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Fallout New Vegas : Earning many caps (Fast & easy) for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas : Earning many caps (Fast & easy)


In this guide i will demonstrate different ways to earn many caps very fast. Most of my methods are accessible at the very early stage of the game.

Table of contents

Method one : Van Graff Thug @Freeside. [~20 000 caps with no barter skills]
Method two : Lockpicking @Bloodborne Cave [~8000 caps]
Method three : Guards @Gun Runners [~4000 caps per run with no barter skills]
Method four : Buying & Selling glitch @Everywhere [as many caps the vendor as]


Method one : *Optionals*: Barter Skill (high as possible for more caps) and lockpicking.
Method two : Lockpicking Skill 100.
Method three : Lockpicking Skill 50.
Method four : No skills required, only few caps.

Method one : Van Graff thug @Freeside

There is two part to get huge amount of caps with this method. First part consist into stealing items in the store and second part consist into blowing up the building to loot guards.

Part 1:

Go to Freeside.

Step 2:

Go in front the Silver Rush building.

Step 3:

Enter the Silver Rush building after speaking with the guard.

Step 4:

Steal (in hidden mode) all the gear on the table by following these steps.

1: Press Z to drag items.

2: Follow the screenshots.

3: Go in the room corner to be hidden and loot the item.

4: Repeat until no items are left.

Part 2 :

Get the “Body Guard quest” by following these steps or simply watch the video.

1: Wait the end of the dialog with the Graff boss and the customer. (The guards will not let you pass).

2: Speak with the boss and ask her if she has any job for you. (She will give you a quest where you need to guard the Silver Rush entrance).

3: Simon will give you a gun (you must choose between laser and plasma but it doesn’t matter) and an armor (worth a lot). There will be 4 strangers coming to the door. You must always search them before allowing them to enter.

4: The dialogs are really important and you must go like this :
First stranger : Refuse him access.
Second stranger : You will search him and let him go in.
Third stranger : You want search him but he will disagree so do not let him in.
Fourth stranger : Do not search him and let him go in.

5: Go in and loot the dead bodies (you can also steal the stuff on the left side {~2000caps})

Step 5:

Sell your stuff.
When you sell all the gear you should get around 20 000 caps with a low Barter skill.

Method two: Lockpicking @Bloodborne Cave

This method takes a few minutes to earn around 8000 caps. It only consist into entering Bloodborne Cave and lockpicking a door to access a trunk containing 7600 caps and some sweats. You need a lockpicking skill of 100 to get those bottle caps. You only have to kill 2 NightStalkers to reach the locked door. Here’s a few screenshots :

Cave Screens


Note that the Fortune Finder Perk might give you even more caps from this trunk. ( I did not tested it but i would appreciate if someone can confirm this with a comment).

Method three : Killing guards @Gun Runners

This method consist into killing the guards at Gun Runners store. This one is similar to the first method i showed you it’s KLS (Kill, loot,sell).

Gun Runners location :
First step: Clean the entrance and go inside to kill everything.
Second step: Sell the stuff to the robot.
Third step: Wait around 48 hours & Repeat.

Method four: Buying & Selling glitch

This method consist into buying an item in a store for a price and selling this item for a higher price. There must be at least two same items in the store to achieve this method. If you have an item and the vendor got same in his store, you can sell it so there will be two in his store and the trick will work. Note : this method works on all Fallout games (for some reason …)

Here’s a video showing how to do it.


If you encounter any problems with these methods just let me know, i will be more then happy to help you ! If you got any other ideas or tricks you want to share with us just leave a comment down there and i will see if i can add anything to the guide. Thanks and have a great day !