Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to be an Alpha Male for Fallout: New Vegas

How to be an Alpha Male


How to be an absolute Chad

Step 1: Humble Beginnings

After beginning the game you should immediately head to Sloan to talk to Chomps Lewis about her problem with some random lizards in a Quarry nearby, She asks for you to clear it out. Since you are Lvl 1 and she obviously wouldn’t ask for you to do a hard task if you were Lvl 1 this is the easiest known way to get free XP in the early game. DISCLAIMER: !!!You must steal Easy Pete’s stash of Turbo, Psycho, Jet, and his amulet of the souls of all who crossed him before attempting this guide!!!

Step 2: Profit

After beating the lizards and its children to a pulp like my dad does to me, you then limp walk back to Sloan where Chomps Lewis will grant you 20 Skooma on a job well done.


After all of that XP the game is mostly a breeze, around this time you will want to go straight to the Cazador Nest, It is located west of Ranger Station Delta and southwest of the Hoover Dam. For the Cazador’s i recommend using Boxing Gloves for maximum effect, Good luck!