Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Giude to every possible ending for Fallout: New Vegas

Giude to every possible ending


In this guide you will find not only the 4 main finals of Fallout: New Vegas, but also how to get them, the missions to do and with which factions to ally and a ranking of the aforementioned finals, from the worst to the best.Of course, it goes without saying that there will be massive spoilers. (duh)DISCLAIMER: I’M ITALIAN, SO IF I’VE MADE SOME TRANSLATION ERRORS (LIKE THE NAME OF THE MISSIONS, PERKS, AND NAMES) PLEASE NOTIFY ME, SO I CAN RESOLVE THE ERROR.

The Legion of Caesar – First Part


The Legion was born after subjecting 86 tribes east of the Colorado River and became famous for torture inflicted on enemies, the slave trade and public displays of dominance, such as bonfires, decimations and mass crucifixions.
unlike the NCR, the legion adopts an autocratic regime, very similar to that of the principality of ancient Rome, which revolves around the figure of a leader: Caesar, in this case.

Despite the use of obsolete combat techniques, such as the use of spears or melee, the Legion army managed to contain the NCR forces on Hoover Dam, blocking them on the right bank of the Colorado River.

Among the ranks of soldiers we can differentiate the Frumentarii , that is the spies, the Praetorians , the personal guard of Caesar and the Vexillarii , who carry the Legion insignia.
The rest of the army is not divided into ranks but bound by age and period of service, from recruits to veterans, deans and centurions. The commander of the armies of Caesar is Legato Lanius, who will take control of the legion if Caesar dies in the game.


The Legion is a sworn enemy of the NCR, with which it has been in conflict for several years over the possession of the precious Hoover dam dam.

They also have good relations with the Great Khans, located in the west, in Red Rock Canyon and with the Omerta, owners of Gomorrah, one of the most influential casinos on the Strip.


– Give Caesar what is Caesar’s –

As soon as you arrive at the Fort all your weapons will be requisitioned and you will not be able to get them back until you abandon the fort. With a challenge of Eloquence 35 it will be possible to find out which weapons are banned and keep some drugs hidden.
Caesar will wait for you in his tent, located inside the fence on the hill of the Fort, behind the combat arena.
Here he will start a talk with Caesar about the fame or infamy you have earned during your adventure in the Mojave.
In case Benny was not killed at The Tops, I know he can find it right at the fort and it will be up to the courier to decide his death. If you decide to spare him, all the legionaries of the fort will become hostile and the mission will fail.
Among the first requests that Caesar has for the courier there is that of entering the bunker which, rightly, he thinks is owned by Mr. House, located under the climatic station not far from the Fort and destroying it. To be able to enter, you will need the Platinum Chip, which must be returned to Caesar as soon as the mission is finished.
Once you enter the Vault you will be contacted by Mr. House, via a display, so that he does not destroy the bunker but rather uses the Platinum Chip to upgrade his Securitron army (if Mr. House has been killed on the screen Yes Man will appear). The defenses of the bunker will be quite strong, but with Repair 60 it is possible to deactivate them from a terminal located at the entrance. At this point, if you are following the legion’s path, you will have to destroy the generators that will trigger the bunker’s self-destruction. Once you return to the surface and return weapons and Platnum Chip you will earn 500 XP and fame for the Legion.

After which Caesar orders the courier to kill Mr. House.
To be able to kill him, it is necessary to enter his anteroom using the terminal on the left of Mr. House’s big screen if the Lucky 38 securitrons were not hostile they will become hostile now. In the antechamber there are 2 terminals: one will allow you to deactivate the defenses of the Lucky 38, the other will allow you to access the lift that leads to the control room where Mr. House is kept. At this point you have 2 choices:
– Disconnect Mr. House from the mainframe
– Kill him by shooting at his capsule
Any choice you make will earn 500 XP and, returning to the fort another 100 XP and fame for the legion.

if Mr. house has already been killed or replaced with Yes Man, this part will be skipped.

Caesar would like the Boomers to use their artillery against the NCR, but it is impossible to get close to their base (Nellis Air Force Base) without being bombed. You will have the arduous task of joining their base, contacting Pearl and Loyal and having enough fame to gain their support in the final battle. If you don’t want or can’t come to terms with the Boomers then you will have to kill the 3 leaders of the Boomers: Pearl, Loyal and Jack.

if you are already idolized by the Boomers this mission will be skipped.

Now you will have to inform the White Glove Society that Caesar is willing to make an agreement with them. After talking to Mortimer and Majorie, you can either return to Caesar and tell them that they are not interested in the alliance or help them return to practicing cannibalism through the “Beyond the Beef” mission.

– you may find it difficult to complete this mission if you have a positive karma and a neutral reputation with the Strip; with an Eloquence 62 challenge or cannibal skill it’s easy to persuade Mortimer and complete the mission

– If you have already completed the “Beyond the Beef” mission on behalf of Ted Gunderson it will be impossible to blackmail them and form an alliance

-If Majorie is already dead, Caesar will miss this mission

N.B. Once you return to the Fort to inform Caesar, the NCR will become hostile towards you, causing all missions connected to it to fail.

Finally Caesar will order you to go to the Brotherhood of Steel bunker. If you have never met the Brotherhood of Steel, he must find Dobson in one of the adjacent bunkers, and kill him. Alternatively, it is possible to bring Veronica for quicker access to the bunker. Once you enter the bunker all your weapons will be confiscated, so it is not recommended to eliminate all the members of the Brotherhood of Steel one by one, but it is much safer to trigger the bunker’s self-destruction system. To do this you will need to pickpocket 3 magnetic keys:
– One is owned by Elder Mc Namara
– One is owned by the chief paladin Hardin
– One is owned by the chief scribe Taggart
Alternatively you will have to hack your computer with a Science 100 challenge
There is no mission option that saves the Brotherhood of Steel.
Once the mission is complete, return to Caesar and the mission will be over.

