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FO:NV Easy Laser Pistol for Fallout: New Vegas

FO:NV Easy Laser Pistol


Do you like laser weapons? Do you not care about condition (CND)? Well this guide is going to tell you how to get a laser pistol with 20-30 Energy Cells to use. I am not the original creator of a guide like this, and take no credit.

Where to get the Laser Pistol.

When you spawn you will be on a bed. Doc Mitchell will talk to you for a while and tell you to fix your character appearance. Afterwards he will stand you up. He will tell you to walk to the Vit-O-Matic Vigor Tester or whatever. When nearing it turn left. There should be a metal box titled “Gun Case” i believe. Inside should be: A few Drained Cells 20-30 EC (Ammo.) and the Laser Pistol. The Condition is low, but most people don’t care. That’s it easy peasy Lemon McNcSquezzy!