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Fallout New Vegas- How to reach New Vegas FAST for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas- How to reach New Vegas FAST


Okay, so after you do all the boring stuff (Good Springs Quests needed only) then you can do this. 1. Go to Primm (follow the road and head to the right)2. Find the Mojave Courier Outpost and enter. 3. Look at ED-E and fix him/her (You’ll need 3 Scrap Metal, 2 Sensor Modules, and 1 Scrap Electronics. Sensor Modules will be the harder ones to find, so check with Chet at Good Springs or Nash in Primm for it. Scrap Metal and Electronics are easy to get almost anywhere.)4. Repair ED-E.5. Set him to companion mode.6. Go back to Good Springs.7. Head over to the Gas Station and follow that path North.8. Avoid Cazadores and/or any other enemies along the way. 9. Find Camp McCarran.10. Go into the building, up the stairs to the LEFT and board the monorail. 11. Welcome to NEEEEEEW VEGAS.IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If you get shot at by the NCR Troops gaurding the area, just kill them. You will get a freebie from the Ambassador Crocker when you finish up with Benny. Unless you want to remain in the NCRs terrible graces, no objections here! ^^This method will allow you to get there very quickly, and into The Strip 100% FREE! Long as the NCR likes you at the time. The bad thing about this would only be you not getting Boone or Veronica as companions along the way, or getting more EXP from quests you just skipped out on. But hey, you’re at New Vegas! Gamble some, look at the strippers and ♥♥♥♥♥♥, pay someone for sexual relations, persuade Sarah from Vault 21 to have some sex with you. Have fun while you’re there and DON’T try and kill Benny until you get good weaponry or have TWO companions. It’s a bad idea… You also get that achievment for reaching The Strip too so… yay.