Muck Guide

Gamer mode guide for baby gamers for Muck

Gamer mode guide for baby gamers


This is funny man explaining how to beat Gamer mode, i’ve seen that a lot of people are saying how the game is really hard to beat on Solo even tho it’s not.

The Steps

Step 1. Open the game.
Step 2. Host a server. Solo or Multiplayer.
Step 3. Press Play.
Step 4. Wait for it to load.
Step 5. Find a Rock.
Step 6. Search for black, green chests and battle pillars.
Step 7. If you are a pro gamer, then this step is easy for you. But if not then skip this. Step 7 is to go to the many pillars that you find on the map and enabling them, so enemies come out. When all 3 enemies have been defeated from the pillar, then the pillar will dissapear, leaving a powerup. (You can also craft a Steel Sword to make this process even easier.)
Step 8. Just search for chests and battle pillars. Don’t do anything else. Get atleast 2 rows of Powerups.

The rest of the game

If you got Sniper Scope powerup – Congratulation! You can now defeat a boss. Sniper Scope is an OP powerup. Gives you a chance to basically one shot an enemy. I also recommend getting the Speed Shoes poerups (Or whatever they are called) because then you can travel around the map really quickly.

Once you defeat your first boss, then you can go ahead and make a furnace and get to mining mythril and then adamantite. Due to the powerups you got which make you OP, then the rest of the game will be an easy task.

GG no re