Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Fallout: new vegas codeing for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: new vegas codeing


here you will learn to code and get weapons and ammo for these weapons

CODES and how to use them

fallout new vegas CODES
cram opener-00151d0c
cattle prod-013316d
fat man-0000432c
gatling laser-0000432e
plasma caster-000906cf
power fist-00004347
light machine gun-000906df
silenced .22 SMG-0008f218
CZ57 avenger-001629b6
AER14 prototype-0015a47f
heavy incinerator(big,strong, fireball launcher)-000e2bfc
tesla-beaton prototype-0015a47f
mercy(big, auto-matic grenade launcher)-0015fff4
blade of the east(big sword made out of a bumper from a car)-00143fba
golden boxing gloves-000e58bb
pushy(like the power fist but use’s shock on hit)-00155e66d
mantis gauntlet(a gaunlet made out of a mantis pretty cool)-001524b3
paladin toaster(just like pushy but stronger)-0015ba72
love and hate(brass knuckles but rare kinda like stronger)-001568e6
lilys vertibird(its a sword it might not show in invitory but it might)-00105cf5
pulse gun(shoots a big laser)-00090a6b
laser rifle-00004336
grenade rifle-000ff576
thermic lance(a big metal shocking stick)-0015c881
throwing knife-00161246
throwing hatchet-0014de1d
throwing spears-0014d2ac

22LR hollow point-0013e439
10mm hollow point-0013e43b
9mm hollow point-00160c40
flamer fuel(use for the incinerator or if you find the flamer thower or in this gamer FLAMER)-00029371
.357 mag(just a heads up soem weapons you might not have so just read the ammo codes for wat you need)-0013e43c
EC charge pack(use for the gatling laser i beleive)-00158307/this one is called over charge just another type of ammo of the EC charge pack-0015830d
5mm armor peirceing-0013e43f/and this is hollow point 5mm-001613ff
40mm grenade(use for mercy and grenade launcher.and is a fire grenade have fun!)-00158307
MF cell(i think its for the laser gun and plasma caster youll figure it out)-0015830b
E cell( if you find a laser pistol or pulse pistol, and is used for the pulse gun)-001582e0
.45-70 gauge-0013e43d
20 gauge-magnum-00165e7a/slug round-0013e448
5.56mm hollow point-0013e441/armor piercing-00140a9f
missle-high explosive-0013e44b/high velocity-0013e44c
12 gauge buck-0008ecf5/coin shot-00165e79
.44 mag-0013e437
mini nuke(for the fat man)-0020799

k now that we got some codes for ya its time we learn the basics

so first to enter a cheat or code to get a weapon heres wat you do

ok first to enter console you press this button(~) then when you come up on the console
you type this(player.additem <the code of the ammo/or weapon> then <#> the amount.its better for the weapons just put 1 after the code)
then when you leave the console by pressing is (~) again. and ammo its the same but i would put 99999999 at least to last you a while. ok now that you got your weapons
they have a condition bar and thats how long the weapon will last.

when the condition bar is low in the console(~)you type this(player. setweaponhealthperc <amount> and make shure before set make shure theres a space or it will not work)
and it will healt/fix the condition bar.

k if you play this way you can but to enter god mode you type this(TGM) it doesnt have to be CAPS but thats jsut so you can see it better.

ok so thats the basics and stuff if you have anymore questions message me at my account have fun!