Muck Guide

how poles calls mobs and how to bomb bosniaks for Muck

how poles calls mobs and how to bomb bosniaks


how to tell poles what tf are you talking about and how to bomb bosniaks


In Poland (true country of gamers) we have special names for enemies in games

1. Dave (Dinosaur) – mirek (in group mirki)
electro dave – elektryczny mirek
fire dave – ognisty mirek
other daves – co to jest

2.Goblin – rzutnik (in group rzutniki)

3.Golem – golem (in group golem)

4.Big chunk – duzy czangus (in group duze czangusy)

5.Wyvern – pterodaktyl (in group. pterodaktyle)

Other rules:
if buffes we just add – silny w fest

how to bomb bosniaks

(read it with indian accent)
bombing bosniaks in muck is very overpowered and unique mechanic it can carry you to the end game. bombing bosniaks is very hard to do but in this tut you’ll learn how to do this easy. At first you have to build big schody (stairs) and make some safe base with furnace then you have to build 1:1 scale boeing 2137 with wood. When you finish building boeing you need to find some fireballs or bomby wodorowe (water balls) and stand on edge of the wing. then you need to start to throwing it to enemies below you and start calling them bosniaki instead of mirki.


This is the end of bosniak bombing tutorial I hope you’ll be happy by playing with their fear. Thanks for reading and have fun with bombing bosniaks.