Fallout: New Vegas Guide

fallout who Vegas (Re make) for Fallout: New Vegas

fallout who Vegas (Re make)


this mod i will show you how to became a time lord

Stuff you need

1.get this mod [link]

Libray bit

Remake the ibrary and up 2 the 2nd floor there should be a room in a safe you need that go to the tyewriter put them in there

Workshop bit

Go there up the staris then you should see the fob wach then make that (its esay)

Stuff you need

Bazoolium 10

Jethrik 10

Telepathic crystal 1

Validium 20


Get in go forword then make the symbiotic Nulei

you need

Base Acid 15

Base Alkali 15

Base Protein 15

and a fob wach

Becameing a time lord

Pick a room (eneyone will do)

open your pip boy goto aic and press Symbiotic nuclei

well done your a time lord

Plz note this dose not set your pilot 2 level 5 you can became old