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Former Adventurer - Savegame for Tomb Raider

Former Adventurer – Savegame


This is a savegame for Achievement: Former Adventurer

Savegames location

<Steam folder>userdata<Your Steam ID folder>203160remote
<Steam folder> is usually “C:Program FilesSteam”, or “C:Program Files (x86)Steam” if you have Windows x64
<Your Steam ID folder> is usually the only folder in userdata folder
Don’t forget to turn off steam cloud for this game and backup your current savegame

Savegame file

If the link is broken — PM me, i’ll reupload it.


Download savegame
Rename it to save1.dat and copy to savegame folder (don’t forget to backup your own savegame)
Start the game
Load the save from the first slot
Kill everyone in the room by dodge counter and executing, including the last guy with the gun.
Alternative, you can kill the guy with the gun without dodging, keep going with the story and kill another guy by dodge counter and executing.

Good Luck!