Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Fallout New Vegas Item Boxes [and other unknown commands] for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas Item Boxes [and other unknown commands]


so in fallout 3 and TES Skyrim there is a test room you can go to via coc quasmoke, however theres not one in Fallout: New Vegas but these console command shall help you, its the only thing that’d be similar to the coc quasmoke code sadly :(also i will post some other unique / unknown commands you can use in the game…

The Codes [mail boxes / possible test rooms

firstly type player.placeatme

then type the first five letters and numbers below for the thing you want in the mail box ie 8f7b9 will give you all the weapons in set mailbox

the code should look like “player.placeatme 8f7b9 1”

8f7b9 > all weapons

69ee6 > all ammo

69ee7 > all armor and clothing

69ee8 > all books and notes

69ee9 > all misc items

69eea > all food and drugs

you could also try coc testqaitems but i’m not sure if it’ll work
it will work for the Tale of Two Wastelands Mod tho

also, cocbackups might work aswell, not sure tho


other unknown console commands

player.equipitem 15038 > command to equip Pip-Boy
[some pip boy mods make it dissipear after some events]