The Legion of Caesar – Second Part

Et tumor, Brute?

Caesar has gone into a coma and is close to death. Only a surgical operation can remove the brain tumor and save it. There are several choices you can make:

– Use a medical bag with surgical instruments, passing an Speech 65 or Medicine 75 challenge; the tools can be purchased at the New Vegas medical clinic or stolen from a medical box near the entrance.

– Count on your luck, which must be at least 9

– Replace the Auto-Doc scanning module in the Caesar tent; you can find one in the medical wing of vault 34.

– Sell Arcade Gannon as Caesar’s slave and personal physician

– Kill Caesar during the surgery

N.B. With a high reputation for the Legion or passing an Eloquence 50 (or Medicine 50) challenge, it is possible to convince Lucius that it wasn’t your fault that Caesar died, being able to continue on the legion missions as a result.

The Arizona Killer

After receiving information from Caesar (or from Lucius in case Caesar is dead), you will have to meet Cato Hostillus, stationed north-west of the Mercenari Delta Station. Talking to him will get you an NCR armor and will suggest that you place a bomb on President Kimall’s vertibird, in case you have the Explosives skill at level 50.

The whole area on the dam will be closely monitored by NCR soldiers and the patrol guards, with their dogs, may notice if someone is disguised in an NCR armor, so they should be avoided all the time.
After speaking with Cato Hostillus, President Kimabll’s vertibird will walk to the stage, escorted by his guards, and begin his speech.

Assassination methods

Sience or repair:

– Sabotage the flight computer of the presidential vertibird: + it is possible to do it from the terminal in the tourist office (Science 50); the vertibird will crash to the ground shortly after taking off.

– Reprogramming the howitzer to bring down the presidential vertibird, you can program it with science 50; this is the fastest method, it will not make the guards of the NCR hostile, and it does not require that the vertibird has landed.

– Manipulate the howitzer to explode: you can do this by accessing the terminal on the stairs outside (Repair 50) and it will explode as soon as Kimball is near it.

Weapons, Energy Weapons or Explosives

– Shoot down the vertibird: the aircraft has a high damage threshold so it will take many shots of Gauss rifle or Antimatter rifle

– Standard assassination: it is possible to kill the president with a long-distance rifle; the best places are: on the tower behind the president’s stage or on the crest in front of the tourist office.

– With an incendiary weapon, for example the incinerator and the incendiary grenades it is possible to kill the president and all the escort in a few shots

– Planting the bomb that Cato gave us in the presidential vertibird (Explosives 50)

– Plant explosive C-4 in the path that President Kimball will take to return to the vertibird and activate it at his passage

– Create bomb men: secretly put explosive C-4 in the inventory of the various soldiers of the escort and then make them shine in unison

– Big bang: use a missile launcher (or better, a fat man) to exterminate president, escort and chuinque in a few shots.

Melee weapons or Unarmed

– Targeting him with spears: using the skill “oh, hoist!” without a “bridle” penalty it is possible to throw spears, axes or knives against the president

– Killing the President with bare hands: definitely the most difficult method among those listed as the area is protected by a massive amount of NCR suns armed to the teeth.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

This quest will begin after you successfully complete the previous mission (Arizona Killer). You will be transported to the Lanius Legate camp where a discussion with the latter will begin. After the briefing, you will find yourself outside the camp with dozens of other legionnaires.

Your goal will be to make your way along Hoover Dam to the entrance of the tourist building, thanks also to the support of those factions that have decided to support you in the battle, such as the Boomers, the Great Khans and even the survivors of the Enclave.

Once you have entered the tourist building, you will have to reach the 04 power station, where General Oliver is located. As soon as you have gained access to the area, a dialogue will begin with General Lee Oliver. With an Speech 100 challenge, you can convince him to retire and save the lives of his men, while all other dialogue options will trigger the fight.

If the Eloquence challenge has failed General Oliver will flee to the third level of the dam, leaving the courier to face several NCR soldiers. reached the balcony and defeated the two NCR veteran soldiers, the player will reach the third floor, where General Oliver will ambush him supported by many heavily armed soldiers.

Killed Oliver, you will have to return to Lanius who will materialize as soon as you leave the area and congratulate you on the victory of Hoover Dam and the conquest of the Mojave.

And here ends the story on the side of the Legion of Caesar.

NCR – First Part


The NCR was born from the ashes of the pre-war American government, aims to restore order and the rule of law, as it was recognized before the great war, through the massive use of infantry soldiers.

The non-military population varies from simple farmers to merchants to sharecroppers.

The military and political leader of the NCR is President Aaron Kimball whom we should assassinate or protect based on who we decide to support: NCR or Caesar’s Legion.


Sworn enemy of the NCR is the Legion of Caesar, with which it has been in conflict for several years over the possession of the precious Hoover Dam dam: whoever controls the dam also has control over the Mojave.
They are also at war with the Brotherhood of Steel, although in the game we can make the two factions make a treaty of non-belligerence


Things that burst

As soon as you exit Lucky 38, you will be contacted by an NCR soldier who will give you an invitation from Ambassador Croker. Croker is located on the ground floor, in the room to the left of the embassy, ​​in the last section of the Strip, starting from the northern gate.

Croker will ask you to get in touch with the Boomers to support the NCR in the next battle on Hoover Dam: you must therefore enter the Nellis Air Force Base, contact Pearl and ask her how to help the Boomers and gain their trust.

