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How to be a pr0 in 30 minutes for Dishonored

How to be a pr0 in 30 minutes


So you have been framed up for the murder of your beloved one and you want revenge. And of course you are a tough guy with a badass mask and you want to clean your good name in the hardest way possible because easy stuff is not for you. But man, you have been imprisoned for six months and all you have in your hand is a rusty blade and they are a lot of people. It seems like you could use some help dude, but don’t worry. This is you and me against the world!(Warning, some images may contain spoilers and traces of peanuts).

Basic tips

  • Go crouched. You won’t make any noise and the enemy will have it harder to spot you. This may seem slow but in fact it’s the fastest way to move. If you get in trouble you will have to spent time solving it, so running is not your answer.
  • Walk in the shadows. This will reduce considerably the chances of your enemies to see you.
  • Do not run. At least if someone can hear you.
  • Be patient. You are not in a hurry. Wait for your enemies to move to the best position before acting, either if you plan to kill or just avoid them.
  • Climb. As much as you can. Seriously, nobody looks up. Neither in the game or in the real life. Is just part of human nature.


  • Save your progress. As much as you need. The whole game can be beaten without saving but this differs from a person to another, so this is completely up to you.
  • If you get involved in open combat load a previous savegame. The game tells you that the level of chaos you generate depends on how many people do you kill but this is not exactly true (in fact that’s almos irrelevant until you play in the hardest level of difficulty). The greatest chaos increaser is how many times you start a fight.
  • Take your time. Explore each map in deep. They have a lot of hidden stories and pieces of background. And the money is always useful.


  • Use the non lethal ways to kill your main targets. Seriously. This will reduce significantly the level of the chaos you create.
  • Kill the enemies one by one. Avoid large groups. The chances of bein detected while killing someone raises a lot if your target is not alone. The chances of being killed when detected by several guards are almost of the 100% on the hardest difficulty.
  • Close the doors you go through. Doors block the sound you make and break the vision line of the guards (and people in general).
  • Peer through doors. A special ability will give this useless in no time but until you get it you must make this a habit or you may not even make through the starting levels in the harder difficulties.

Weapons hints

  • Pistols are noisy. Crossbows are your friends. Forget about pistols, don’t waste a single coin in them unless you have enough money and you have purchased everything else. Get all the upgrades of the crossbow and increase the maximum amount of bolts you can carry with you instead.

    Only use I find for pistols in game is for killing in one shot those nasty river krusts when I cannot bypass them.

  • Upgrade your mask’s lens. If you mix a silent deadly weapon with a powerful optic you get the perfect combination to get rid of lonely sentinels along your way. Once you know the maps a single killing is all what you usually need to clean your path to success.
  • Narcotics are always handy. Upgrade the sleep bolts to make them useful in combat. If a small group of guards notice your presence and you don’t want to restart the latest savegame you can knock them off with a few crossbow shots and keep your way as if nothing happened and for me they’re the best trick to deal with wolfhounds when they’re on your way. You can also get rid of the sentinels named above in a non lethal way with them. Remember kids, they’re not drugs if you have a prescription!
  • Aim carefully dude! If you plan to kill someone by a long-ranged method make sure that your target is not in the visual of another guy or be sure that they will alert everybody in the area. If you plan to kill two people who are standing close one to each other kill first the one who is looking to his partner and only then kill the other. Or better at all, find another way because in the “very high difficult” mode NPCs have quite good senses and reflexes, so they will notice what’s going on and they will react faster than you.
  • Your sword doesn’t need to be upgraded. You’re going to use it for stabbing purposes only, combat is for people less creative than you.


The heretic side of life

So you’re a sorcerer! Well, sort of. You’re not exactly a sorcerer. You could say you’re a chosen one. A person so bright that you have been touched by… err… a ridiculously handsome guy in places no one touched you before. And because of that you awaken after a night of weird dreams (smooth, silky colorful dreams) with a new tattoo! (Man, that’s not magic, that’s drugs, but anyways):

  • Don’t be impatient. It’s the same again. Here, as in the rest of the game, patience is the key. If you wait the mana to refill itself before using the next power you will barely drink any blue potions (and you will have a good reserve if you find yourself in trouble).
  • Spend your runes wisely. If you know how to use your powers correctly you will find yourself using only three of them. Keep reading!
  • Blink. The first power you receive from the ridiculously handsome guy. Incredible useful to climb and explore all the corners in Dunwall as well as to cross paths and rooms fast and stealthy.
  • Dark vision. There are no words to thank enough for this power. With almost no cost of mana you will be able to see people (in yellow), security devices (in blue) and valuable items (in green) through walls and floors. Using this you will have under control all the people surrounding you in a small area, their vision camps and the direction they are looking to. Priceless.
  • Shadow kill. What guard? I didn’t see anyone here! Use dark vision to be aware of the surroundings, use blink to teleport just behind your target and… take advantage of this to get rid of the body in the same moment that you kill the guy! No body means no alarm so you definetively want no body at all.
  • Other powers (if you gather enough runes) Agility, to jump highter and to avoid fall damage. Vitality, just in case. And bend time, which is not as good as its name suggests (mainly for the enormous waste of mana and the short duration).

