Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Fallout: New Vegas Guide to Success!!! for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas Guide to Success!!!


A simple Guide for Fallout: New Vegas.

Chapter One: Character Building

When you’re customizing your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills, I recommend 2 points to Intelligence, 2 points to Luck, and the rest is of your choosing. The most important regular skills are Survival, Guns, Speech, and Medicine, these are for a basic class, if you want a Stealthy character use Sneak, Survival, Medicine, and Melee Weapons, and if you want a Warrior-type character use Survival, Guns, Medicine, and Explosives. All skills should be upgraded, but depending on your playing type, these should be your MAIN skills to upgrade. Notice how Survival and Medicine are in all three playing types, thats because to me, these are two MOST important skills. If your looking for different skills using help, here is a video from William Strife (make sure to subscribe to him he has some great content):

Chapter Two: Weapons Guide

The Wasteland is a dangerous place, and your 9mm Pistol will only get you so far, so these are some of the top weapons I think you need to Survive.

1: Gobi Desert Sniper Rifle, .308 rounds: Location: Sniper’s Nest, it will be in a Very Hard locked footlocker so it will be difficult to get but worth it.

2: Alien Blaster, Alien Ammo: Requires Wild Wasteland, without it, instead of Aliens and the Blaster, it will be mercs with a Gauss Rifle, either one you want is North of the Location Horowitz Farmstead, WARNING: Conserve the Blaster’s ammo, because the ones you get off the aliens are the only ones in the game.

3: Anti-Material Rifle, .50 MG: Location: found off of NCR Veteran Rangers and high level Legion troops, can kill Deathclaws easily, it is the one of the best rifles (statistically) in the game.

4: Light Machine Gun, 5.56mm rounds: Location: I believe there is more, but the one on the direct path to New Vegas is in the Deathclaw nest in the Quarry, it will be a tough fight, there is usually 4-5 Deathclaws, 1 mother, 1 alpha, and 3-4 babies, but you’ll also get a Fat Man with 1-2 mini-nukes in the lake in the Quarry as well.

5: Any Laser or Plasma weapon, MF Cells, E Cells, Energy Cells, etc: Location: All over shelves and for sale in the Silver Rush, on certain Followers of the Apocalypse and scientists, high level raiders and most fiends, BoS members, Jason Bright Followers, pretty much any faction that can afford them has them. Their ammo is kinda rare in comparison to bullets, but it is worth it and later on in the game the ammo circulation will be sustainable.


So, this is the end of my first Guide, hope the info was useful to you and you are able to make the most successful character for New Vegas.