To obtain their alliance it is necessary to complete their peculiar mission: “Fly!” and be able to get the crashed B-29 bomber operational again.

Eventually, you’ll need to return to Croker and inform him of the full support of the Boomers.
This will end the mission and earn you fame for the NCR.

The move of the Kings

Once you complete the “things bursting” mission, Ambassador Croker will give you this mission.
Croker will tell you to take care of the King gods, the gang that is giving Freeside so much trouble and you can do it in 2 ways: diplomatically or by killing Pacer, the King’s right arm.


If you’ve already talked to Rotface, it’s possible that you’ve already become aware of Pacer’s heart problems and his rivalry with the Van Graff.

Method 1: alter the drug batch
To unlock this option, you must speak to Rotface or consult Pacer’s medical record at Old Mormon Fort. To implement the plan you will first need to speak with Ambassador Croker and pass a Medicine 60 challenge. Once this is done, you need to follow these steps:

– Go to Pacer’s room, the first one on the left on the second floor of the King’s School of

– Add psycho to Pacer’s personal jet escort under his bed

– Pacer, checking his escort, will not die instantly before 19.00.

Method 2: blame the Van Graff

– Examine Jet’s stash under Pacer’s bed.
  At this point a notification will appear informing you that it is possible to apply a fake note to it
  and blame someone else

– Go to Mick and Ralph’s little shop and ask him if they can counterfeit a note; it’s possible to do it
  only after an Eloquence 50 challenge or if you have a good reputation with the Kings and if you are at
  knowledge of the rivalry between Pacer and the Van Graffes

– Return to Pacer’s room and replace the escort with the counterfeit note

– Once Pacer has read the note, Pacer will immediately go to the Silver Rush, where he will be killed instantly.

Method 3: blame the Van Graff as a guard

– Start the mission “God makes them …”

– Working on the Silver Rush as a guard when Pacer approaches the store and starts talking to you
  you have to answer him badly, this will start a fight from which Pacer will not come out alive.

Method 4: blame the Van Graff with a plasma grenade

– Wait for Pacer to return to his room late at night

– Approach him stealthily and put a plasma grenade in his inventory

– Run away very quickly


If you have not yet used the favor that the King has given you after the “Military Melancholy” mission, you can use it to ask the King to end hostilities with the NCR.
However, if the favor has already been requested, you will have to return to Croker and inform him that the King does not want to cooperate. Croker will give you 2 options: talk to Colonel Cassandra Moore in Hoover dam or talk to Colonel Hsu at Camp McCarran

Method 1: Colonel Cassandra Moore

– Go to Hoover Dam and inform Cassandra Moore of the Kings problem; she will say that if not collaborate will be forced to use force

– Whatever you say to the King, the Kings will become hostile, doing so will miss the mission. However you will not lose reputation with Freeside if you let NCR take out the Kings. If you allow it you can also get the unique garment of the king called “Vive Las Vegas” but, if Rex was not taken before, will die during the NCR assault.

Method 2: Colonel James Hsu

– Go to Camp McCarran and inform Colonel James Hsu of the Kings problem; he will give you
   full support of the NCR.

– If you provoke the King, the Kings will become hostile and the mission will fail.  If, on the other hand, you are kind, Pacer will become hostile, however, you will not have to attack him otherwise, all King they will also become hostile: you will have to let the NCR kill Pacer.


– You will receive 1200 caps (+200 with Barter 60) if you solve the mission diplomatically

– 1800 caps (+200 with barter 60) will be received if you alter the drug supply

– Nothing will be received if they find out that you killed Pacer

For the Republic, 2nd part

After completing the “Bursting Things” and “Kings Move” missions, you will need to go to Hoover Dam and speak with Colonel Cassandra Moore.


Moore will ask you to destroy the Great Khans, with whom the NCR has had serious difficulties. If you don’t like a bad approach, you can try a more diplomatic way.

Eliminate the Great Khans:
After the conversation you have to go to Red Rock Canyon and enter the long house, find an NPC called Papa Khan and kill him. To complete the mission you need to kill another 15 Khans.

Getting to terms with the Great Khans:
In order to come to terms with the Great Khans, you must first speak with Papa Khan and then with Regis, who will give you the “Oh Papa” mission. Once the mission is over, the Great Khans will support the NCR. R you can return to Colonel Cassandra Moore.


At the NCR embassy, ​​secretary Liza O’Malley will tell you to go to the Gomorrah receptionist, who in turn will send you to a certain Cachino.
Here will start the mission “What little we know”, once completed the mission, eliminated the bosses of Gomorrah and made an alliance with Cachino you can go back to report everything to Colonel Cassandra Moore and continue with the mission.


Moore will tell you he wants Mr. House out of the way.

After returning to Lucky 38 you will need to enter the anteroom using the terminal on the wall to the left of Mr. House’s big screen. to do this you will need a Science level of 75 or, alternatively, a House VIP Key Card, available from the desk of chief Hanlon, at Camp Golf or in the H&H Instrument Factory or using the Platinum Chip.
Be careful that by activating the terminal you will make all the Lucky 38 securitrons hostile and the mission “The house always wins” will fail.

In the anteroom, in addition to the terminal to deactivate the defenses, there is the one to access the lift that leads to the control room: there it is possible, with another terminal, to open the containment chamber in which Mr. House is kept and consequently kill him

After Mr. House has been neutralized, you will receive 200 XP and hate for the NCR

NCR – Second Part


After settling Mr. House, Colonel Cassandra Moore will order you to eliminate the Brotherhood of Steel, you will have to go to Hidden Valley and, depending on your reputation with them, there will be more ways:

Positive reputation:

– if “Still in the Dark” has been completed and Elder McNamara is still in charge, it will be possible
  talk to the latter about a truce between the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel.
  You will then need to return to Colonel Moore and report that the elder has proposed a truce.
  Unfortunately, in doing so, you will gain a negative reputation for the NCR.

