Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Game freezing during loading FIX for Fallout: New Vegas

Game freezing during loading FIX


In this guide I will hopefully teach you how to successfully load your gamesave without the game to freeze during loading screen.

Fixing freeze bug – English

Step by step guide

1. First off all you wanna start up the game like you would normaly do.
2. Once in the main menu you wanna “Alt + Tab” so you get to your desktop
3.. When you’re on the desktop you wanna hold down “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” and open up the Task Manager
4. Go to processes and find “FalloutNV.exe
5. Right click “FalloutNV.exe” and change the affinity to only use 2 cores instead of all
6. use Alt + Tab to get open up the game and load your save, Don’t press continue
7. If you successfully loaded the game you wanna pause the game and open up the task manager again
8. this time change the affinity of “FalloutNV.exe” back to use all cores
9. Alt + Tab back to the game
10. Make a new save
11. Restart the game and press continue in the main menu
12. ????
13. Profit!

Hope it helps 🙂