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Fallout New Vegas Unique Weapons Locations for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas Unique Weapons Locations


This guide contains the locations of all unique weapons in Fallout New Vegas. This guide does not include the locations of unique weapons added by DLC. This guide may include some minor quest spoilers.

Guns – Pistols

  • Lucky[fallout.wikia.com]
    3.57 Magnum Revolver[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 30 | DPS: 82.5 | ROF: 2.75 | CRIT: x2.5 | ACC: 0.3 | DUR: 1120
    Base ID: 000e2c86

    Found inside the Bison Steve Hotel[fallout.wikia.com] in Primm[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s in the locked safe in the gift-shop. Lockpick 75 will be required to open the safe.

  • Maria[fallout.wikia.com]
    9mm Pistol[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 20 | DPS: 75 | ROF: 3.75 | CRIT: x2 | ACC: 0.2 | DUR: 995
    Base ID: 000e7655

    Carried by Benny[fallout.wikia.com]. Benny can be found inside The Tops[fallout.wikia.com] in the New Vegas Strip[fallout.wikia.com] during the quest “Ring-a-Ding-Ding!”[fallout.wikia.com] or in The Fort[fallout.wikia.com] during “Render Unto Caesar”[fallout.wikia.com]. You will need to loot the gun.

  • Mysterious Magnum[fallout.wikia.com]
    .44 Magnum Revolver[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 42 | DPS: 102.4 | ROF: 2.44 | CRIT: x1 | ACC: 0.5 | DUR: 745
    Base ID: 00127c6c

    Carried by The Lonesome Drifter[fallout.wikia.com]. The Lonesome Drifter can be found sitting under a billboard just north of El Dorado Gas & Service[fallout.wikia.com] if the quest “Talent Pool”[fallout.wikia.com] is not completed, or in The Aces[fallout.wikia.com] theater at The Tops[fallout.wikia.com] on the New Vegas Strip[fallout.wikia.com] after the quest “Talent Pool” has been completed. You can be given the gun by passing a Barter 50 check during the quest “Talent Pool”. You can also loot the weapon.

  • That Gun[fallout.wikia.com]
    5.56mm Pistol[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 30 | DPS: 90 | ROF: 3.0 | CRIT: x2.5 | ACC: 0.5 | DUR: 1120
    Base ID: 00133058

    Found in the Dino Bite Gift Shop[fallout.wikia.com] in Novac[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s on a shelf in the locked storage room. The key for the storage room can be pickpocketed or purchased from Cliff Briscoe[fallout.wikia.com] during the quest “Come Fly With Me”[fallout.wikia.com]. You can also buy the gun directly from Cliff Briscoe.

Guns – SMGs

  • Vance’s 9mm SMG[fallout.wikia.com]
    9mm SMG[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 17 | DPS: 221 | ROF: 13 | CRIT: x0.05 | ACC: 1.5 | DUR: 3745
    Base ID: 000e32f4

    Found in Wins Hideout[fallout.wikia.com] near Westside[fallout.wikia.com]. It is inside a locked safe. Lockpick 100 can be used to open the safe. You can also obtain the safe combination from Sammy Wins[fallout.wikia.com] using Speech 55.

Guns – Shotguns

  • Big Boomer[fallout.wikia.com]
    Sawed-off Shotgun[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 8.6×14 | DPS: 34.2 | ROF: 2.58 | CRIT: x1 | ACC: 3.5 | DUR: 395
    Base ID: 001673cd

    Carried by Old Lady Gibson[fallout.wikia.com]. Old Lady Gibson can be found in living in the hut in the Gibson Scrap Yard[fallout.wikia.com]. You will need to loot the weapon.

  • Dinner Bell[fallout.wikia.com]
    Hunting Shotgun[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 10.7×7 | DPS: 125 | ROF: 1.67 | CRIT: x1 | ACC: 1.2 | DUR: 745
    Base ID: 000f0b12

    Reward for the quest “Bleed Me Dry”[fallout.wikia.com]. The quest is initiate by Red Lucy[fallout.wikia.com] in The Thorn[fallout.wikia.com].

Guns – Rifles

  • Abilene Kid LE BB Gun[fallout.wikia.com]
    BB Gun[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 4 | DPS: 6.2 | ROF: 1.54 | CRIT: x1.5 | ACC: 0.5 | DUR: 495
    Base ID: 0015ff5d

    Found inside Fields’ Shack[fallout.wikia.com]. If you took the Wild Wasteland[fallout.wikia.com] trait, instead of being located inside Fields’ Shack it will be located inside a well outside of Field’s Shack. This well will only appear after asking Rex[fallout.wikia.com] if Jimmy fell down a well during a random event.

  • All-American[fallout.wikia.com]
    Marksman Carbine[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 26 | DPS: 156 | ROF: 6 | CRIT: x1 | ACC: 0.035 | DUR: 1995
    Base ID: 00106feb

    Found inside the Vault 34 Armory[fallout.wikia.com] in Vault 34[fallout.wikia.com].

  • Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    Sniper Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 48 | DPS: 102.9 | ROF: 2.14 | CRIT: x2 | ACC: 0.018 | DUR: 795
    Base ID: 001429e1

    Found in a locked chest at Sniper’s Nest[fallout.wikia.com]. Lockpick 100 will be required to open the chest.

  • La Longue Carabine[fallout.wikia.com]
    Cowboy Repeater[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 35 | DPS: 75.4 | ROF: 2.15 | CRIT: x1.5 | ACC: 0.05 | DUR: 745
    Base ID: 000f56f5

    Carried by Corporal Sterling[fallout.wikia.com]. Corporal Sterling can be found in Camp McCarran[fallout.wikia.com] if the quest “Three-Card Bounty”[fallout.wikia.com] is not completed, or in Camp Forlorn Hope[fallout.wikia.com] after the quest “Three-Card Bounty” has been completed. You will need to loot the weapon.

  • Ratslayer[fallout.wikia.com]
    Varmint Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 23 | DPS: 30 | ROF: 1.3 | CRIT: x5 | ACC: 0.0225 | DUR: 995
    Base ID: 000e5b17

    Found inside the Broc Flower Cave[fallout.wikia.com]. The weapon is located in the small lab overlooking the cave chambers. The cave is populated by giant rats[fallout.wikia.com].

  • This Machine[fallout.wikia.com]
    Battle Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 55 | DPS: 117.9 | ROF: 2.14 | CRIT: x1 | ACC: 0.5 | DUR: 2995
    Base ID: 000f062b

    Reward for the unmarked quest “Dealing with Contreras”[fallout.wikia.com]. The quest can be initiated by either Contreras[fallout.wikia.com] or Lt. Carrie Boyd[fallout.wikia.com] in Camp McCarran[fallout.wikia.com]. You will have to side with either Contreras or Lt. Carrie Boyd during the quest to receive the weapon. Siding with Keller[fallout.wikia.com] will not give you the weapon.

Guns – Heavy Weapons

  • CZ57 Avenger[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 13 | DPS: 390 | ROF: 30 | CRIT: x0.5 | ACC: 0.55 | DUR: 7995
    Base ID: 001629b6

    Found at The Devil’s Throat[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s inside the blue truck at the bottom of The Devil’s Throat. The weapon is guarded by centaurs[fallout.wikia.com].

Energy Weapons – Pistols

Energy Weapons – Rifles

  • AER14 Prototype[fallout.wikia.com]
    Laser Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 35 | DPS: 105 | ROF: 3 | CRIT: x2 | ACC: 0.0225 | DUR: 495
    Base ID: 001479b3

    Found near the Common Area on the fifth floor of Vault 22[fallout.wikia.com]. You will need to lockpick a door to access the weapon. The Lockpick skill required to lockpick the door varies with player level.

  • Q-35 Matter Modulator[fallout.wikia.com]
    Plasma Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 40 | DPS: 96 | ROF: 2.4 | CRIT: x2 | ACC: 0.2 | DUR: 1245
    Base ID: 000e6064

    Found in storeroom in REPCONN Headquarters[fallout.wikia.com]. Either Lockpick 100 or Science 100 will be needed to unlock the storeroom door. The storeroom door can also be unlocked using a keycard found in a suitcase on the third floor of REPCONN Headquarters.

  • YCS/186[fallout.wikia.com]
    Gauss Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 140 | DPS: 52.5 | ROF: 3 | CRIT: x2 | ACC: 0.0275 | DUR: 495
    Base ID: 0015b38d

    Carried by a mercenary[fallout.wikia.com]. The mercenary can be found north of Horowitz Farmstead[fallout.wikia.com]. You will need to loot the weapon. Cannot be found with the Wild Wasteland[fallout.wikia.com] trait.

Energy Weapons – Heavy Weapons

Explosives – Launchers

  • Annabelle[fallout.wikia.com]
    Missile Launcher[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 10 + 200 AoE | DPS: 77.3 | ROF: 1.89 | CRIT: x0 | ACC: 0.02 | DUR: 495
    Base ID: 00162019

    Carried by a nightkin sniper[fallout.wikia.com]. The nightkin sniper can be found keeping watch at the radio tower in Black Mountain[fallout.wikia.com]. You will need to loot the weapon.

  • Mercy[fallout.wikia.com]
    Grenade Machinegun[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 5 + 100 AoE | DPS: 325.5 | ROF: 3.1 | CRIT: x0 | ACC: 1 | DUR: 2495
    Base ID: 0015fff4

    Found inside Dead Wind Cavern[fallout.wikia.com]. The weapon is guarded by deathclaws[fallout.wikia.com].

  • Thump-Thump[fallout.wikia.com]
    Grenade Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 2 + 100 AoE | DPS: 43.2 | ROF: 2.79 | CRIT: x0 | ACC: 0.8 | DUR: 620
    Base ID: 001429e2

    Inside the generator building at Nellis Array[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s lying next to a skeleton at the bottom level. The weapon is guarded by exploding giant ants[fallout.wikia.com].