– If you have made Hardin elder, this option will not be available.

– If you have not completed “Still in the Dark” or “Sight to the Blind” it is possible that the dialog option
  don’t show up. To solve this bug, just wait a few days outside the bunker.

You will know when it happens

Once the previous mission is over, you must report to Mercenary Grant to begin preparations. If you talk to him, time will go on until President Kimball arrives. You will have to make an inspection before the president arrives. If you do not have a good reputation with the NCR, you will not be able to approach the stage and take out any weapons. Also to neutralize a threat.


Now comes the tricky part: you will have to look for suspicious clues around the dam without any marker on the map to help you, therefore you will have to search all by yourself.
Suspicious indications:

– On the second floor of the tourist office you can talk to Allison Valentine who will be looking for her
  friend disappeared for several hours

– A blood stain of the engineer can be found in a closet in the tourist office,
  behind the stairs. It will require Perception at level 6

– It is possible to hack the terminal in the tourist office (Science 50) to discover a non access
  authorized by Sergeant Makovich.

N.B .: With Boone, talking to the mercenary Grant it will be possible to discover at least 2 six 3 points where it is possible for a sniper to place himself: the crest on the left of the road, the tower behind the stage and the roof of the tourist office


Once you are ready, you can talk to the mercenaries Grant again and start President Kimball’s speech. The president will arrive aboard his vertibird, the Bear Force One accompanied by 4 elite mercenaries, take his place on the stage and start speaking into the microphone. In order to fully hear his speech, any assassination attempt will have to be silently and quickly neutralized, alternatively you will have to stop the speech and have the president evacuated. in both cases the mission will have been successful.

There are 3 attacks to prevent:

– A bomb placed on the president’s vertibird

– A sniper on the tower behind the president’s internship

-A soldier of the Caesar legion disguised as an engineer who will try to stab the

N.B .: If you talk to the mercenary Grant about 2 attacks, the third one will be inevitable, so you will have to deal with it personally


After completing the “You will know when it will happen” mission, the moment you decide to ally with the NCR in the final battle, after completing the mission “for the republic 2nd part”, you will be taken to the office of Colonel Cassandra Moore in the Oliver area, inside the dam.
After the briefing, the legion will attack the Hoover Dam dam and therefore you will have to extricate yourself from the numerous soldiers of the legion and continue through the power station 02 , to the power station 01 , climb on the stairs, continue on the balcony, take the elevator and exit the tourist center of Hoover Dam.

At this point you will notice in the ranks of the NCR there are also members of all the factions who have decided to help you against the legion.
During the advance you will be approached by a group of veteran mercenaries to whom you can give one of the following orders:

– Shoot from distance
– Accompany you
– open the way (Eloquence 85)
– Retreat, not providing support

Once you reach the end of Hoover Dam you will find the Legate’s Camp you will have to face the Legate Lanius by means of a clash or convince him to withdraw with a Barter 100 or Eloquence 100 challenge.

Either way, once Legate Lanius is gone, General Oliver will blow up the camp door and congratulate himself on the victory of Hoover Dam.

And here ends the story by allying with NCR.

Independence – First Part


Yes Man is a securitron PDQ-88b series previously owned by Mr. House, Emily Ortal (Followers of the Apocalypse) reprogrammed it to respond to all of Benny’s requests regarding Mr. House. (hence the name Yes Man) Benny’s plan is to install Yes Man’s artificial intelligence in Mr. House’s super computer, steal the precious Platinum Chip and guarantee supremacy on the Strip of Las Vegas.

Yes Man is in Benny’s suite at The Tops, which can be reached by killing Benny, going to bed with the “Black Widow” skill or convincing Swank with evidence of Benny’s conspiracy against Mr. House.
Yes Man will find himself in a secret room in Benny’s suite, carved out of a demolished wall.


Yes Man will be neutral towards any other faction of the game, except of course for the NCR and the Legion. In spite of everything, he seems to feel a certain hatred towards the Great khans (“ The Khans are really … they are a dirty people. They live in tents like animals! And they are very rude “)
and the Brotherhood of Steel (“ Ok! Consider them forgotten! Together with the predictions that they will be our greatest enemies! Forget! “)


The Joker: Ace up his sleeve

When you enter The Tops for the first time, you will be able to pass various Eloquence challenges against Swank in order to get back the weapons that were confiscated just before. Successful or not, you can immediately confront Benny (the boy with the checkered shirt who shot you at the beginning of the game), the latter will turn around, greet you and various dialogue options will be activated:

– You can hear his answers, get the key to his suite and wait for him there

– You can pass an additional Eloquence challenge and go to the attic, where the option of
  face him without his guards; the “Jolly: Ace up the sleeve” mission becomes available
  and it will be possible to visit his personal suite and meet Yes Man.

– Attack Benny and his bodyguards directly (not recommended since they will be armed
  and you not.

– With the ability “Black Widow” (peculiar to the female character) it will be possible
  persuade him and have a relationship with him, after which it will be possible to kill him in his sleep without
  raise any suspicion

If you have chosen the first option, after entering the presidential suite, you will have to look around for various clues and go back to the door where, through the intercom placed next to it, Benny will talk to us and it will be possible, through an Eloquence challenge, to obtain even more more information.
If you threaten Benny through the intercom he will call his bodyguards to kill you.
Once this is done you will have to find a safe hidden behind the counter and only then will Yes Man appear to give you the next mission.

