Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Getting to New Vegas at Level 1. for Fallout: New Vegas

Getting to New Vegas at Level 1.


This Guide will show you how to get to New Vegas at Level 1Edit: I made this guide a looooooong time ago; there’s a ton of grammatical errors and awkward phrasing, but the facts still hold up

1: The Doc’s House

Before I begain, I would like to say that you Sould NOT do this unless you’re doing your 2nd Playthrough.

The first thing you need to do is to Grab this Antivenom, This is BY FAR The MOST important thing you will be getting.

Now, let’s talk about Special Points.

Now, in reality, you don’t have to have anything, but you might want to have

High Agilltiy: For running away from the Cazadors/Fiends you will Encounter later

High Luck: You won’t have any cash. Gambling could change that.

Once you leave his place, Move on to part 2.

2: Past the Cazadors

Once you leave the Doc’s house, You have to make it past some cazadors.

Take a look at the area around Goodsprings

The game wants you to take a Route South, east, then north to get to New Vegas. But notice that Goodsprings is very close to New Vegas. The one Problem stoping any new player to reach New Vegas that route is the Cazadors.

Now, Once you leave his place, Take a left, You’ll see a Gas Station.

Keep going down the Road out of town untill you see the Sign

At that Point, Climb up the hills to the left of the Sign, Go Forward and try to stay in the left Corner.

You’ll see a Tribal Camp. Once you see it you sould see this Opening

Make sure after the Passageway it’s a Opening. If it’s another Passage you’ve strayed to far to the Right. Make a run for the Opening. DO NOT Try to fight the Cazadors. YOU WILL LOSE.

Once they stop Chasing you take the Antivenom and any Nessicary Healing items

Once you see this place, You’ve made it past the 2nd Step, and on to 3.

3: Past the Fiends

Now that you’ve made it across the Cazodors, Let’s take a moment to Analze your surronding Locations. Forward and to your left, You’ll see Red Rock Canyon. To your right, Is a Viper Camp. Forward and to your Right, a Herd of Wild Brahmin. You may want to get the Fast Travel for Red Rock Canyon, as two of the four Main Questlines REQUIRE You to go there later. You also might want to kill the Brahmin to get some Healing Items.

See that? That’s were you left off. Now, Go Forward and to your right. There will be a Road Follow that road.

You’ll eventully end up in Fiend Territory, If you see any just Run.

You’ll see this Gas Station

Keep following that road, You’ll find a Intersection, and New Vegas in the Distance behind a large wall. go Right of the wall, and You’ll see Camp Mccarran.

to the Right of this Picture you’ll see Camp Mccaran, And in the center the Famous New Vegas sign. Enter Camp Mccaran.

Congrats! You’ve made it past the Hardest Part!

4: Camp Mccaran/List of Benefits.

Now, enter the Concourse (The area where you end up when you enter the Front Doors).

Take a Left, up to the 2nd Floor. you’ll see a door Guarded by 2 NCR Troopers. For some reason, (They’re not Suposed to) But they Shot me when I got Close. So save before you get near them. If they shoot you, Sneak agaisnt the wall and enter the door when you get Close enough.

Take the Monorail, Congrats! You made it!

Now, If you walk outside the Strip, Into Freeside. You’ll find that the Securitrons don’t attack you, You sould Discover New Vegas Entrence near there beforing Leaving Vegas.

Now what are some Benefits of getting to Vegas so Early?

First off, You can skip a large portion of the Main Questline. Right across from the Station you walked out of, Is the Tops, Where benny is. This skips 4-5 Quests.

You also get Access to 3 of the 5 Casinos in the game.

Though keep in mind, You sould Make some Money and buy some Stuff at the Gun Runners (Outside of Freeside’s East Gate) Because your Low Level Equipment is going to do nothing agasint the Higher-Level enimies Around New Vegas.