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How To Absolutely And Utterly Break The Game for Muck

How To Absolutely And Utterly Break The Game


Fair warning, if you’re playing multiplayer, only do this strategy if you’re the host, as others might get the urge to leave if they are getting one-shotted by every single mob while you are roaming around the map at lightning speeds doing 2K crits on enemies with a wooden sword.I don’t plan to drag out this guide for any much longer, as the core principle is quite simple.All you need to do is to make wooden equipment (30 wood total, including workbench), roam around the map for around ~2 days, opening free chests, and this is the most important part of it, *using every single battle altar you see*, these will guarantee you get an item, be that of lower or higher quality. Using the gold you gain from the enemies, never save up for a more expensive chest, always try to open the basic chests as you need to stack up on the basic upgrades.By the time you return to camp, you will be the super-soldier of the squad, even more so if they give you mythril / adamantite equipment, as that is where most groups are at around the 2-3 day mark. If you’re playing alone however, you can just powergame your way through the tiers, as you will be able to mine and chop wood much faster, due to the sheer amount of stuff you have gotten from chests.Keep in mind, if you plan to use this method, you will need to dodge a lot, as you won’t have armor to save you.