Jolly: change of management

Once you discover Yes Man, the latter will explain Benny’s plans for the Strip, which is to kill Mr. House and take control of New Vegas.
Now you will have to choose whether to help Benny in his intent or kill him and get New Vegas just for you.

You will then have to enter Lucky 38, find the terminal on the left of Mr. House’s mega screen, open the antechamber and reach the second terminal.
With the latter get access to the elevator that leads to the room where Mr. House is kept and eliminate it.
After that you will have to meet Yes Man at The Tops and then accompany him to Lucky 38 where he will take the place of Mr. House

After Yes Man has installed himself we will see his face instead of that of Mr. House, he will demonstrate the upgrades of the securitrons in the basement of the Lucky 38.
However even if you have reached this point the game warns you that you can still continue the missions of the Legion and the NCR.

Jolly: you and which army?

This mission will be given to you by Yes Man, who will ask you to enter Mr. House’s bunker under The Fort to activate and upgrade a securitron army.
To enter the bunker, Caesar’s consent must be obtained, on one condition: destroy the bunker. Once accepted you will have to enter the bunker and decide whether you actually want to destroy it or follow Yes Man’s plans and upgrade the securitrons.
In both cases, Caesar will hear some roaring coming from the bunker and he thinks that you have actually destroyed the bunker, whether it is like this or not.

Option 1: Strengthen securitrons
To do this you will have to make your way through the underground bunker that will contain protectrons and laser turrets (even sentinel robots but they will only activate if you decide to destroy the bunkers. Once you reach the end of the bunker just interact with a console and insert the Platinum Chip.

Option 2: Destroy the bunker
To do this you will have to reach the huge room before the upgrade console and enter the 3 adjacent chambers, in these chambers there will be reactors, to destroy them you only need to shoot 1 or 2 shots each. Be careful that after destroying one, sentinel robots will activate.

Once this is done to finish the mission, simply return to Yes Man and tell him what you have chosen.

Independence – Second Part

Jokers: additional bets

In this mission that will be given to you by Yes Man once you have taken the place of Mr. House in Lucky 38 you will have to know 5 “tribes” (so defined by Yes Man himself) and ask him to support the independence of New Vegas from NCR and Legion . The 5 “tribes” to know are:

– The Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base

– The Brotherhood of Steel in Bunker Valley

– The Great Khans at Red Rock Canyon

– The Omerta at the casino Gomorrah

– The White Glove Society at the casino Ultra Luxe

These 5 “tribes” can be met in any order and all have their associated mission.
Alternatively, if you do not want to travel throughout the Mojave or do not want any help from these “tribes”, you can safely say to Yes Man that you do not care to meddle with their affairs and consequently move on to the next mission, this it is therefore one of the very few if not the only main mission of the game totally optional.

In case you want to meet these “tribes” anyway, I list below what to do with them:

Hidden Valley [/ i] is a fenced area full of bunkers and hit by an unusual sandstorm at night, the Brotherhood of Steel is located in the bunker further north-west, or you can simply travel quickly to Hidden Valley [/ i] and, just spawned, head left and continue straight.
To enter the bunker you must have found at least one of the 3 missing patrols that are found

– In a crater guarded by centaurs near Black Mountain

– In the RepConn office south of New Vegas

– In the destroyed town in the bombing zone of the Boomers

Alternatively, recruit Veronica as a follower (found at 188 trading post) and enter with her.
Although the Brotherhood does not support you or Yes Man, we still have 2 options:

– Destroy their bunker via the self-destruct terminal

– Ignore them totally and tell Yes Man that you don’t care about them even if the latter will react
  with a passive-aggressive response: “ Ok! Consider them forgotten! Along with the predictions
  according to which they will be our greatest enemies! Forgotten!

To come to terms with them just survive their bombing, enter the Nellis Air Force Base and complete their peculiar mission: “Fly!”
Of course, you will also need to be idolized by the latter and have recovered the crashed B-29, things that will still be done if we complete the “Fly!” Mission.

As with the Boomers for the Great Khans we should complete their peculiar mission “Oh, Papa”. We could also convince them to abandon the Mojave permanently, exterminate them or convince them to carry out a suicide attack on Hoover Dam.
If you don’t talk to Papa Khan before starting the “Oh, Papa” mission, it seems peaceful that this mission will fail and you will have to exterminate the Great Khans.

Here too, to complete the mission we should solve the cannibalism problems of the White Glove Society in the “Beyond the Beef” mission and will complete this part of the mission.

NB: Sometimes marjorie will not appear outside the Ultra Luxe exclusive area: it is possible to fix this bug via the console (key ) and writing prid 0010d4f1 and then moveto player .

Al Gomorrah it will be possible to activate the mission “What little do we know”, if you decide to help Chacino become the new boss, you can tell Yes Man about the support of the Omerta, the same thing if we help the bosses to conquer the strip, although in doing so we will gain infamy for the Strip.

This mission (Jolly: additional bets) is the longest in the game because it is made up of 2-7 other missions.
Once all 5 “tribes” have been helped, ignored or annihilated, you can return to Yes Man and begin the penultimate mission of the game.

Jolly: the finishing touches

This quest will only become available once other Jolly quests are complete.
In this mission you will, through a chip, extend the range of Yes Man transmissions. The chip in question will be installed in the El Dorado Substation currently under the control of the NCR. A secondary goal of this mission is to save President Aaron Kimball (president of the NCR) when he reaches Hoover Dam for his speech to the troops. Of course, we could only do this part of the mission if we have a good reputation with the NCR.
There are various ways to enter the El Dorado substation

– Stealth approach: use a stealth boy or wear an RNC soldier armor

– Violent approach: kill all soldiers of the El Dorado substation
  N.B .: This method is not recommended because it could be to make the second part of the mission fail since killing the soldiers of the NCR we will lose much fame towards this faction and of
   Consequently, we could not attend President Kimball’s speech.

