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How to beat the GRA Challenges for Fallout: New Vegas

How to beat the GRA Challenges


A guide on completing the one-star, two-star, and three-star challenges provided in the Gun Runner’s Arsenal DLC!

About GRA, and Damage Achievements Overview

About the Gun Runner’s Arsenal

The Gun Runner’s Arsenal is a DLC for Fallout:New Vegas purchased either separately on the steam store for $1.99, or as a part of the $19.99 Ultimate edition, which includes all DLC add-ons.

The add-on offers 5 new achievements for Couriers to gain. Two are related to causing damage, and three are the one, two, and three star challenges.

Damage Based Achievements

In the Base game, there are achievements based on dealing 10,000 damage with a certain weapon type, such as unarmed, melee, or energy weapons.

The GRA add on added two in their DLC add on.

  • Curios and Relics, causing 10,000 damage with unique Mojave Wasteland weapons.
    “unique” weapons are any named variant of an already existing weapon from the base game and from the GRA DLC. Unique named weapons from other DLC add on’s such as A Light Shining In Darkness
    or The Survivalist’s Rifle do not.

  • Master of the Arsenal, causing 10,000 damage with GRA weapons. Any weapon with the addition (GRA) applies.

Upon Completion, both earn the associated achievements, as well as granting the Courier 500 XP.

One Star (*) Challenges

After Completing Three One Star Challenges, the Courier will be given the Up To The Challenge Achievement.
The Courier will also be rewarded 250 XP by completing any of the one star challenges.

A Slave Obeys

The challenge A Slave Obeys involves the Courier killing Mr House with either a standard 9 iron or Nephi’s golf driver.

Ne Ne Ne Ne..

The Courier is tasked to Cripple 5 Right Arms with Shotguns. This does not count the sturdy caravan shotgun, however.
Counting towards this challenge is anything that isn’t exactly a right arm. Including Radscorpion right claws, gecko right forelimbs,etc.

Benefit Or A Hazard

The Courier must kill 15 robots with 5.56mm pistols, or its unique variant, ‘That Gun’


To Complete the Overkill challenge, the Courier must kill any non mutated animal with any variation of the Fat man, or Fat Mines.
Ravens count towards this challenge, as well as any dog or coyote.

The Same Could Be Said of All Religious Weapons

The Courier must kill 15 feral ghouls with either Maria, Gehenna, or the Holy Frag Grenades.
Maria can be found off Benny, Gehenna from the Gun Runner Vendortron,and the HFG’s from a bunker in Camp Searchlight.

You Dont Belong In This World!

To Complete this challenge, the courier must kill 10 abominations with Katanas,Dynamite,Machetes,Throwing Spears/Knives/Hatchets.

Abominations Include Aliens, Centaurs, Deathclaws, Mr House, Night Stalkers, Spore Carriers/Plants, and the Think Tank,Tunnelers, and Ghost People from the Fallout DLC’s.

Two Star (**) Challenges

After Completing Three Two Star Challenges, the Courier will be given the Combat Veteran Achievement.
The Courier will also be rewarded 500 XP by completing any of the two star challenges.

Dyin’ Ain’t Much of a Living

To complete this challenge, the Courier must kill 5 members of either NCR hit squads, or Legionary assassins using any weapons buffed by the Cowboy perk. (Being Revolvers, Lever-Action guns, Dynamite, Knives, or Hatchets.)
The Cowboy Perk can be Obtained after having passed to level 8, and having 45 in both Guns and Melee skills.
Ambush squads will appear throughout the Mojave once he player has gained a negative reputation with either the New California Republic, or Caesar’s Legion.

Even a God-King Can Bleed

This challenge entails crippling Caesar’s head with a throwing spear. The challenge will not complete if the crippling attack also kills Caesar.
This Challenge can pair with Historical Propriety , if the Courier finishes Caesar off with a knife after crippling his head with a throwing spear.

Historical Propriety

The Courier must kill Caesar with any type of knife or combat knife to complete this challenge.
Sandman kills tend to bug and may only work some of the time to complete this challenge.

Nyah! See?

To Complete this challenge, the Courier must kill at least 10 Chairmen, White Gloves, or Omerta’s with any sub-machine gun, light machine gun, or minigun.
Using the GRA assault carbine also counts towards this challenge, although normal assault carbines do not.

Though there are certain ways to earn trust and be able to carry these weapons into casinos, one trick would also be to pickpocket any of these weapons off any guard.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

The Courier must assassinate President Aaron Kimball with any one-handed pistol in the game.
This challenge can be completed by detonating C-4 Plastic Explosives to kill him as well, as the C-4 Detonator is considered a one-handed pistol.

Talk About Owned!

This challenge entails managing to kill Benny with his own 9mm pistol, Maria.
obtaining his gun can be done in many ways, including shooting the gun out of his hand, pickpocketing him while he is in the tops, or while he is inside the Fort.

Vault 13’s Revenge

To complete this challenge, the Courier must kill 15 super mutants with 5.56mm pistols, Plasma Defenders/Grenades, Power Fists, Rippers, or the Bozar.

