No More Room in Hell Guide

How to be a true and a great survivor -Danny for No More Room in Hell

How to be a true and a great survivor -Danny


First off, your team, they are very important for you believe or not, even if they are trolls, new players, or lone players, i’ll explain you why.-The Troll isn’t very seen, it’s true, it is annyoning and may troll you alot, but when he goes alone he also kills zombies, and he may get bitten, aka infected, if you didn’t know, you can kill the infected people, it auto enables the friendly fire, he can’t hit you even though; and even though he takes the zombies away with him, specially kids, runners. Let’s say the Troll gets trolled by the karma.-The New Player is often in the match, he is still learning the stuff, just like you or me or anyone else did, let his have his time, but something usefull you can get from him is pills/bandages/medkit when needed, i know it’s a bit cruel but, you know, life is like that.-There is also more types of players in-game you can learn from other guides, i recommend you watching them so you know “who is who” and what to do with them.Second, the zombies mechanics and how to end with them.There are two ways to deal with these-Guns-Meleeif you are one of those who like guns, i recommend you to get used a bit to the melees because this isn’t call of duty, this doesn’t have unlimited ammo or over 300 back-up magazines, that’s right, when you find a gun it only has around 10-5 bullets without any magazine left, you’ll have to find ammo, of course, but when you are finding it, i repeat, get used to the melees, so you know what to do in case you don’t have ammo or a gun, but if you have a gun and you want to use it/you need to use it (of course when it’s necessary. [Suicide, No stamina…]), what you want to do is if you have a pistol, there is a move called “Focus mode”, what it does is that it sets you screen’s color to dark orange, and it adds extra damage, to get into focus mode, what you want to do is to HOLD STILL WHILE AIMING (do not move, aka WASD, you can move your gun) for 3 secs or more if bad computer, and you’ll get into focus mode; focus mode only works for pistols. Another important thing for these players, is to study the ammo each gun uses, for example, the COLT uses the “Wolf” ammo box, shotguns use the green ammo box… etc. This is a bit of stupid reminder but, always aim for the head.If you are one of those who like to battle as a melee, there is a combo to be a perfect melee fighter, that combo is, M1-V-M1-V, yep, like that, the push is your best friend here, it saves you from getting bitten, and it stuns the zombies, the attack doesn’t need to be charged (holding M1) but it’s usefull still, it does more damage, but it’s slower, you should use it when there is a zombie in your way you want to end fast, when a zombie kid comes to you, they die in a weak hit (M1 without holding) because they are kids i guess? The runners are a different case, they are just like the default zombies, but they run; what i am going to tell you is a VERY IMPORTANT TRICK, when you see a runner coming with a not very friendly face, what you wanna do is RUN IN STRAIGHT LINE TO THE WAY HE IS RUNNING AT, when i say run, you don’t need to hold shift, just walk, in straight line, to the direction he is running, it saves stamina, you can easily hold M1 while doing the trick, and when you are ready, turn 180 degrees and hit him at the head, if he doesn’t die, you have two options, push him and hit him again or, turn 180 degrees, do the trick, and do it again, you can also throw your weapon by holding backspace or the button you have to drop weapons, and throwing it to the zombie, it will stun him, if you throw a weapon like a hachet, machete, axe, it will hurt them and stun them, but if you have a bat, pipe, it won’t hurt them; this is a reminder, just like in real life, you’re not hulk, bigger melees will be harder to throw more far, but small ones will be very easy to throw them away, throwing isn’t much helpful when you’re alone but, it helps to new players kill a zombie when it’s stunned by the weapon you throwed at them.Third and last, know the map.What i mean is that there are alots of secrets you should know about the maps and the weapons/objectives locations, if you want to train this you can watch gameplays of true players or play the map by yourself and follow someone who knows about the map, this is for objective, if you like survival you should know what spots are the best and where you can find guns and ammo, and specially the medbox, it’s pretty much important to survive, it heals bleeding and your current hp, but not infection sadly, if you’re infected, just suicide and wait for the next round. An example of a secret is the secret armory that there is in the basement in the “toxteth” map, there is a door that blends as a wall, the code to open the second door is 1800, there are more secrets you can look for.I hope this guide will help you in your gameplay and i wish you the best luck to survive.-Danny