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How to become a Tunnel Snake in Fallout: New Vegas for Fallout: New Vegas

How to become a Tunnel Snake in Fallout: New Vegas


In this guide, I am going to show you how to become a Tunnel Snake in only three steps. Tunnel Snakes Rule!

Step 1: The Looks

The first step to becoming a badass Tunnel Snake is to look the part. The Tunnel Snake hairstyle is the envy of everyone in the entire wasteland and also an essential part of becoming a Tunnel Snake.

Step 2: The Cloths

Now that you have the sexy Tunnel Snake hairstyle, it is time to get their signature snazzy leather jacket. Sadly you cannot find the famous jacket ingame, but with the help of console commands you can have and wear the legendary jacket. Open up the console ( the default key is `) then type without the quotation marks “player.additem 2042e 1” Exit out of the console by pressing the same key “Because he’s my pal. My brother. All us Tunnel Snakes are brothers. Birth to earth. Womb to tomb. Mostly because Tunnel Snakes rule!” – Paul Hannon Jr.

Step 3: Being Cewl

You may look cool, but you also need to act cool. A true Tunnel Snake doesn’t take orders from anybody but himself. If a man says anything that you don’t like, your job is to kick his ass, break into his house, and steal all his booze. “Everyone knows the Tunnel Snakes! We rule this Vault, and we don’t take ♥♥♥♥ from nobody.” – Wally Mack

You are now the most sexy badass to ever walk to Mojave Wasteland!

CONGRADURATION!!! You are now an offical Tunnel Snake! Go out and rule the entire wasteland and dont forget, Tunnel Snakes Rule!