Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to redeem '3rd Echelon' map - [DEPRECATED; GAMESPOT REMOVED THE PAGE] for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Gambling 101


In this guide I’ll show you how to gamble like a pro

First of all

-It’s recommended to have LUCK at 10.
-ALWAYS buy 1000 chips or 500, preferably 1000.
-Be prepared for the worse.
-Remember the reward.

1° Slots

Probably the most easy way to get caps at the casinos, there is no trick in this one so your luck will be put in test.
-Put the higher bet in a slots.
-Start pressing w all the time.
-If you don’t get any reward in 5 times leave the slot and then go again

2° Blackjack

Unlike the poker this one have more rules and in Fallout: NV you can trash those rules.
-Max bet again.
-Watch your cards.
-If you have a pair go ahead.
-If your cards are bad then retry.
-If you have doubtful cards I recommend you to go ahead (the fortune godess always make happy things to his believers)
-The most of the games you will get 400 caps or 300 caps (a lot)
-Make this guy happy.

3° Roulette

The most ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ game of all the casinos.
-This game is hard so I don’t recomend you to max bet.
-Listen to your heart and choose a color (black or red), a number to a number (ex: 1-12) or if you are feeling lucky choose 0 or 00 (The probabilty to have a 0 or 00 is hard but and if you lose don’t have the lucky to have 0 or 00 when you bet to it you are gonna lose money, but in the but if is on the opposite side you will have a lot of money)
-Seriusly tho dont play the roulette.

4° Caravan

Caravan isn’t exactly played in the casinos but still a gambling game.
-The caravan will be more easy with more cards you have stole or bought them.
-When you are building your caravan make sure that the most higher cards are on them.
-When you have more higher cards in a caravan this will be more easy.
Don’t follow this meme caravan is like a solitary from windows xp.

Final part

If you do all the basical steps to gambling you already had been banned from all the casinos but wit like 15000 caps from each one (except the Atomic Wrangler)