Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

[G4WL] Crash fixes for Users with Nvidia Cards for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

[G4WL] Crash fixes for Users with Nvidia Cards


For Users that still use the G4WL version of Arkham City.


First you need these following Tools and Drivers:

Nvidia Geforce Driver 314.22 WHQL[] (x64)
Nvidia Geforce Driver 320.49 WHQL[] (x64)
If you’re using a 32bit Windows, just search google for 314.22 and 320.49

Display Driver Uninstaller[] (lastest)

Cleaning the Config (optional but recommended)

Just to be safe and prevent further issues, we “reset” the game config. For that navigate to “%userprofile%documentsWB GamesBatman Arkham CityBmGameConfig” (copy&paste should work), and delete the folowing files:

  • bmengine.ini
  • bmgame.ini
  • UserEngine.ini

Now run the launcher, setup resolution and everything. But disable DX11 and PhysX. Start the game once and quit right away.

Removing the old Driver

Because of currently unknown reasons, you can not remove the Nvidia Drivers, or downgrade them. You have to use DDU to do that.

Just run DDU as Admin and confirm the promt to reboot windows in safe mode. After the reboot, run the tool again and click on the “Clean and Restart” button.

DDU will now remove everything related to your current Nvidia Drivers and restart your computer in “normal mode”.

Trial and Error

First, install the 314.22 Driver and check if the game is still crashing. If yes, “update” to the 320.49 Driver and try again.

If that dosn’t work, you probably have a completly different problem and go over to the discussion section and consult google. But if it had worked, play until you reach a “save point” (i.e. play past the area/section where the crash happened) and now you can update to the latest driver.

Atleast until you hit the next crash, that could be caused by the driver/card.


  • Get the Drivers and Tools
  • Reset the Config (optional)
  • Use DDU to remove the “old” Driver
  • Install 314.22 and try
  • Install 320.49 and try again
  • Play past the crash
  • Update to the latest Driver
  • Repeat if needed…