Nightkin also count towards this challenge, making the REPCONN test site, Jacobstown , and Black Mountain prime spots to complete this challenge.

White Line Nightmare

The White Line Nightmare challenge can be completed when the Courier kills 20 Fiends,Vipers, or Jackals with either tire irons, baseball bats, lead pipes, machetes, .44 Magnum revolvers, or sawn-off shotguns.

Vault 3 and the nearby fiend territories are prime locations to complete this challenge.

Three Star (***) Challenges

After Completing Three Three Star Challenges, the Courier will be given the Pros Only Achievement.
The Courier will also be rewarded 1000 XP by completing any of the three star challenges.

Against All Tyrants

The Courier must kill any ten named Legion members with hunting revolvers/rifles, Ranger Sequoias, brush guns, service rifles, or cowboy repeaters.
The Named Legion members applicable to the challenge, and where they can be located,are;

  • Caesar-The Fort
  • Antony-The Fort
  • Lucius-The Fort
  • Otho-The Fort
  • Vulpes Inculta- Nipton,New Vegas,The Fort
  • Aurelius of Phoenix-Cottonwood Cove
  • Canyon Runner -Cottonwood Cove
  • Cursor Lucullus- Cottonwood Cove/The Fort
  • Decanus Severus-Cottonwood Cove
  • Picus -Camp McCarran
  • Silus- Camp McCarran
  • Dead Sea-Nelson
  • Alexus- Techatticup Mine
  • Atticus-Caesar’s Legion Safehouse
  • Cato Hostilius-Hoover Dam
  • Legate Lanius- Legate’s Camp
  • Gabban-Nipton(only if Vulpes Inculta has died before discovering Nipton, or Render Unto Caesar has started.)
  • Karl-Red Rock Canyon

Armed For Bear

The Courier is tasked to kill any 15 named NCR Rangers or officers using a machete,ripper,chainsaw,throwing spears, or ballistic fists.

The named NCR officers and their locations are;

  • Captain Parker-Areotech Office Park
  • Gaptain Gilles-Bitter Springs
  • Lieutenant Markland-Bitter Springs
  • Lieutenant Monroe -Boulder City
  • Major Polatli-Camp Forlorn Hope
  • Cheif Hanlon -Camp Golf
  • Captain Ronald Curtis-Camp McCarran
  • Colonel James Hsu-Camp McCarran
  • Lieutenant Boyd-Camp McCarran
  • Lieutenant Gorobets-Camp McCarran
  • Major Dhatri -Camp McCarran
  • Ranger Milo-Camp Nelson
  • Major Elizabeth Kieran-Freeside
  • Lieutenant Haggerty-HELIOS one
  • Ranger Dobson-Hidden Valley
  • Colonel Cassandra Moore-Hoover Dam
  • Ranger Grant-Hoover Dam
  • General Lee Oliver-Hoover Dam
  • Major Knight-Mojave Outpost
  • Ranger Ghost-Mojave Outpost
  • Ranger Jackson-Mojave Outpost
  • Ranger Gomez-NCR Ranger Safehouse
  • Lieutenant Romanowski- NCR Sharecropper Farms
  • Captain Marie Pappas-NCR Embassy
  • Ranger Andy-Novac
  • Lieutenant Hayes -Primm
  • Ranger Rebecca Lineholm -Ranger Station Alpha
  • Comm Officer Castillo-Ranger Station Alpha
  • Comm Officer Tilden-Ranger Station Bravo
  • Ranger Ericsen-Ranger Station Bravo
  • Comm Officer Stepinac-Ranger Station Charlie
  • Comm Officer Scheffer-Ranger Station Delta
  • Ranger Pason-Ranger Station Delta
  • Comm Officer Green-Ranger Station Echo
  • Ranger Erasmus-Ranger Station Echo
  • Comm Officer Lenk-Ranger Station Foxtrot
  • Ranger -Ranger Station Foxtrot
  • Bryce Anders-Vault 3
  • Ranger Stella-The Fort
    CrackerJack Timing

    The Courier is tasked to kill 10 Mojave Cazadores with tin grenades, long-fuse dynamite, and time bombs.This does not count any of the young cazadores such as the ones in Silver Peak Mine.

    Deathclaw Pro Hunter

    The Courier is challenged to kill 5 adult deathclaws with .22 pistols, switchbaldes, boxing tape, recharger rifles, or dynamite.
    The killing blow has to be one of these weapons, so weakening them with other, more powerful weapons, is recommended.

    Man-Machine Interface

    The Courier is challenged to kill 10 Mojave Wasteland Mister Gutsies or Sentry Bots with either brass knuckles, spiked knuckles, tire irons, or lead pipes.

    Mister Handies do not count toward this challenge, however. like with the Deathclaw challenge, it is easier to damage the robots until the finishing blow can be dealt with the required weapons.


That concludes an overview on each Gun Runner’s Arsenal Challenge! Thank you for taking time to read another Fallout guide.
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