Castle Crashers® Guide

How to be the BEST for Castle Crashers

How to be the BEST


Everything i know, played for 650 hours or so,-EVERYTHING in arena(coming from the 8th best player(me)) -beaeting levels that are HELL in insane mode-beating the necromancer fight in insane mode-speed running and level skipping guide for insane and regular mode-BEST experience and gold farming for each and every unique character-Character tier list, which characters to start off with and which characters to unlock first(-glitches)-climbing the leaderboard-Back Off Barbarian tips- getting ALL acheivments-Best players to Co-Op withand MORE


The best player in Story mode, is the best player in Arena mode. Here is the basics and the advanced techniques…’n’ stuff
In arena EVERYBODY has the same chances of winning. Little variables increase your chances. Skill, Weapon, Pet…etc.
In arena your level doesnt matter. You can beat a person level 99 and you might only be level 1. He will SURELY be more skilled then you, but with this guide section he probably wont.

The first thing you need ot win in arena is your loadout(pet and weapon). My favorite loadout is from these 3 choices


-Sai(+6speed -2 Defense level 20 required 2%crit. chance) and Rammy or Meowburt
Rammy is ONLY good for the first half second of arena. ALL you have to do is run TOWARDS your opponent and rammy is already attacking immediatley when the match starts so all you have to do is run towards your opponent and juggle him(more info on juggling in next paragraph)[weakness is a secret, find out how to avoid rammy for yourself, if i INCLUDEe this INFORMANTION, then you will have a lower chance of winning]
-Golden Mace and Snoot( +7 Strength. level 30 required, 3-4% critical hit rate)(HIGHEST CRIT RATE)[weakness is your speed, slower than some players]
-Necrotana and Meowburt(+7Defense +2Magic +4Agility) with this loadout they CANT put a dent in your health, the ONLY negative and weakness is that you have no included strength and no added critical chance


There are MANY combonations to juggling it takes a LOT of practice and GREAT finger movement speed and timing. Here are my(and other champions) favorite combos
-RTA XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY(my favorite)
-XYX XYY XYY XYY XYY [then run away, and repeat] this allows it so that they CANT recovery jump. For those who dont know waht im talking about… essentially i mean that if you time it right, as SOON as you hit the floor and press A then you will jump quickly and take no, and i mean NO knockback.
the XYX is basically 1-3 free hits, you can replace them with RTA
Light attack=X, Heavy attack=Y, Magic=RT, A=Jump, Accesory/Item=B

‘n’ stuff

If you dont have Rammy or Sai eqquipeed then DONT do this technique, but the best technique to UTTERLY UTILIZE THE MAXIMUM POTENTIAL of this loadout is to:
-Chase opponent and attack from behind with RTA XYY XYY XY XYY XY XYX
-Shoot an arrow(or 3-4) and use them as if you would use buzzsaws(with fencer) so essentially that would be to shot an arrow RIGHT next to them and IMMEDIATLEY start to do A XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY(or XYY XYY XY XY XY)
-pretty much it, with this loadout you can also do the same things with this loadout as other loadouts just BETTER.

With the Golden (as i call it)loadout equipped do these techniques:(the previous tips work as well, just not as well)

-Run in circles in one area(to keep momentum) and when you get the chance dive at the enemy with Y and then excel to do A XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY with GREAT timing.
-Find enemy and magic jump on them(RTA XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY)
-or simpley do A XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY
-there are MANY more techniques besides these but these work the best.

