Fallout: New Vegas Guide

how to be a god and one punch deathclaws for Fallout: New Vegas

how to be a god and one punch deathclaws


hi there do you want to be a god? Yes you do. How do i become a god oh mighty Todd Howard? Well that’s easy you gotta make an Unarmed Build. How do i do that? This is how:SpecialS: 5 (+ 3 with reinforced spine and implant)P: 5 (+ 2 with 1st recon beret and implant)E: 8 (+ 2 with implant and Atomic-valence tri-radii-oscillator)C: 1 I: 7 ( +1 with implant)A: 7 ( + 2 with implant and Small Frame)L: 7 ( + 3 with implant and lucky shades and lonesome road)Skills:100 in everything (except barter energy weapons and explosives if you don’t want to get all skill books)Traits:Small Frame Built To DestroyPerks:2 Confirmed Bachelor/Black Widow4 Educated6 Comprehension8 Bloody Mess10 Finesse12 Piercing Strike14 Purifier16 Better Criticals18 Light Touch20 Atomic 22 Super Slam24 Slayer26 Unstoppable Force 28 Stonewall30 Ninja32 Pyromaniac34 Chemist36 Toughness38 Toughness 240 Rad Child42 Eye For An Eye44 Jury Rigging46 Anything You Want48 Anything You Want50 Ain’t Like That NowWeapons:SHSF (combined with Pyromaniac you deal stupid amounts of damage)Greased Lightning (combined with rushing water, Slayer and Ain’t Like That Now you will swing faster than the speed of light)Fist Of Rawr (Deathclaw Gauntlets are fun)Armor: Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator1st Recon BeretUlysses DusterLucky ShadesDrugs and Miscellaneous:Med-XRushing waterSlasherPsychoTrue Police StoriesBattle BrewAtomic CocktailsWeapon Binding RitualSierra Madre MartiniWasteland TequilaFixer (in case you get addicted)Faction:Yes ManBackstory:Your ChoiceConclusionHave fun