After that Yes Man will give us another mini-mission but it will be completely optional.
The mission is to seek support from the Followers of the Apocalypse to give full support to the independence of New Vegas. To do this we will have to speak to Julie Farkas (head of the Followers of the Apocalypse), however unless we are idolized by the latter she will not accept.
To be idolized by the Followers of the Apocalypse, we would have to donate enough medical supplies and eventually become a member of this faction.


Independence – Third Part

No gods, no masters

This mission will be awarded to you if in history you have decided to ignore all the other main factions and you have decided to go alone for an independent New Vegas.
I advise you to have strengthened the army of securitron in the mission “Jolly: final touches” as with the enhanced securitrons it will be immensely easier to assault Hoover Dam

After telling Yes Man that you will be ready for an assault on the dam he will take you directly to the west side of the dam with a securitron and your followers, advancing you will find yourself in the heart of the battle, for this I recommended to strengthen the securitrons: you will be against both the Legion and against the NCR.
From a distance you will be able to see the NCR’s marksmen on the towers while on the opposite side of the towers you will be able to see a large group of legionnaires attacking the NCR.
If you keep away from these two sides you can make each other fight, take over and finish the few survivors without too many problems because if you enter into open conflict it is probable that both turn to fight you.

Your goal is to enter the last watchtower and use the elevator to get to the offices.
Here there will be RNC soldiers armed with incinerators who can be eliminated, persuaded (Speech 75) or stealthily circumvented. You will then have to install the chip containing Yes Man in the terminal with many screens at the end of the room that protected the 2 guards.
Here Yes Man will offer us 2 choices:

– Activate the securitrons in the bunker below the Fort (if we haven’t destroyed them, of course)

– Deactivate the dam’s energy supply, making it unusable for the NCR and the Legion

N.B .: neither of the 2 choices affects the end of the game.

Once you have made your choice, in both cases you will have to make your way among even more enemies in the various rooms that make up the dam.
Once back on the surface you will be able to see the Fort in iron and fire (this only if we have decided to awaken the army of securitron under it) and many other legionnaires and soldiers of the NCR arrive on the site, at the same time all the factions you have will arrive convinced to support the independence of New Vegas (Great Khan, Enclave etc …)

After crossing the eastern part of the dam we will find ourselves attacking the Legate Camp , the base from which the attack of the Legion on Hoover Dam started.
Once inside we should make our way to the Legacy Lanius; and after finding him, he will start a dialogue with us. With a challenge of Speech 100 or Barter 100 we will convince him to withdraw, otherwise we will have to eliminate him.

Once you have killed or convinced the Legate Lanius, proceed to the gate from which you entered the camp and the latter will be blown up by General Lee Oliver, with him there will be 6 elite NCR mercenaries.
Now, as with the legacy Lanius, you will be able to agree with him peacefully or not.
After that, the mission will come to an end; and play with it.

This is where the game ends if you choose to join Yes Man and gain independence from NCR and Legion

Mr. House – First Part


Mr. House is self-styled president, CEO and sole owner of the New Vegas Strip. He is also one of the founders of RobCo Industries and the one who raised New Vegas from the ashes of Las Vegas.

Born on June 25, 2020 in Las Vegas from a rich Nevada fault, he soon became an orphan due to a gyrocopter accident in which both parents died. Deceived by his stepbrother, Anthony, however, attended the Commonwealth Institute of Technology about his legacy and later, at the age of 22, he founded RobCo Industries in his hometown. RobCo soon became one of the most profitable companies of the time, thanks above all to the technical genius and sense of business of Robert who used his prestige to acquire controlling interests in a myriad of other companies. Among these companies were REPCONN Aerospace, the Lucky 38 hotel-casino and H&H Instrument Factory, the family business that the stepbrother had usurped in the past


The house always wins, I

This is the first of a series of quests that will lead to one of the game’s endings. Mr. House will order you to retrieve the platinum chip from Benny, to use it at the Fort to upgrade the Securitrons and to bring it back to Lucky 38. You will then have to convince the other factions to support Mr. House in his Mojave conquest plan, or eliminate them; you can also decide the fate of Benny or Mr. House, killing them both and teaming up with Yes Man, for an independent New Vegas, which I have talked about extensively before.

Option 1: talk to Swank
One of the possible options is to talk to Swank, Benny’s right arm, at the reception and tell him about his rebellion plan. Swank will be suspicious at first, but he can be persuaded in two ways:

– With three Speech challenges (15, 30, 45)

 – Showing him the three distinctive objects of Benny: the characteristic cigarette butt (in the cemetery of Goodsprings), the engraved lighter (given by the Great Khans in Boulder City) and the holotape “Message:Hospitality of the Khans “(in the terminal of Manny Vargas in Novac)

Once he is convinced, he will return all your weapons and tell you to go to Benny’s suite to look for more evidence on his subversive plan. Once found and shown to Swank, he will help you kill Benny (killing him this way will not make the casino hostile and will also complete the “Drin drin drin!” Mission).

Option 2: talk to Benny
It is possible to speak directly with Benny while he waits near the presidential suite with his bodyguards. He will offer you the key to the suite, to be able to speak peacefully and can be convinced, with an Speech 60 challenge, to leave his guards on the floor and speak privately. Once in the suite, I brought:

– Kill him and take the chip from him; as long as the fight is in its suite, the casino doesn’t
  will become hostile

– Help him take control of New Vegas

– Tell him it takes time to decide

If you have decided to have a private meeting in his room, Benny will tell him via intercom that he is an ambush and send him against his four henchmen to kill him, but with two Eloquence challenges (35 and 50) he can be convinced that you will not intend to chase him; however, Benny will flee and be captured by the Caesar Legion and taken to the Fort.

