Fallout: New Vegas Guide

God build for Fallout: New Vegas

God build


This build is for those that know their way around the console, or want to start messing around with the console. This aims for people that want to spice up their play through.

Waking up.

Once you get past the basics with Mr.Mitchell, head over to Vito-Matic-Vigor-Testing-Machine (Like you’re supposed too. Don’t really worry about any of this as in the console you will be maxing them out (except for one) [will explain why later]

Game play mechanics

When you’re selecting things in this part the main part you have to worry about is selecting Wild wasteland, you can select whatever else you want besides logans loophole. and then get all the formalities out of the way and get outside.

The longest, most boring part.

When you’re outside enter the console by pressing the Tilda key or ~ . Insert the command player.setav [Barter etc.] 100 until you get everything maxed out. But to control your perks just do advlevel Then move on to S.P.E.C.I.A.L points by typing into the console setspecialpoints [60] but keep adding small ammounts of numbers is the sixties to make sure you dont max these out fully. . This is where I said in the last section not to max them out, because when you get finished with lonesome road, it will let you add more special points. So if you max these all out prior to this dlc, you will get stuck on the special point screen because you can add anymore. So when doing this step leave on of them one point less than the other (at least I think it only lets you add one more)