Castle Crashers® Guide

Final Countdown for Castle Crashers

Final Countdown


This is a tip for The Final Countdown achievement in the Back Off Barbarian gamemode. It is highly recommended to use an xbox controller or some sort of gamepad with an 8 directional analog for what I am going to tell you.

The Struggle

Have you every spent countless hours trying to get a single pointless achievement? I sure have. I spent an entire afternoon trying to farm this achievement with countless attempts within the needed time requirement. We all know that feeling of insecurity when you get so close but yet, you are so far. I hope to shorten the time it takes for others so they won’t have to go through what I did.

How To

First, you will probably want an open map, try to reset the level to one that doesn’t have narrow walkways so you can move around freely. Move as you please, once you start to feel cramped, got in a bad spot, or don’t know what to do next start spinning the analog stick in a clockwise motion. Keep it steady and don’t panic! Your character will jump around the screen at insane speeds taking up any free spot on the map. Once you get get to a safe spot, return to using the face buttons you use to navigate on command. I run little laps around the map until I get squished or panic. If that happens I get right back on course. This may take a couple tries but I believe that it is more reliable than any other method that I have seen (that hasn’t been patched).

The Celebration

Finally, you have gotten the achievement, you feel the dopamine rushing through your brain. Your heart pounding from the intense fight, thinking back on how close you where to losing. A thought comes to your mind, it is about the writer of the guide you just read. Thinking of a way to give to the creator he speaks down from Heaven and says “leave a like and favorite, that is all I ask.” You do as he says and you went on your merry way.