To practice your timing you can either do TONS, and i mean TONS, of arena matches or you can do lava world OVER ‘n’ OVER again, often at times when i was beginning i was doing something along the lines of: A XYY XSBDNIKDBFDISFBWLBF(i got confusd basically) so to OVERCOUNT this AWKWARD confusion you must simply practice. I probably spent a good ammount of time practicing my timing, so before you learn that juggle you must practice your timing(they kinda’ go consecutivley in learning-wise)

How To Tell Other Player’s Weaknesses

If you read this guide so far and then you utilize it and try your ABSOLUTE best and you STILL lose to like…10 players and your like “DUDE WHAT HAPPENED, I THOUGHT I WAS GOOD!?”
Then don’t worry. There is still a LOT i didnt cover yet. Right now all i told you was the juggles and loadouts. THATS ALL. Here is the rest. THE WEAKNESSES.
One of the FIRST things to look for is the loadout. If they are using the Sai and Rammy and you think ” OH SHEEYYIITTTT “
DONT WORRY, they will be thinking the EXACT same thing as you to your loadout as long as you have either the Sai and Meowburt/Scratchpaw or Golden Mace and Snoot/Scratchpaw. Since the Rammy is good for the first HALF-SECOND then that is all you have to worry about, the first half second. As you know rammy attacks in a STRAIGHT LINE. You must be VERY STUPID if you cant dodge a STRAIGHT LINE. Just think… “How in the ƒUCK do I dodge a straight line” I WONT give you the answer, you should know it, but it is PRETTY OBVIOUS. So basically just dodge the ram and your good to go. If somebody has the +9 agility loadout then they are pretty much unbeatable. they will be SOO much faster then you. But don’t worry. I got your back Jack. The way to beat them is:
-Run in circles until they A: copy you and you find an opening to run and dive and juggle(while they are falling you jump up and press XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY
-B: Run in circles and you DONT wait for them to copy and instead you just find an opportunity
-Try doing this HARD technique, that might throw some players (doesnt work on the more ADVANCED players because they are trained to not fall for this CRUEL trick
-Run to the nearest cat and recovery jump out of it, so your button pressing would look like:
Cat hits you, AA XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY(and so forth(the extra spaces represent the timing)).With this technique you can fly for an EXTENDED period of time so that you can juggle players form the air and not the floor. I wont mention EVERYTHING on this technique, but you CAN peice a LOT of it together, if i list the weakness then this technique will be CRUSHED and NOBODY can do it.


Well. I cant COMPLETLEY conclude this section so easily becuase there are roughly two ways i can conclue i will conclude in the way I think is best, i will tell you the order of how to practice and how to play properly.

Befor you do ANYTHING in Castle Crashers learn THESE things:
-Juggling is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, better than regular hitting
-There are 3 MAIN weight classes, Lights, Mediums, Heavies/Heavys.
-Lights are juggled with the simple XXYY XXYY or XXXXXXXXYY (or sumn like dat)
-Mediums are juggled(/The easiest way to juggle a medium is): XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY, and SOMETIMES YY XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XYworks
-Heavies are juggled with the same pattern as lights, except more difficult insted of doing A XXYY XXYY XXYY it is more as A XXYY XXYY XXYY
-Learn how to fly with RTA / A XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY XYY or for beginners, RTAA / AA XYY XYY..etc. If you think you aren’t a beginner and you think you can handle just regular old A XYY then you are wrong as good as i am i SITLL find it easier to do AA XYY XYY, so do that way.
-Before you go out and challenge me or somebody from the top of the leaderboards you should practice the techniques ALOT first.
-To Practice: Go to lava world with the Sai and the MeowiestBurtiest(insane mode) and do XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY to EVERY enemy possible. Chances are you probably wont master this combo until near the end of the level or until the 5th time or…(idk)…
-Once you have mastered the technique of flying and juggling you are now ready for the BIG LEAGUES, ARENA MODE, to actaully do it here are the basic facts:
-Run in circles until somebody provides an opening and then dive and attack them.
-Use your magic as a booster. DONT use your projectile magic, use your splash magic, so insted of hoping to land the magic jump on them correctly try to use RTY A XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY. This will be MUCH MUCH MUCH more effecient.
-The BEST character for this mode would be Fencer/Industrialist, this is because of their magic. So you can splash the

