Fallout: New Vegas Guide

hopw to have sex for Fallout: New Vegas

hopw to have sex


hey gyus, this is a guid on how rto have sex in fdallout new vegaas.ENhjoy!

Step 1

make sure yoyu have the condirmed bachelor or lady killere perik depending on gender (you can be gae!) You can do this by selceltuibg the perk as erlee as level 2!
Once yuou have the perk., yohre readyu for step 2

step 2

Step 2 – find the person you wanna have sex woirh. Loojk for a sexyu characteerr with bigh bvoobs, like lily bowen ;)))))

Step 3

Stwep 3 – see if there is a dialogue option to have sex. Interact byu pressoinh “E” and trhen you should see an optionn that lets yop sex them.

Step 4

Step 4 – sex

if there is no dialogue option, uninstall.

thanks bros