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Fallout New Vegas: Radio Stations for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas: Radio Stations

Main stations
Mojave Music Radio – Obtained after leaving Doc Mitchell’s house.
Radio New Vegas – Mr. New Vegas radio station

Minor stations
1 – Black Mountain Radio – Available when in range, becomes unavailable when you go too far from Black Mountain.Becomes static after completing Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.
2 – Camp Guardian Radio – A distress signal radio that calls for help from a mutant attack.It becomes unavailable when you are too far from Camp Guardian.
3 – Launch Music Station – Appears during the launch sequence of the Come Fly With Me mission, plays “Ride of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner.
4 – NCR Emergency Radio – A New California Republic emergency broadcast that becomes available once the second Hoover Dam battle begins.Describes related events nearby.
5 – White Glove Society radio signal – Message on screen when entering Ultra-Luxe, use unknown.
6 – Sierra Madre Broadcast – Available after downloading the Dead Money add-on. Dead Money
7 – Radio signal 743.00Hz ULF – Father Elia can be heard.He is active only in certain points of Dead Money such as the bell tower. This signal remains even after completing the add-on. Dead Money
8 – Radio signal 372.12Hz ULF – To listen to Christine Royce.Dead money
9 – ULF radio signal at 546.14 Hz – To listen to Dean Domino.Dead money
10 – Radio signal ULF 631.08Hz – To listen to Dog and God.Dead money
11 – Happy Trails Expedition Broadcast – Available after downloading the Honest Hearts add-on.
12 – Mystery Broadcast – An instrumental jazz station that appears after installing the Old World Blues add-on. Old World Blues (add-on)
13 – Radio Signal: Radio station broadcast automatically acquired while uploading and downloading Lonesome Road,which leads to the wreck of the canyon.

Stazioni principali
Mojave Music Radio – Ottenuta dopo aver lasciato la casa di Doc Mitchell.
Radio New Vegas – Stazione radio Mr.New Vegas

Stazioni minori
1 – Black Mountain Radio – Disponibile quando si trova nel raggio d’azione,diventa non disponibile quando ci si allontana troppo da Black Mountain.Diventa statico dopo aver completato Crazy, Crazy,Crazy.
2 – Camp Guardian Radio – Una radio di segnale di soccorso che chiede aiuto da un attacco mutante.Diventa non disponibile quando si sta troppo lontano da Camp Guardian.
3 – Launch Music Station – Appare durante la sequenza di lancio della missione Vieni a volare con me,riproduce “La cavalcata delle valchirie ” di Richard Wagner.
4 – NCR Emergency Radio – Una trasmissione di emergenza della Repubblica della Nuova California che diventa disponibile una volta iniziata la seconda battaglia della diga di Hoover.Descrive eventi correlati nelle vicinanze.
5 – Segnale radio White Glove Society – Messaggio sullo schermo quando si entra nell’Ultra-Luxe,utilizzo sconosciuto.
6 – Sierra Madre Broadcast – Disponibile dopo aver scaricato il componente aggiuntivo Dead Money.Soldi Morti
7 – Segnale radio 743.00Hz ULF – Si può ascoltare Padre Elia.È attivo solo in alcuni punti di Dead Money come il campanile.Questo segnale rimane anche dopo aver completato l’add-on.Soldi Morti
8 – Segnale radio 372,12Hz ULF – Per ascoltare Christine Royce.Soldi Morti
9 – Segnale radio ULF a 546,14 Hz – Per ascoltare Dean Domino.Soldi Morti
10 – Segnale radio ULF 631.08Hz – Per ascoltare Dog and God.Soldi Morti
11 – Happy Trails Expedition Broadcast – Disponibile dopo aver scaricato l’add-on Honest Hearts.Cuori onesti
12 – Trasmissione misteriosa – Una stazione jazz strumentale che appare dopo l’installazione dell’add -on Old World Blues.Old World Blues (componente aggiuntivo)
13 – Segnale radio: trasmissione della stazione radio acquisita automaticamente durante il caricamento e il download di Lonesome Road,che conduce al relitto del canyon.

Mojave Music Radio only plays music,which consists mostly of country/western and rockabilly (some of which were actually performed and written by contemporary 21st-century musicians),with no DJ or news segments.The music played is the same as the music on Black Mountain Radio,but without the station’s talk segments with Tabitha. It is unknown where the broadcast is coming from,yet its signal covers the entire Mojave.

Mojave Music Radio riproduce solo musica,che consiste principalmente di country/western e rockabilly (alcuni dei quali sono stati effettivamente eseguiti e scritti da musicisti contemporanei del 21° secolo),senza DJ o segmenti di notizie.La musica riprodotta è la stessa di Black Mountain Radio ,ma senza i segmenti di conversazione della stazione con Tabitha.Non si sa da dove provenga la trasmissione,ma il suo segnale copre l’intero Mojave.

