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How To Beat The Volley Ball for Castle Crashers

How To Beat The Volley Ball


i found the volley ball place rally annoying so i will tell you my strategy. about a two minute read. feel free to friend me a comment more guides you want me to make.

The Strategy

any weapon it doesnt really matter and to be at the volley ball place.

you might want to practice a few times and then do this strategy. you hi the ball with your weapon and then attack the guys, even though your on the other side of a wall you can hit them do it over and over and in about 2 minutes you will win its pretty simple.

Thanks For Reading This

lik it says up there thanks for reading this. on a non related note im makeing a video game clled spacetale that will come out in 2021 if you want it it will be on steam and mobile if you have any qustions or you want it when i commes ou join freind me and join the spacetale messege me in the if you want space tale disscusion thanks for reading i typed this really fast cause im in a hurry so sorry stuuf is speled wrong. thanks again.