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Fallout: Who Vegas - New Player Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: Who Vegas – New Player Guide


I’ve created this guide to help out people who have had trouble understanding this mod. This is based from my own experience of the mod, so I apologise in advance if I miss out on anything.

Starting a New Game

Fallout: Who Vegas starts off when you start a new game. As you leave Doc Mitchell’s house, you get visited by your future self. You are then told to go to Gibson scrap yard (Located just above Novac).

This mod incorporates the science, repair and medicine skills quite a lot (Science and Medicine are important for becoming a time lord), so have your intelligence at level 6 or more and invest in those skills.

Although it isn’t required to enter or fly the Tardis, I recommend that you get yourself to level 6 or higher before starting because you are going to need the science, medicine and repair skills at high levels if you want to become a Time Lord and get an upgraded sonic screwdriver.

Tardis Flight

When you arrive at the Tardis for the first time, a hologram will speak to you. Eventually, you will be asked if you want to get a tutorial.
I highly suggest you do it because it walks you through on how to create a Tardis repair kit (Really useful for advanced mode) and how to do a random-location flight.

There are 3 ways you can fly the Tardis.
– Random Location Flight
– Programmed Flight
– Space Flight

For now, you should just stick to random location and programmed flight. Space fight is a bit more confusing and at the time I’m making this guide, I haven’t tried it myself.

If you have skipped the beginning tutorial or forgotten how to do a random-location flight, here’s how:
– Activate the Zig-zag plotter
– Activate the Helmic Regulator
– Activate the Space Time Throttle (You can choose Normal, Medium or Maximum. Please note that the faster you make it, the more it will burn through your fuel.)
– Activate The Locking Down Mechanism
– Activate the Time Rotor Handbrake

Programmed flight can only be used once your pilot skill is at level 5. You can level up your pilot skill by disabling the blue stabilizers during a random location flight.

Instead of sending you to a random location, programmed flight works by logging every location the Tardis lands into the Navcom Databanks. When you receive missions from the mod, it adds the location of the quest (E.g Skaro or the Moon) to the Navcom databanks.

To enter Programmed flight, you do the following:
– Activate the Navcom mode
– Go into the console scanner and select Navcom Databanks
– Pick the location you want to go to
– Activate the Helmic Regulator
– Activate the Space Time Throttle
– Activate The Locking Down Mechanism
– Activate the Time Rotor Handbrake

After a few flights, make sure that you are not low on fuel or you will crash. You can refuel by the refuelling lever on the console and leaving the Tardis for 2 – 5 min.

Becoming a Time Lord

IMPORTANT – Make sure that your science and medicine levels are 75.

In order to gain the Time Lord abilities such as 12 regenerations, you need to create Symbiotic Nuclei.

Firstly, you activate the Library, Workshop and Laboratory on the console scanner.

Go over to the Library and head to the office on the 2nd floor.
There, you should find a box with schematics for the fobwatch and Gallifreyan biology. In the same room, there should be a typewriter. Use it to upload the schematics.

Now, go to the Workshop. You need to make the fobwatch using the ship workbench.


Bazoolium – 10
Jethrick – 10
Telepathic Crystal – 1
Validium – 20

You can get the necessary items for the watch by making them in the transdimensional engineering workstation. This will take around 10 – 15 minutes, depending on your science and repair level.

Lastly, you go to the Laboratory.

Symbiotic Nuclei

Base Protein – 15
Base Alkali – 15
Base Acid – 15
Fobwatch – 1

You can get base protein, base alkali and base acid by using the Extraction Centrifuge. (There is storage in the room that contains some of ‘Base’ ingredients)

You need to have certain ingredients that you put in the Extraction Centrifuge to produce them. Located on the left of it, are three items:
– Brahmin Steak (Protein)
– Fresh Carrot (Alkali)
– Nuka-Cola (Acid)

I’m unsure what other ingredients you can use, but these aren’t too difficult to find around in the world.
When you’ve put them into the Extraction Centrifuge, activate it using the pad next to it.

Now that you have everything, move over to the Biochemical Synthesis set and the Symbiotic Nuclei should be seen and can be created.

Now that you have the Symbiotic Nuclei, drink it and the regenerative process will start.