Fallout: New Vegas Guide

FNV  simple cheats for Fallout: New Vegas

FNV simple cheats


This is a guide that will help you with cheats for FNV.

How To Use Console Commands

So what are console commands? Console Commands are a way to make the game easier or harder, also to mess around with the ai. So how do I Use Console Commands? You can turn Console Commands on by using the tilde key, which looks like this.

What Console Commands Can Do

Console Commands can do many interesting things. Here is and example of what Console Commands can do for you.

Console Commands can let you pull of many in game feats, such as mowing down a pack of deathclaws point-blank with a missile launcher.


So here it is. The part you have all been waiting for. Have fun and enjoy!!!
BUT some console commands can mess your game up so stay SAFE!!!

tcl – fly / toggles noclip

tgm – god mode / gives unlimited ammo & health

tdm – demigod mode / unlimeted health but limited ammo

killall – kills everything This command does not kill any of your companions just lows health really low BUT if you are in hardcore mode your companions will die

tlv – toggles leaves on and off may increase fps a bit

tdt – toggles the debug display

tdetect – this will toggle if the ai can see you and you will always stay hidden

tg – toggles grass on and off may increase fps by a bit

tm – this toggle your HUD

player.additem******* – adds the item to the players inventory but requires the item id

removefromallfactions – removes player stats from all factions

player.setweaponhealthperc 1 – 100 – sets weapon health to selected number

player.advlevel – lets you level up by 1

sexchange – this will change your player to the gender opposite of your current gender

shownamemenu – will change your charecters name for future saves but old ones stay the same

unlock – unlocks door and terminals but cant open stuff that requires keys

Have Fun!!! AND remember CONSOLE COMMAND SAFELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!