Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

Flawless Freeflow Fight 2.0 Achievement for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Flawless Freeflow Fight 2.0 Achievement


Video guide to getting flawless freeflow with tips.

Flawless Fighting:


  • Pick a character you are comfortable with, each one has it’s own fighting style. Personally I find Catwoman and Nightwing the best for my taste.
  • Pick the first map in ranked challenges; it’s a simple one unless you wish for a more challenging fight.
  • Unless you’re great at catching thrown items; I’d recommend prioritizing the single guy in the distance about to throw an object first, usally it only happens once on the 3rd and 4th round and then you’re clear.
  • Let the enemies come to you if everyone is grouped up it’s easy to get a counterstrike on 3 guys rather than hitting one at a time. But once they are spread out, go for single hits rather than counterstrikes on more than one guy as it brings the critical hits up quicker which means a better score.
  • Practice, if you get frustrated take a break and come back.
  • Don’t get hit 😉