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Fallout New Vegas: Unique Weapons and Armor for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas: Unique Weapons and Armor


Ever wonder where that one unique armor set or weapon you’re looking for is located? Look no further, as this guide covers those topics, and also has the DLC content!


Weapons that sling lead to deal damage! Affected by the Guns skill.


Any wanderer of the wastes is familiar with these weapons! They are semi-automatic killers, boasting great accuracy and low weight.


Lucky is the unique variant of the .357 Magnum, found in a Hard (75 Lockpick) safe in the Bison-Steve Hotel’s Gift Shop. It has the second highest critical chance of any pistol, matching That Gun, and falling behind the .22 Pistol. It is also an Improved Holdout weapon. Requiring 0 Gun Skill, it is the perfect weapon for any Low-Level desperado.

Mysterious Magnum

This unique .44 Magnum is found with the Lonesome Drifter, and can be acquired through a Barter check of 50, but only if you have the Talent Pool quest active. Otherwise, you can loot or steal it from him. The Drifter is found east of El Dorado Dry Lake, in front of a Sunset Sarsapparilla billboard. When you draw or holster the weapon, the Mysterious Stranger’s tune will play. A major downside when compared to its more common counterpart is its durability of 745, compared to the .44s 1245. Handle with care.

A Light Shining in Darkness

Added by the Honest Hearts DLC, this .45 Auto can be looted from Joshua Graham’s corpse, or obtained in a footlocker at the Southern Passage, once the DLC has been completed. This is the lightest handgun in New Vegas clocking in at 1.2 pounds. The worst part of this gun is the magazine, holding only 6 rounds. All-in-all, this is a great handgun.

That Gun

Obtained from the Dino Bite gift shop, located in the Novac dinosaur, either by buying it or by getting into the storage room and stealing it. Before the Gun Runners Arsenal DLC came along, the gun fired 5.56 AP rounds only. That Gun also boasts extremely high critical chances, on-par with Lucky.


Obtained from Benny, one way or another, this unique 9mm pistol has many advantages over its common counterpart. It was also the weapon used to injure you at the start of the game. Benny is located in the Tops Casino, or the Fort, depending on the Courier’s decisions. This “14k Run of Bad Luck” can put others in the ground just as easily as it did you.

Weathered 10mm

Obtained by the Classic pack upon starting the game, this Unique 10mm is quite clean for its age. It is quite similar to the original, but with slightly better aspects. Don’t expect to keep this pistol around for long.

Lil’ Devil

To obtain this GRA pistol, simply buy it from Mick and Ralphs, located in Freeside. If you are looking for insanely high DPS, then look no further. This… well, Lil’ Devil, can take down opponents with ease at both short and medium ranges.


SMGs rely on high fire-rates to take out enemies in rapid succession. Be sure to carry a large amount of ammo when attempting to use these weapons.

Vance’s 9mm SMG

In order to obtain this unique 9mm, use a science check of 50 to discover Primm Slim has been hacked. Go to the Wins Hideout, located between the H&H Tools Factory and Miquel’s Pawn Shop. This SMG is better than the normal variant in every aspect, except for critical chance, which is 0.01 percent lower.


This improved holdout weapon can be bought from the Gun Runners if you own the GRA DLC. Its stealthy appearance and built-in silencer make it one of the best holdout weapons in the game. Make sure to bring a large number of caps to the Gun Runners next time you visit.


Although there is only one unique, it makes up for that by being one of the best in the game. Always bring extra ammo when attempting to use it.

CZ57 Avenger

This minigun slings 5mm rounds at a extremely high rate. It is found next to a dead wastelander in the Devil’s Throat. It weighs a hefty 18 pounds, and slows the player when firing it. A major downside is the Guns and Strength requirements, being 100 and 10 respectively.


This guide is in its early stages. It was written late at night, relying on a highly-caffeinated me to write it. Typos are expected, and will be fixed if you alert me to them. This guide will be expanded as I have time for it, and if you (The readers!) enjoy it!

-Me (Castle Crashers)