“Big Iron” – Marty Robbins (1959)
“Goin’ Under” – Darrell Wayne Perry and Tommy Smith (1997)
“Heartaches by the Number” – Guy Mitchell (1980)
“I’m Movin’ Out” – The Roues Brothers (1998)
“I’m So Blue” – Katie Thompson (1994)
“In the Shadow of the Valley” – Lost Weekend Western Swing Band (1998)
“It’s a Sin” – Eddy Arnold (1947)
“It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie” – The Ink Spots (1979)
“Johnny Guitar” – Peggy Lee (1954)
“Let’s Ride Into the Sunset Together” – Lost Weekend Western Swing Band, featuring Don Burham with Patty Kistner (1998)
“Lone Star” – Lost Weekend Western Swing Band (1998)
“Stars of the Midnight Range” – Johnny Bond and his Red River Valley Boys (1941)

“Happy Times” – Bert Weedon (1961)
“Lazy Day Blues” – Bert Weedon (1958)
“Roundhouse Rock” – Bert Weedon (1970)

The station is presented by an AI-equipped disc jockey, Mr.New Vegas,and plays both music and news.As missions are completed,the Courier’s feats will be reported in the news and other various topics.It mainly broadcasts Vegas influenced music from the 40s, 50s and 60s.This is in contrast to Mojave Music Radio which plays more traditional country music and a bit of Western rockabilly.
La stazione è presentata da un disc jockey dotato di intelligenza artificiale,Mr.New Vegas,e riproduce sia musica che notizie.Man mano che si completano le missioni,le imprese del Corriere verranno riportate nei notiziari e in altri vari argomenti.Questa stazione radio trasmette principalmente musica influenzata da Las Vegas degli anni ’40,’50 e ’60.Questo è in contrasto con la Mojave Music Radio che suona musica country più tradizionale e un pò di rockabilly occidentale.

“Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?” – Dean Martin (1960)
“Big Iron” – Marty Robbins (1959)
“Blue Moon” – Frank Sinatra (1961)
“Heartaches by the Number” – Guy Mitchell (1980)
“It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie” – The Ink Spots (1979)
“Jingle, Jangle, Jingle” – The Kay Kyser Orchestra (1942)
“Johnny Guitar” – Peggy Lee (1954)
“Love Me as Though There Were No Tomorrow” – Nat King Cole (1956)
“Mad About the Boy” – Carmen Dragon and his Orchestra,featuring Helen Forrest (1950)
“Sit and Dream” – Pete Thomas (2009)
“Something’s Gotta Give” – Bing Crosby (1955)
“Where Have You Been All My Life?” (2003)
“Why Don’t You Do Right?” – The Dave Barbour Quartet,featuring Peggy Lee (1950)

“American Swing” – Gerhard Trede (1997)
“Hallo Mister X” – Gerhard Trede (1997)
“Manhattan” – Gerhard Trede (1997)
“Slow Bounce” – Gerhard Trede (1997)
“Strahlende Trompete” – Gerhard Trede (1997)
“Von Spanien Nach Südamerika” – Gerhard Trede (1997)

NCR emergency radio is only available when starting Eureka!, No Gods,No Masters,Veni,Vidi,Vici or All or Nothing.This radio station broadcasts the events of what is happening in Nevada,along with troop orders and tactical advice (which does not affect gameplay).The broadcaster is a member of the NCR army, but his whereabouts are unknown.The broadcaster reports on some events that occurred in the Mojave wastelands during the second battle of the Hoover Dam.

La radio di emergenza NCR è disponibile solo all’avvio di Eureka!,No Gods, No Masters,Veni,Vidi, Vici o All or Nothing.Questa stazione radio trasmette gli eventi di ciò che sta accadendo in Nevada, insieme agli ordini delle truppe e ai consigli tattici (che non influiscono sul gameplay).L’emittente è un membro dell’esercito dell’RNC,ma la sua posizione è sconosciuta.L’emittente racconta di alcuni avvenimenti accaduti nelle terre desolate del Mojave durante la seconda battaglia della diga di Hoover.

Mystery Broadcast is the broadcast that invites you to the Big MT.The broadcast eagerly invites listeners to a “Midnight Sci-Fi Feature!”While playing a downbeat jazz theme that “hurts your head”. Previously heard jazz songs only are also played in casino lobbies (including old ones from Radio New Vegas and Mojave Music Radio).The mysterious broadcast can be heard during the installation of Old World Blues.It appears to come from the crashed satellite at Mojave Drive-in.

La trasmissione misteriosa è la trasmissione che ti invita al Big MT.La trasmissione invita con entusiasmo gli ascoltatori a una “Mezzanotte Fantascienza Feature! “mentre suona un tema jazz downbeat che “fa male la testa”.Vengono riprodotti anche brani jazz precedentemente ascoltati solo nelle lobby dei casinò (compresi quelli vecchi di Radio New Vegas e Mojave Music Radio).La misteriosa trasmissione può essere ascoltata durante l’installazione di Old World Blues.Sembra provenire dal satellite schiantato al Mojave Drive-in.

Begin Again – Stephanie Dowling (as Vera Keyes)
Why Don’t You Do Right? – Dave Barbour Quartet,featuring Peggy Lee (1950)

Blues For You – Gabriel Pares (2004)
Jazz Blues – Gerhard Trede (1999)
Jazz Club Blues – Harry Bluestone (2005)
Joe Cool – Georges Teperin(recorded under the pseudonym “Nino Nardini”;released in 1965)
Manhattan – Gerhard Trede (1997)
Sleepy Town Blues – Harry Lubin (2009)
Slow Bounce – Gerhard Trede (1997)
Slow Sax – Christof Dejean (1999)

The 743.00Hz ULF radio signal is a radio station that can be listened to in certain locations of the Sierra Madre.It allows one to eavesdrop on Father Elijah.

Il segnale radio 743.00Hz ULF è una stazione radio che può essere ascoltata in alcune località della Sierra Madre.Permette di origliare Padre Elia.

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