Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Hand typed Cheats for New Vegas! for Fallout: New Vegas

Hand typed Cheats for New Vegas!


Hand written (literaly!) guide for cheats in FNV (some work in Fo3 as well!)DUE TO COMPLAINTS ABOUT BEING A SEXY ♥♥♥♥♥ AND NOT ADDING PERKS,THIS GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED ROUGHLY,VERY,ROUGHLY.Also, this guide is really just what I have in my Cheat book, so I might add the rest of everything, later, ugh I cant wait for that xD


So, yes these are all hand typed, not copy and pasted, but these should all work, if they dont then let me know, and I’ll try to fix them.

I have a book full of cheats for a lot of games, I suggest you make one too!
I just spilt milk all over my desk hold on.
In the .INI text file, theres a line that says bAllowConsole 0. Change the 0 to 1, save the file, and boot the game. then hit the ` key.


General, helpful, cheats, and cheats required for cheats!

tfc = Toggle free camera, best to do in 3rd person

sgtm = Set time speed, normal: 1 half speed: 0.5

sucsm = Set free cam movement speed example: sucsm 46 (free cam speed is now 46)

tdt = Toggle debug display

tlv = Toggle leaves (for performance!)

tg = Toggle grass (for performance!)

tp = Toggle view of projectiles and spawns (never really used this one)

tfow = Toggle fog of war on local map (If you played ANY warcraft game, you know what FOG is)

EnablePlayerControls = Enables player controls (when disabled by cutscenes)

disable = Removes the selected object from the game (used for removing glitched/bugged objects, or for the sierra madre beeper things mwhahaha!)

enable = Used for enabling previously disabled objects.

movetoqt = Instantly teleports you to the quest spot or next optional quest spot.

coc = Force fast travel to town/area, note ; not all towns/areas have the same name for I.D. as some do!
example: coc goodsprings

tvl = Toggle VATS lights

tgm = toggle god mode ; note: a 1 after tgm is not required!

tdm = Toggle demigod mode (infinite health, limited ammunition, need to reload, able to carry unlimited items)

tcl = NOCLIP!

tmm = toggle all map markers ; note: a 1 IS required after tmm so it should be : tmm 1 (all map markers on) or tmm 0 (all off)

tm = toggle HUD ; note 1 is not required after tm

rewardkarma = a positve integer will give you good karma and a negative integer will give you bad karma example: rewardkarma 1787897 (this would give you lots of good karma) rewardkarma -346363 (gives you lots of bad karma!)

tlb = I believe this makes it really bright, so yeah ; note a 1 is uknown to be required, as i last used this command in Fo3 GOTY

player.srm = this will open up a repair menu for yourself! Caps are required! No traveling though!

set ownership = if you click on an item after opening up console (see the beginning of the guide for how to enable the console!) you can enter in this cheat and the item will now be yours! I believe you dont lose karma.


player.placeatme = So, I didnt use this command a lot, since it didnt work very well for me in Fo3, but basically, if you know the I.D. of an NPC (not there name and address, silly! Go yo Fallout NV or Fo3 wiki and find the NPC you want and look at his I.D.) you type player.placeatme *NPC I.D.*

setgsfmoverunmult = this will let you move faster, SO IN YOUR FACE PROJECT NEVADA! Nawww but PN is good,
example = setgsfmoverunmult 34 (will make ou run really fast!

setgsfjumpheightmin = this will set your minimum jumping heightm, I love this one!
example setgsfjumpheightmin 34 (you jump really high, as a minimum!)

setscale = so like the set ownership command, you click on an npc while in console, then you type setscale 5 an they are 5 times their original size.

player.setscale = This sets your characters scale! No clicking required!
example : player.setscale 10 (FREAKIN HUGE!) player.setscale 1 (normal) player.setscale 0.1 (tiny!)

resurrect = If you click on a DEAD NPC in the console, you can type this and they will be alive, I really have fun with this one, you know when you are in a cave? And there are dead NCR soldiers wit limbs mssing? I resurrect them! See what happens for yourself xD!

kill = opposite of resurrect!

SetPCCanUsePowerArmor 1 = Lets you use power armor! Without the stress of training!

player.modav = VERY USEFUL TOOL HERE! Best explained with examples!
Examples: player.modav (skill/S.P.E.C.I.A.L/carryweight/etc here) (number wanted here!)
player.modav repair 100
player.modav charisma 10
player.modav carryweigh 39876

showracemenu = Allows you to change your appearance!

Player.additem *item I.D* *number of items wanted*
See next section!

player.additem cheats!

