her (near the strip) then when you complete this quest she wil be able to become a companion. WARNING! The mojave outpost is NCR if you are hated by them she will try to kill you.

ED-e: You will find ED-e in Primm in the house called, “Nash Residence”. He is a broken enclave eyebot you will need a repair of 75 or a science of 60 to fix him. (You can also have a 35 reapairand a 40 science.)

Boone: You can find Boone in the dinosaur at Novac at night. He will ask you to find the person that sold his wife to slavers (the receptionist). Bring her to him and he will kill her, then you can ask him to join you on your travels. WARNING! If you bring Boon near a legionary camp he will kill everyone their but he will warn you he won’t take commands. He also won’t talk to you if the NCR hates you.

Arcade Gannon: He is pretty simple. You find him in the Old Mormon Fort in freeside. (He has glasses and is wearing docter’s robes, in the back tent)

Rex: You have to first complete the quest G.I. Blues for the king in freeside.Then talk to the king, he will ask you to find Rex a new brain. After this the King says that you should take care of Rex for a while.

Raul: You find Raul in the prison in black mounatin and can free him. WARNING! Black Mountain is filled with super mutants and is a high level area. I reccomend level 20 up.

Veronica: Veronica is at the I-85 trading outpost.She is the women wearing the brown rags.

Lily: Lily is a nightkin in Jakobstown. Jakobstown is the big crater in the top left of the map. You have to do a quest to find a cure for the nightkin and you can ask Lily to come with you. Once you finish the quest you can ask Lily to join you on your adventures.