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How to beat 3 Buff Big Chunks with 6 Rocks for Muck

How to beat 3 Buff Big Chunks with 6 Rocks


Easiest way to defeat Big Chunk? Three at that?! Some may say Chunkium Hammer or Grunk Sword. But I’ll teach you how to defeat them with 6 mere rocks.

All the steps to do it

Step 1: Enter into a lobby and start the game in any seed of your choice.

Step 2: Activate 3 Buff Big Chunk pillars and bring them as close together as possible through simple outmaneuvers.

Step 3: Using your 6 rocks, hit them all at once with each rock by switching between your 6 rocks.

Step 4: Witness the impossible become possible.

Step 5: Wake up and realise it was just a dream and in actuality you died at a triple stomp fest by the 3 Buff Big Chunks simultaneously.

Step 6: Realise it is in fact impossible to defeat 3 Buff Big Chunks with 6 mere rocks.

Step 7: Uninstall game and cry.

Step 8: Repeat.

I’m just playing! Here’s proof of my victory.

Haha just kidding I died.