This is the player.additem cheats area! Yeaaaahhh!
So these are the only items that are really essential to your gameplay, but you can also go to the FNV wiki or CCC.com for FNV pc cheats!


player.additem 0000432c 1 Fat man launcher!
player.additem 00127c6c 1 Mysterious Magnum!
player.additem 0014ea5a 1 Holy Hand Grenade!
player.additem 00129a44 1 Ranger Sequoia!
player.additem 0000433c 1 (might be 000d433c) Frag mines!
player.additem 0015837b 1 Guass rifle!
player.additem 00133058 1 That gun!
player.additem 001465a6 1 Debug Mega Pistol! This thing is a 9mm pistol that does 9000 damage!
player.additem 00121148 1 Brush gun!
player.additem 0008ed0a 1 Riot shotgun!
player.additem 0008ed0b 1 Hunting shotgun!
player.additem 0011e46f 1 Shovel!
player.additem 00106feb 1 All ‘Murican!
player.additem 00106fea 1 Marksman rifle!
player.additem 0008f21e 1 Assualt carbine!
player.additem 0008f21c 1 Anti Material Rifle!
player.additem 000f0b12 1 Dinner Bell!
player.additem 0013e540 1 Super mean Sledge!
player.additem 001429e1 1 Gobi Desert Campaign rifle!


player.additem 00020799 20 20 mini nukes!
player.additem 00165e7a 60 60 20 gauge rounds!
player.additem 00165e79 60 60 12 gauge rounds!
player.additem 00176e5c 120 120 9mm rounds!
player.additem 00140aa0 40 40 .308 rounds!
player.additem 0015e8ee 36 36 .357 special mag rounds!
player.additem 0008ecff 60 60 .50 MG rounds!
player.additem 0006b53d 500 500 5mm rounds!
player.additem 00004241 78 78 10mm rounds!
player.additem 0013e440 876 876 5.56mm surplus rounds! The only way to go
player.additem 0015830e 200 200 Electron charge pack max charge!
player.additem 001582e0 200 200 Energy cell cells max charge!
player.additem 0015830b 200 200 Microfusion cells! over charge!
player.additem 00121155 50 50 Microfusion breeders! MAX CHAR- jk
player.additem 0002935b 1,000,000 1,000,000 BB’s! SKIN PIERCI-jk

Armour!(Yes I’m Canadian!)

player.additem 000ce552 1 SPACE SUIT! Come fly with me!
player.additem 000cee21 1 SPACE SUIT HELMET!
player.additem 00020420 1 GREEN COMBAT ARMOUR!
player.additem 0010d8dc 1 BLACK COMBAT ARMOUR!
player.additem 00020426 1 Combat armour helmet!
player.additem 00126500 1 Reinforced combat armour!
player.additem 0014722a 1 Reinforced combat armour helmet!
player.additem 0015ef66 1 Combat armour reinforced mark 2!
player.additem 0015ef67 1 Combat armour reinforced mark 2 helmet!
player.additem 00133168 1 Gannon family tesla armor!
player.additem 00133169 1 Gannon family tesla armour helmet!
player.additem 00129254 1 NCR Ranger combat armour!
player.additem 00145ec5 1 NCR Ranger combat armour helmet!
player.additem 00145ec5 1 Remnants power armour!
player.additem 00133167 1 Remnants power armour helmet!
player.additem 00014e13 1 T-45d power armour!
player.additem 00014c08 1 T-45d power armour helmet!
player.additem 000a6f77 1 T-51b Power armour
player.additem 000a6f78 1 T-51b Power armour helmet!


player.additem 00050e44 1 PARTY HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


player.additem 0f 3467467 3467467 bottle caps!
player.additem 0a 97834 97834 bobby pins!
player.additem 000cb05c 5 5 doctor bags!
player.additem 00015167 15 15 RadAway!
player.additem 00015168 20 20 Rad-X!
player.additem 00146ccb 5000 5000 party time mentants! (combine with party hat!)
player.additem 00015169 47457 47457 stimpaks!
player.additem 000ccef2 4578 4578 Super stimpaks!
player.additem 00043e94 45 45 stealth boiiiis!!!
player.additem 00140a68 30 300 weapon repair kits!

Perks etc

So this catagory isnt really being worked on at the time, (There a lot of perks that have their own I.D.’s, every, single, one, of ,them, does.) but I do have a few commands/perks for you!

player.addperk [Perk I.D.] will give you a perk.
EX: player.addperk 00094eb8 – Will give you Black Widow perk!

player.addperk 00094eb8 – Will give you Black Widow perk!
player.addperk 00094eb9 – Will give you Lady Killer perk!
player.addperk 001361b3 – Will give you Cherchez La Femme perk!
player.addperk 001361b4 – Will give you Confirmed Bachelor perk!
player.addperk 00165118 – Will give you Friend Of The Night perk!
player.addperk 0014609c – Will give you Heave, Ho! perk!
player.addperk 00135f18 – Will give you Hunter perk!
(I be back very busy with school ♥♥♥♥ m8)


You can type either: setspecialpoints 70
Or you can do them individually like so:
player.modav strength 10 = 10 STRENGTH
player.modav intelligence 10 = 10 points of intellect!
Player.modav charisma 10 = 10 points os, ah, what where we talking about agian? Heheh…

Until this is finished you can go here and press ctrl+f and type the one you want in!

I might add more later!

As I am very busy right now, I will probably finish this later, but if there is a code that I missed out or got wrong, PLEASE! Tell me!
Stay classy! And thanks for reading my guide! An honest rating would be nice! I dont fear criticism! Infact, it’s a fetish of mine :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

but my mouse was ;( frickin chocolate milk