Arena Continued

-The BEST character for this mode would be Fencer/Industrialist, this is because of their magic. So you can splash your magic to start a juggle with more ease. Get the opponent into a corner/wall and when you land start to SPAM your magic and then they will land on top of your magic and they cant stop your magic so you get ANOTHER free juggle, for good players that would be a kill right there.
-Anticipate their moves
-Master your juggles (if I already said that than don’t correct me, because I CANT stress out how important that is) If you dont master your juggle, you would end up doing this if your good in a REAL match:
~ You both move for the first strike, you are lucky you get a juggle and land XYY XYY XXYY(by mistake) and deal around 20-30% of health
~ He gets the strike recoil on you and deal XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY and gets another FREE combo on you, because you CAN’T recovery jump do to the XY XY, so he does in TOTAL, A XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY, RT+A XYY XYY XY XYY XY XY XY, and you are DEAD. So now matter how good everything else is you would lose w/o the juggle mastered.
-To sum up:
~Get good at juggling, get good at timing, get good at anticipating the players moves.These tips are ONLY good for arena, well, some of the tips are ONLY for arena the ones that are for story as well are Juggles and Timing. 😀 =D

The Campaign Mode


some rules MIGHT apply

The levels you NEED to do (in order):
Castle Keep(inside the castle)
Barbarian Boss
Thieves Forest
Abandoned Mill
Pippistrello’s Cave
Wedding Crash
Cyclops’ Gate
Cyclops’ Fortress
Lava World
Pirate Ship
Alien Ship
Desert Chase
Sand Castle Roof
Corn Boss
Medusa’s Lair
Full Moon (optional in insane mode, but it says you need to do it, however you can go over it)
Frost King
Final Boss

These levels are all the levels you HAVE to do.
Lets say you are a level 1 and your buddy is a level 20. That means that he is probably on the level: Marsh. So you guys would only do these select levels until you catch up to him, so then you would level…8 and he would be 21-23 and you would BOTH be on marsh, you guys would both beat the game in due time at the level of 30 and 12(ish).

THE SKILL.. uh.. Part of it

As I have mentioned, the combo to juggle the enemies vary. You can, juggle 3 types of enemies:
To juggle light ads all you have to do is XXYY XXYY or XYY, TECHNICALLY you can do XYY forever with good timing but it is DIFFICULT AF. AND it is INefficent over the time of 10sec you would do XYY XYY XYY XYY-. But with XXYY you would not waste ANY TIME floating through the air so you would do XXYY XXYY XXYY XXYY XXYY.
SO ultimatley XXYY is MUCH better than XYY or any other combos PLUS it literally PICKS UP ENEMIES while you are in the air, for example:
You are in Lava World, and you’re at the part with the 9 skeletons, you are able to pick up 2 initially with XXYY, THAN you do XXYY XXYY from wall to wall and after a few rounds, you have oicked up ALL the enemies, this is VERY useful on a LOT of levels, ESPECIALLY on the elevator part of Industrial Castle.

For begginers, all you need to know to beat regular campaing mode is this stuff:
-Magic does the opposite of good, because magic will do something between 20 and 50dmg, for a beginner, AND it will leave oppurtunity for other things to hurt you. If you juggled instead, you would do something like 10(5(+))=50+ AND you wont get hit, therefore juggling well is better than magic

A LOT of noobs will be scrolling through here, looking to see which stat to upgrade, well, if that is the case I will make a WHOLE new section on which one to do first and, that concludes regualr Campaign Mode.

OH YEAH…forgot ONE thing, on MOST bosses splash magic is the best thing to do, the way to tell which bosses is by the knockback they take(if they can’t fall then it works).

Upgrades, Level Upping, and More


YA got 4 choices so lets make it quick:

The best way to upgrade these is to do:
Well, of course that, but that was just a vantage point.