Option 3: seduce Benny
With the Black Widow extra ability you can seduce Benny and go to his suite without any problem. Here you can kill him as soon as he enters the room, have a relationship with him and kill him in his sleep, or fall asleep and allow him to escape, leaving a note. Benny will then be captured by the Legion and it will be your job to save him

Once Benny has jumped and got the chip, you can go back to Mr. House and watch the demonstration of his Securitron Mk II in the basement of Lucky 38 (it’s the only time in the game where you can enter this area). After this demonstration, the mission will end.

If you fail to kill Benny, you must complete The House Always Wins, II to complete this mission too.

The house always wins, II

In this mission you will have to decide whether to follow Caesar’s orders and destroy the bunker, or listen to Mr. House and update the dormant securitron army.

Option 1: follow Caesar’s commands
Whether you want to support it or not, a way to enter the Fort and follow the instructions of the Legion of Caesar. Boone can’t go to the Fort, as he will shoot any Legion member on sight, so he must be dismissed. After traveling to Cottonwood Cove, you will need to speak to the Lucullus Order Holder on the dock. With his boat he will take you to the Fort, where all weapons will be confiscated, some consumables (with an Eloquence challenge you can keep them) and the platinum chip, if in your possession.

The next step is to meet Caesar and listen to his intentions: he would like, through the use of the platinum chip, to enter the bunker under the Fort and destroy it: it should be noted that Caesar will never know the actions you will perform in the bunker.

Before entering the bunker, the equipment and the platinum chip will be returned. Inside the bunker there is a constant radiation of +1 RAD, so it is advisable to provide RadAway, and it is inhabited by many hostile robots and turrets. Upon entering a display, Mr. House will appear explaining your task, that is, reaching the central terminal and installing the Securitron operating system update. Science 50 and 75 are required to deactivate the turrets and robots.

N.B .: The noises created by the enhancement of the Securitrons, will make Caesar believe that the bunker has been destroyed.

If Benny is still alive, Caesar will give the Courier the opportunity to kill him on the spot, have an equal match with him in the arena or free him (making the entire Fort hostile) or sneak him away (giving him a Stealth Boy and a hairpin): this option will result in the Fort’s rebellion, if the Courier does not have a high level of Sneak. Again, if he manages to escape, it will no longer be possible to meet Benny again.

N.B .: It should be noted that it is possible to pickpocket Benny of his unique weapon, Maria, while he is still tied, without suffering consequences.

Option 2: ignore Caesar
If your reputation with Caesar’s Legion is too low, you can always complete this mission in two distinct ways:

you can wear Legion armor and speak only with Lucullus, avoiding any interaction with other legionnaires or approaching their bastards. The guards inside the bunker will be able to identify you, but they can be killed without alerting the rest of the Fort, as long as you keep the armor.
You can eliminate every member of the Legion and go directly to the boat to get to the Fort and kill all those present until you get to the bunker; killing Caesar is not mandatory

Once the Securitrons are upgraded, you will need to return to Lucky 38 and speak to Mr. House. If you have just obtained the platinum chip, “La Casa always wins, I” will be completed immediately before starting The house always wins, III

The house always wins, III

In this mission you will have to travel to the Nellis Air Force Base and be friends with the Boomers.

When you get close to the base entrance, you will be hit by a heavy artillery barrage, which can cause you massive damage. Alternatively, it is possible to use a railway tunnel to the southeast but Scasso 100 is required

Option 1: Seek Boomer Support
Once entered and welcomed with suspicion by the Boomers, in order to earn their respect you must complete the “Fly!” Mission. Once completed and earned an “Accepted” reputation, talking to Pearl will unlock a dialogue option to gain Boomer support and the mission will end successfully.

N.B .: If the Courier is idolized by the Boomers before completing Volare !, it will not be possible to complete this mission without eliminating them, since the necessary dialogue option will not appear, either to Loyal or to Pearl.

Mr. House – Second Part

Option 2: Eliminate the Boomers
After the Courier has managed to enter the base (talking to Raquel just select the first option of dialogue always), he will have to go to Pearl’s hut and there it is possible to kill her immediately, however gaining negative karma, making Young hearts fail and making everyone hostile the Boomers.

The next one to kill is Loyal and can often be found in the Hangar, north of the barracks. It’s not very difficult to kill, but there is always the problem that the other Boomers will attack the Courier on sight.
I therefore suggest taking action at night, since you can eliminate the Boomer leaders without problems without attracting the attention of all the other Boomers because they will be intent on sleeping.

After killing both Boomer leaders, the player must return to Mr. House and update him on the situation, completing the mission.

The house always wins, IV

Mr. House will ask you to establish an alliance with the Omerta: he can do it by completing the mission “What little do we know” or by killing them all. If the Courier has already dealt with the Omerta, this mission will be completed automatically and House will pay for it in any case.

NB: the quickest way to complete (failing) the mission and start “The House Always Wins, V” is to enter Gomorrah, refuse to hand over weapons, make the casino hostile, exit the casino, return to Lucky 38 and talk to House.

By completing this mission, you will fail Give Caesar what is Caesar’s.

If you have already completed What little we know by supporting Nero and Big Sal, this mission will fail by talking to House, unless you convince him with an Eloquence 50 challenge which was a pre-established plan to infiltrate the Omerta.