Say hi to the world

Following this guide you are going to invest more resources in stealth than in health so you have to be very aware of your surroundings. They’re always a couple of ways to move inside the maps and the majority of them can be used for sneaky purposes.

Let me show you some things you have to keep in mind:

  • Avoid rats like plague! (Oh god, I know I shoudl be punished for making such a bad joke). You are not a sturdy guy and your health is not as good as it used to be before you were imprisoned and tortured and they used on you all those cucumber shaped torture devices… Long story short, if rats surround you is more than probable that you will die (you scrawny ¬¬).

    In case of need you can defend yourself from rats killing them with your sword while walking back to avoid their bites.

    Hagfishes are the water rats of the game so don’t mess with them. Plus considering that you can’t use your weapons when you are swimming.

  • Be used to spot traps. The won’t only low your health a lot if they hit you but also they will alert guards and bandits.
  • Walls of light are like Windows Firewall. They’re there but you can jump over them with no sweat. Don’t plan to do a massacre to pass through one, if you make exploring a habit you will cross the maps without even noticing they’re there.
  • As said before, climb! NPCs don’t look up. They can see you standing over a roof or a column if they’re far enough (and you low enough) to have you in their visual range. This is not usually a problem because people in this game does not have a very good long ranged vision, specially if you’re standing in shadows (thank you myopia for the gifts we receive from you!).


  • Don’t let a stone unturned. Last but not least, use the heart of your dear Jessamine to know how many runes and bonecharms are present in a map and their approximate locations. Then use the dark vision to find them. Dark vision is also imprescindible to find as much money as you can in each stage of the game.

Some considerations about chaos

Chaos level does not depend on how much people you kill as much as they want you to believe (except in the hardest mode, they made it very strict there). Chaos is in fact greatly increased by raising alarms and fighting in open combat. It depends on how much noise you make.

I remember one of my playthroughs in hard mode (only “hard”, not “very hard”). It was shocking to me to discover that I killed 26 people stealthy on a level and I got a “low” rate on Chaos. It was even more shocking to see a couple of hours later that I killed just 6 guards in other level in open combat after being detected and I got a “high” rate on Chaos. Just lovely.

I must say that I have not been able to reproduce that in “very hard” difficulty. In that mode if you kill too much you are marked as a chaotic human being, so if you want to unlock the good ending on this difficult be peaceful and try to remain unnoticed.

The stealth killing trick doesn’t work on very hard difficult.
Remember that chaos level is progressive and global, and bad decisions in previous scenarios have a direct impact in the measurer. But don’t worry, as it can be reversed if you are a good boy:

Also remember to eliminate your main objectives through non lethal ways, that decreases a lot the global chaos level. It’s not neccesary more difficult than just killing them and it totally worths the effort.


Moral of the fable

I think is curious what the game shows us.

It doesn’t matter how many guards you kill in your way (as long as nobody see you in the process, of course). Doesn’t matter that they’re looking for you because they have been told you kill their beloved empress. Doesn’t matter that they don’t make the laws and they just get paid to enforce them.

That doesn’t matter. The game tells you they are expendable. But at the same time it shows you how if you forgive the corrupt bigwig and you spare their lives you are still a good person.

Here is the proof, you can avenge your dear empress and be a nice guy at the same time 🙂

EXTRA: I’m Daud and I approve this guide

Suddenly you’re not Corvo Attano anymore. It’s sure a joke of the destiny, or some witchcraft from the Outsider. Or maybe you purchased the DLC and you’re playing them now. Doesn’t matter how now you incarnate the most infamous butcher of Dunwall and you have made yours his crusade for repairing the damage caused by his mistakes.

And of course you want to achieve this like a MASTER ASSASSIN!

Seriously, what could possibly go wrong?

First of all I have to say that all the principles of this guide are applicable to Daud’s DLC so here I will only focus on the greatest differences, and they’re mainly two: You will have to take care of small groups of people more often than in Corvo’s story and the powers from the Outsider are slightly different.

This is your new chart of powers. Which one is useful and which one does not deserve the cost? Almost the same than in the main story. Be careful in the early stages of game because Void Vision at level 1 is equal to use Jessamine’s Heart, only useful to find runes and bonecharms (it also gives you the abbility to see in the darkness, but it’s not very useful since it’s enough light in the game to see perfectly). Try to upgrade it to level 2 as soon as possible to unlock all its potential.

Blink gives you now a small period of frozen time and that’s great for planning your movements with calm. Shadowkill does exactly the same than in the main game so you must get it as soon as possible too, at least the first level of the ability.

Agility is handy to reach higher places and to avoid the largest part of fall damage and Vitality can give you a nice health increment but you can make it without them if you feel lazy to search for runes.

I’ve found myself using Bend Time a couple of times to get rid of small groups of enemies with it and sleeping darts. It’s curious because I never needed to bend time in the main game, even in the hardest difficulty. Anyways, basic level of the ability will do the trick.

Despite I bought some of them I found no use for the powers not listed here. Buying and using them is entirely up to you.

It’s doable if you’re patient and don’t mind to stain your hands with some blood.

Now the most important question about the DLC’s: Will Corvo kill you or will he spare your life?