First you ‘ave to do Agility(max it out)
Then Defense(max it out)
Then do Magic(max it out)
Then do Strength(MAX THAT ♥♥♥♥ OUT)

-Strength last because if you do it first than it will bite you in the butt, you will be level 13 with max strength and now you CAN’T farm exp. because everything you touch dies, SO you max it out last, It is your choice wether you max out Agility or Defense or Magic first, If I am the Fencer or Industrialist, than i Max out Magic than Defense, THAN Agility, LASTLY Strength

-With 29 characters max out agility first, this way you are more prone to dodge the hits and can put shield up before some thing just out of the blue hits you, after you max this out you MUST max out defense, so the order of maxing stuff out would be:
You can switch the 1st and third around but the 2nd and last MUST BE IN THERE SPOTS, if defense is 4th, than you would SURELY DIE in insane mode, without agility you will SURLEY DIE in insane mode, without magic, you will SURELY NOT NOT NOT DIE in insane mode. And you need Strength but later, this brings us to our next piece of the chapter:
-No Strength, and leveling up



to QUICKLY level up, you NEED to be in insane mode, BUT it also works to be in normal mode, JUST TAKES FOREVER.

While you are in normal mode DONT TOUCH YOUR STRENGTH. MAX OUT Agility and Defense asap. Because this way farming will be MUCH MUCH easier on you. Grab the Snakey Staff, and the Giraffe and then go to the Thieves’ Forest on Insane Mode. Giraffe gives you 1.1 xp vs 1xp.
So 10=11 basically.
Once you are there fight your way up to the boss, and DONT KILL HER. INSTEAD, kill the little babies, if you constantly juggle them and rarley touch the floor, you will level up FAST. Something to keep in mind due to some long reasons that I don’t want to explain is that the enemies have a moving pattern. They don’t just randomly move across the screen, they move in different patters, but someting to keep in mind is that:
-The top of the screen there are 25% of enemies, so juggling there will give you 25% of the kills, The middle gives you 50% of enemies, Bottom gives 25% of enemies, with GREAT timing, you can get all 100% in one juggle.

Another method with the other 2 characters out of the 31total(Indust. and Fencer) you can farm at the Catfish, so you SPAM your Splash Magic when his defense is high and shield when low.

Thats about it

Insane Mode

This will start at Cyclops Fortress.

Cyclops Fortress is the first HARD level you will face, the problem is that you can do XXXYY and be fine, HOWEVER there are 4 waves of 4 heavy enemies and those FOUR enemies, are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I HATE THEM. SO ANNOYING. so 2 of them will be in your hitbox(1-2). The other two ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ throw ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ BOMS. Anyways, This means you cant just simply spam XXXYY>XXXYY>XXXYY, OH NO SIR, you have to do, XXXYY, run some ♥♥♥♥, XXXYY, run some more ♥♥♥♥, XXXYY, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. With Red Knight, Blue Knight, Icekimo, and almost every other decent knight, this will be easy. You can skip all other steps if you have NICE splash magic. Heres what you must do: XXXYY. Keep one finger ready for splash magic and shield at ALL TIMES. This way, you take the least damage. After a miracle happens and you survive all of the waves, the boss fight happens. This will not be too difficult. Basically, all you have to do for the WHOLE game, is STAY UNCOMFORTABLE. If you think the corner you are standing in is good. IT’S NOT. Get close to the boss. Throw some splash magic. Run away. Repeat. That’s all. Good Night.

Good Morning. Actually, I never slept. The next hARd part will be Industrial Castle.

1) Wave of 4 Fencers.
XXYY juggle as many as you can at a time. This isn’t too hard. Basically, keep practicing your XXYY juggle. You shouldn’t have to use any potions to practice it. All you have to do is this: Enter level, try XXYY on ONE enemy. If not work, keep trying. You know it works when the enemy is hit in air three times and bounces off floor every three hits. XXY is in air, Y is hit to floor )and comes up( If near death, exit to map, and start again. Once you master the trick, you can start level FOR REAL.

2) Wave of 3 Fencers, 3 Industrialists.


im done writing this guide. im not finishing it