The house always wins, V

In this mission Mr. House will ask you to eliminate the Brotherhood of Steel once and for all and to do it you have 2 methods:

Option 1: use the self-destruct system
In order to begin the bunker’s self-destruct sequence, you will need to get three keys to arm the system or have Science 100. In the first case, you need to get them by pickpocketing Elder McNamara, Paladin Chief Hardin and senior Scribe Taggart; in case McNamara is dismissed, his key will pass to Hardin and Paladin Ramos will take that of Hardin. The first two are usually on the second level of the bunker, while Taggart is almost always near the terminal that activates self-destruction, making it extremely difficult to steal the key. Ramos instead is the first level, in the security station near the entrance.

After taking all three keys, you can log in to the terminal to generate a new password to activate self-destruction. Once activated, the whole bunker will become hostile and it will be difficult to reach the exit without being well armed or with a high stealth value.

N.B .: If Veronica is your follower, the reputation of the Brotherhood will be too low and will abandon you, making it impossible to recruit her again; if you have already completed the missions “Pistol Packing”, “Still in the dark” (favoring McNamara) and “The sight to the blind”, the loss of reputation will not be such as to make them abandon the Courier.

Option 2: kill all members of the Brotherhood
It is possible to complete the mission by killing all the members of the Brotherhood, however gaining negative karma, since many of them are considered good by the game. Sabotaging the turrets to hit the bunker’s inhabitants is an effective method of not gaining too much negative karma, but the Elder and his guards must still be eliminated by the player.

Once the Brotherhood of Steel is eliminated you will have to go back to Mr. House and tell him that the Brotherhood of Steel will no longer be a problem, after which, the mission will be completed.

The house always wins, VI

In this mission you will have to save President Kimball’s life, if you already have a bad reputation with the RNC this mission will immediately fail, without incurring any penalty.
If, on the other hand, you have good relations with the RNC then you will have to head to Hoover Dam and start the mission.

If you want to know more, consult the part of the guide “RNC – Second Part” as I explain in detail what you need to do to save Kimball’s life.

The house always wins, VII

After speaking to Mr. House at the end of the mission The House Always Wins, VI, he will report that his Securitron army needs energy and therefore must go to the El Dorado substation and divert all energy to Lucky 38.
There are various ways to enter the El Dorado substation

– Stealth approach: use a stealth boy or wear an RNC soldier armor

– Violent approach: kill all soldiers of the El Dorado substation

The house always wins, VIII

Before going to Hoover Dam, you will have a chance to prepare for battle. After it is ready, you must speak to Mr. House and you will be sent to the dam to begin the “All or Nothing” mission.

All or Nothing

You will travel to Hoover Dam, where the battle has already begun, where RNC troops will be fighting against those of the Caesar Legion and, if he has completed the “Oh, Pope” mission, the Great Khans will be added to the fray. By killing anyone who stands in front of you or stealthily, you will have to reach the third tower of the dam and enter the elevator to get to the offices. In this area there will be two RNC troops armed with Incinerators, which will become hostile if you install the chip, but it is possible to persuade them with an Eloquence 75 challenge so that they do not attack.

You will then have to enter the room of the central electrical system and activate the switch to give power to the army of the Securitrons, just outside the structure.

Next you will have to go back, find the key and go outside, where the battle has reversed in favor of House. With the help of the Securitrons, you must finally reach the Legate Camp and confront Lanius.

Here you can choose between killing Lanius or convincing him to retreat with an Speech 100 or Barter 100 challenge.

Once Lanius is settled, you must go back to the entrance of the camp and confront General Lee Oliver: he can be killed together with his men or persuaded to surrender with an Speech 100, Science 100 or Barter 100 challenge.

In the final part of the mission Mr. House will appear as a Securitron, thinking about the destinies of his enemies.

And here ends the game in favor of the fourth and final ending that my guide will deal with.
Below you will find the top 4 of the finals in my opinion.

Top 4 Fallout New Vegas Endings


I chose to put the Legion of Caesar in fourth and last place because the Legion, in my opinion, is just a bunch of crazy people with the fixation of crucifixions.
The Legion ending in which Caesar survives is still acceptable since Caesar is a good leader after all, however the ending in which Caesar dies and Legate Lanius takes the lead is horrible because Lanius will kill or enslave any faction that, with Caesar in command, would have could stay alive or even ally with the legion.

I’m just saying that an ending in which Mojave is enslaved doesn’t taste much for me.

3rd: MR. HOUSE

I put the ending with Mr. House in 3rd place for the simple fact that Mr. House is an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: in his ending he gets richer than ever, impoverishing not only Freeside but also the whole Mojave. The thing that I regret most is the fact that the courier (we) will be “bribed by Mr. House” thus becoming nothing more than a henchman of the latter.
The clearest proof is the fact that Mr. House will give us the suite of Lucky 38 and with all the privileges of the latter.


Certainly one of my absolute favorite endings in the history of video games, in this ending we will get rid of Mr. House, the Legion and the NCR.
Unfortunately what I regret about this ending is the fact that not only the Strip, but New Vegas in general will fall under a sort of semi “anarchy”.

1st: NCR

Although I hate the NCR with all my heart, I must admit that their ending is by far the best: even if they put huge taxes, they will protect the Mojave really well. With our help they will definitively drive out the Demons, the Great Khans (albeit betraying them if we have convinced them to sign a truce), the Powder Gangers and above all the Legion of Caesar. In short, they will eliminate any human threat from Mojave and contribute to a better future for all.

And here my guide definitely ends, I hope you liked it because it took me almost 10 hours of my time to write it.

Having said that, good game and don’t forget to put a good thumbs up on this guide!