Explosives – Grenades

Melee – One-Handed

  • Chance’s Knife[fallout.wikia.com]
    Combat Knife[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 22 | DPS: 91.4 | ROF: 4.15 | CRIT: x2 | DUR: 445
    Base ID: 00162c92

    Found in Chance’s grave[fallout.wikia.com] near the Tribal Village[fallout.wikia.com]. A shovel[fallout.wikia.com] will be needed to rob the grave and loot the weapon. Cazadores[fallout.wikia.com] frequent the area around the grave.

  • Chopper[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 14 (x1.5 Limb) | DPS: 54.9 | ROF: 3.92 | CRIT: x2 | DUR: 1245
    Base ID: 0014d2aa

    Found in the Wolfhorn Farmhouse[fallout.wikia.com] in the Wolfhorn Ranch. It’s on top of the stove.

  • Figaro[fallout.wikia.com]
    Straight Razor[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 8 | DPS: 33.2 | ROF: 4.15 | CRIT: x4 | DUR: 445
    Base ID: 0014d2a7

    Carried by Sergio[fallout.wikia.com]. Sergio can be found in The King’s School of Impression[fallout.wikia.com] in Freeside[fallout.wikia.com]. You will need to loot the weapon.

  • Liberator[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 18 (x2.5 Limb) | DPS: 62.3 | ROF: 3.46 | CRIT: x3 | DUR: 370
    Base ID: 00127e45

    Reward for the quest “We Are Legion”[fallout.wikia.com]. The quest is initiated by Dead Sea[fallout.wikia.com] in Camp Nelson[fallout.wikia.com]. Alternatively, you can loot the weapon off of Dead Sea during the quest “Restoring Hope”[fallout.wikia.com].

  • The Humble Cudgel[fallout.wikia.com]
    Lead Pipe[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 26 | DPS: 72 | ROF: 2.77 | CRIT: x1 | DUR: 370
    Base ID: 00157bca

    Found in the Sealed Sewer[fallout.wikia.com]. To access the Sealed Sewer you will need to loot the Luke’s Find key[fallout.wikia.com] from either “Blind” Luke[fallout.wikia.com] or “Sweet” Jill[fallout.wikia.com]. The corpse of “Blind” Luke can be found in the Central Sewers[fallout.wikia.com]. The corpse of “Sweet” Jill can be found in the East Central Sewers[fallout.wikia.com]. The weapon is guarded by feral ghouls[fallout.wikia.com].

Melee – Two-Handed


  • Cram Opener[fallout.wikia.com]
    Bladed Gauntlet[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 28 | DPS: 47.5 | ROF: 1.7 | CRIT: x2 | DUR: 295
    Base ID: 00151d0c

    Carried by Little Buster[fallout.wikia.com]. Little Buster can be found in Camp McCarran[fallout.wikia.com] if the quest “Three-Card Bounty”[fallout.wikia.com] is not completed, or his corpse can be found on some railroad tracks in Freeside[fallout.wikia.com] a few days after the quest “Three-Card Bounty” has been completed. You will need to loot the weapon.

  • Golden Gloves[fallout.wikia.com]
    Boxing Gloves[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 1 + 50 Fatigue | DPS: 1.3 | ROF: 1.26 | CRIT: x2 | DUR: 1245
    Base ID: 000e58bb

    Found on the Casino Floor[fallout.wikia.com] of the Lucky 38 Casino[fallout.wikia.com] in the New Vegas Strip[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s sitting on a bookshelf.

  • Love and Hate[fallout.wikia.com]
    Spiked Knuckles[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 30 | DPS: 75.8 | ROF: 2.53 | CRIT: x1 | DUR: 1495
    Base ID: 001568e6

    Carried by a Viper Gang Leader[fallout.wikia.com]. The Viper Gang Leader can be found in Bonnie Springs[fallout.wikia.com]. You will need to loot the weapon.

  • Paladin Toaster[fallout.wikia.com]
    Zap Glove[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 41 + 50/20 EMP | DPS: 67.1 | ROF: 1.64 | CRIT: x1 | DUR: 395
    Base ID: 0015ba72

    Looted from the corpse of a Prospector[fallout.wikia.com] in Black Rock Cave[fallout.wikia.com]. The corpse is guarded by nightkin[fallout.wikia.com].

  • Pushy[fallout.wikia.com]
    Displacer Glove[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 60 | DPS: 88.4 | ROF: 1.47 | CRIT: x1 | DUR: 595
    Base ID: 00155e6d

    Looted from the corpse of a Jackal Gang Member[fallout.wikia.com] in Ruby Hill Mine[fallout.wikia.com]. The corpse of the Jackal Gang Member is near one of the entrances to the underground lake chamber. The weapon is guarded by lakelurks[fallout.wikia.com].

  • Recompense of the Fallen[fallout.wikia.com]
    Dog Tag Fist[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 25 | DPS: 47.4 | ROF: 1.89 | CRIT: x1 | DUR: 745
    Base ID: 0012adb8

    Found in Aurelius of the Phoenix’s Office[fallout.wikia.com] in Cottonwood Cove[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s in Aurelius of the Phoenix’s desk.

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