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How to beat Muck for Muck

How to beat Muck


The one serious guide.

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Note: There was new update and probably more will come, so this guide might become outdated in time.
There are other guides that cover powerups and some basics. I will focus on how to actually play this game.
Powerups guide
Some basics
other basic info


I recommend you trying to figure this game out for yourself. You will probably die a lot. It took me many attempts to get it. But it’s fun.

Basically your task will be to survive night on day 4. That is when big chungus boss spawns with some stronger mobs and he can easily one-two shot you. My strategy was to speedrun for the best gear i can craft until night 4.
I used pickaxe as weapon until night 4.
Monsters will target your structures so stay near your base if combat is too hard.

First look around yourself what RNG did you get on map generation. You should try getting a map where you can stay around middle of it and have as much different resources close to you as possible. If you see some house, check it out, there could be house with axe and crafting bench, so you don’t have to muck trees with rock. If you find this hut, you only need 10 wood to get basic pickaxe. Otherwise you need 30 wood for crafting bench, axe and pickaxe.
(Beware of the bug, where if you have 5 bark in two inventory slots, crafting item will consume them both)
Anyway you should probably chop more when you have axe, cause you will need it for smelting and crafting other tools.


Next you will need 40 rocks – 15 rocks for furnace , 15 rocks for anvil and later 10 rocks for cauldron
At the same time try getting 15 iron and 20 birch wood
Craft furnace and smelt iron with coal or wood.

Craft anvil and create iron axe and pick. (you need 10 wood for bark).

Get 10 gold ore and smelt it.
Craft gold axe and pick (need 10 bark and 15 wood).

Get 10 mithril ore (blue) and smelt it and get 20 fir wood.
Craft mithril axe and pick (need 10 bark).

Food management

With empty hunger bar you won’t recover stamina so get all food you can. When needed craft cauldron to cook some food.

You can eat apples and yellow mushrooms or that multicolor mushroom.
from 5 wheat craft dough and ‘smelt’ it in caludron to create bread – 25% hunger i think (keep 10 wheat to make rope for bow)
Get meat from cow and cook it for 50% hunger.
apple pie – bowl + dough + apple
You can also make soup with meat and bowl but i don’t think it is worth it.

Final preparations

To beat boss i recommend crafting best bow and arrows you can.

You need 25 birch wood and 10 flint (can drop when mining) to craft Fletching Table.

Craft rope from 10 bark and 10 wheat
Craft Wood Bow with 10 wood and 1 rope.
In Fletching Table craft Oak Bow from 5 oak wood and 1 rope. (need mithril axe to chop oak).

Craft arrows with with resources you have left. Ideally adamantite arrows from adamantite and oak wood. You need to equip arrows.

Get best armor possible. Adamantite takes a long time to mine and smelt. (you might consider making more furnaces) and you need 40 adamantite to craft full armor set and 5 adamantite and 5 oak wood to craft sword. If you have some lower tier resources, make some armor from them if you don’t have enough time.

If you don’t have enough time for adamantite, you can try going for full mithril set, it will be much faster.

Boss fight

Boss will spawn on night 4.
My strategy: RUN… and then shoot him with arrows and dodge his boulder attack.
Also always keep moving so other monsters won’t hit you. Electric dinos might spawn and they can be really dangerous.


After beating first boss it should be GG. Of course there are still dangerous monsters and more bosses will come, but you will be much better prepared with full adamantite set. Also you will have more gold spent on powerups.
I kept some arrows for second boss and ranged monsters as they can be still very dangerous.
You can smelt gold and craft gold coins to get more powerups.
Later if you are confident, you can activate shrines to get more gold from monsters when waiting for night.
Get all the powerups and become god.
Also there are two rare drops from boss which you can use to craft something even better!