Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

Fix for 62 FPS cap for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Fix for 62 FPS cap


Ever cared about the fact that your game is stuck at 60fps and not going any higher. Well, you’re a PC gamer and your reading this guide, so of course you do! Thankfully the games engine isn’t forcing it to be capped at 60fps and can easily be modified through the use of Notepad (which you should have on your Windows system)

Step 1

First off, navigate to “%USERPROFILE%DocumentsWB GamesArkham City GOTYBmGameConfig”

Step 2

Open up the file “BmEngine.ini” and look for ‘MaxSmoothedFrameRate‘ (Use Ctrl+F to make things easier)

There are 3 instances that say ‘MaxSmoothedFrameRate‘. By default the top two values should be 62 and the very bottom should be 120.
Change the top two values from 62 to 999 and leave the bottom value as it is.

Step 3

Save the file and make it ‘Read-only’