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Granny rags' recipies guide for Dishonored

Granny rags’ recipies guide


This guide will tell you the walkthroughs for both of granny rags’ recipies in the Dishonored DLC the Knife of Dunwall

A Captain of Industry

Above the Wall of Light will be a room with red markings on the floor, a cooking pot, and the recipie.

The port side eye of a whale newly dead
Plop it in the pot, grisly and red
Weeper weeper weeps no more
Laid to rest on the blood etched floor.

You’ll need two things for this, a Weeper corpse and a whale’s eye.
The first is easy to find. from the wall of light, backtrack until you come across a narrow alley. this will have the Weeper corpse. Then pick it up, take it back to the room and lay it to rest on the blood etched floor.
The second item comes much later in the level. You’ll eventually come across a whalehanging from rails. From the whale’s view a power station is on the lower right in front of it, and there are two whale oil tanks on the right wall. Take the tanks, put them in the thing, and flip the lever right in front of the whale to electrocute it. Then take its left eye and plop it in the pot, grisly and red. The pot should become empty and the corpse disappear and you will get a birthday gift. (a rune)

Eminent Domain

This time the room containing the recipie will be harder to find. It’s in the Legal District waterfront, and it contains a rune that can be seen with Void Gaze to find the room. You will get an objective “From the 78, draw The World.” In Timsh’s mansion, on the first room, there will be a small room with a 78 carot card deck. Draw “The World”, take it to the Outsider Shrine (again, use Void Gaze to find the rune, room is behind a bookshelf, in an apartment opposite the mansion third floor.) A key inside can be found in another apartment, accessible by a window that looks out onto a rooftop, that contains a second rune behind a painting. Second apartment is near the Legal District main entrance, walk to the end of the road, take a right, blink to rooftop.

Once the card is on the shrine, use it to cut your hand and bleed on the card. Then take the card to Timsh’s mansion fourth floor fireplace, in the same room with a glorious painting. The card should vanish, and you will get a birthday gift (another rune).